31 December 2012

2012 Summarry

Sup!!! Year 2012 has been the MOST awesome year in my life so far! And here are the highlights!!! You may click on the event links to read / re-read those posts if you're free and keen lolol.

January wasn't too good and i don't wanna talk about it anymore but if you're keen you can just go through my January archive.

Visited KL a few times with Wendy to find Cheesie to do acupotomy. It is awesome. I have been healthy for VERY long. And every now and then i think about it.. Holy shit i must have been introduced to 华佗神医.

Went to Thailand for botox and alarplasty. Eh.. I think it's still consider a nose job even though there's no implant. I didn't do implant last minute becox i saw the exterior of the clinic that i went to and i got scared. Lolol. When i actually do the procedure, then i realise okay lah, inside is not as bad as it looks on the outside. The exterior really is rotting paint / wall, and then it's all like dirty looking =X But my nose looks okayish now although one nostril is slightly bigger than the other lolol. But for $160 i think it was a blessing i didn't die in the op. Lolol. The operation was just to reduce the size of my nostrils. Like they slice wedges off my alas and then sew it back. Actually ah, i watch alarplasty procedure on Youtube so many times i feel i could do it on myself or on someone else. Lolol. But i won't know how to stitch it back becox the only stitching i know is cross-stitch lolol.

Went to Phuket with the nicest bunch of people at the MOST AWESOME beach resort!!! =DDD

Booked a yacht trip to celebrate my dad's birthday and for good friends and family to gather =D

Got mad enthusiastic about The Secret after Wendy introduced it to me in March haha. Now i'm not fanatic about it but the concept is already deeply etched in me so it's all good!

GOT PROPOSED TO =DDD With big thanks to these friends for helping Josh plan the proposal!

Visited Japan for the first time ever to watch the EMODA A/W fashion runway show! And at the same time went to Tokyo Disneyland and cried a lot lolol cox still crazy about The Secret then.

Got started on Invisalign in late June and it has been life-changing.. Very happy with the results!!

Celebrated my 25th birthday with family and friends at a very humble corner of our void deck =))

Got sponsored by Cleo Hair Make and i love them since then!!! =DD

Took part in the movie filmed by Jack Neo and then it finally aired on the big screen and last heard, the movie broke the record of Singapore's box office =DDD Congrats to the whole team!!!

Also went to Penang for Audrey and Tim's wedding =DDD

September ah..The hell i really don't know what i did i think it was just busy clearing work stuff and celebrate Josh's birthday!!! =D Oh oh oh and preparing for the wedding!!! @.@

Went to Taiwan and Japan with Cheesie and Audrey and Wendy!!! =DDD We visited Taiwan Hello Kitty Cafe, Tokyo Sanrio Hello Kitty Land and flew on EVA Kitty Air!!! =DDD

And i also started my blogshop with Mich and Zhen!!! rarebits was born late October! =D

Flew to Japan again (third time for the year!!!) for EMODA S/S fashion show!!! =DDD And close girlfriends and sister did up an AWESOMEST hen's night for me!!!

I GOT MARRIED TO JOSH after seven years of pator haha.

And this is our wedding album.

And i can't be more happy about this year.. I mean dude, i got married. Me. Like, erm.. Me?


So that's the Summarry. Lolol. I got married in the end. And i am still married. And we are in the midst of trying to live happily ever after and i'm trying not feel so awkward saying "My husband".

Phew~!!! 2012 has been a super awesome year!!! Did lotsa things i wanna do, went to places i've never been before and travelled quite a fair bit!!! =DDD

Very very thankful and happy for nice and helpful people around me, my friends, family, Nuffies and Josh =') Never knew how awesome life can actually be, until i started to believe that good things can happen to me. And it's a very very nice feeling when you see nice things happening to your friends.

My gfs are all getting a flat with their other halves or getting married and Wendy is expecting a baby =DDD Next year i can play with him already!!! =DDD

2012 has been great, and i have to thank you readers for it also =) Thank you guys for the support and thank you guys for being nice and thank you guys for leaving me nice comments/ tweeting me/ snapping pictures with me when you see me outside. Haha.. I feel like a superstar but we all know i am really just another human typing stuff on computer and posting pictures from my phone lol.

Alright.. I hope 2012 has been good for you too.

What i learnt is that if you're not feeling good about things/ about your life for the longest time then maybe it's time to look within yourself instead of looking for others and waiting for chances to solve your issues. Things will work out but not when you don't work yourself out. Good luck!

I already got a feeling 2013 is going to top 2012 =D

I WELCOME YOU WITH BIG ARMS 2013!!!!!!! Muah muah muah!!!

29 December 2012

Japan, Japan

Flew to Japan in late October for EMODA S/S fashion show ^.^ Yeah it's very backdated but i've been busy blogging the Expedia trip which also includes Japan, haha, and mainly the wedding ah!

So here you go! This is a relatively short one but it makes me feel very happy and touched cox it reminds me of how.. Light-hearted, cozy and chillax it is to just stroll along the streets of Japan with Josh =))) Just walking, and looking at stuff.. And this time babeh, i didn't trip and fall knees-on-floor.

Hahaha. Yeah the first time i went to Japan i somehow trip and ended up with both knees on the floor at Harajuku =_=" It was embarrassing and funny lolol.


Had a surgical mask on in the first picture becox i fell SOOOoooo sick. From the night before i fly, all the way through out the flight to Japan. So sick i didn't even eat the airplane meal can you believe it?!


When i touched down in Japan, I SWEAR AH, i got out of the airport, and i was sitting there waiting for the bus and there's still like 20mins before my bus will come, SO!!! I started doing makeup and..

THEN I REALISE. MY GOD MY FLU, SORE THROAT, BLOCKED NOSE AND ITCHY EYES ALL GONE =DDD Maybe someone should start marketing Japan like this. Lolol.

"Feeling sick? Feeling blue? Come to Japan! Our air alone can solve all your 疑难杂症!"

Dinner with the Apparel Web bunch taking care of EMODA, at a restaurant on high floor and we can overlook the streets of Japan while we dine!!! =DDD Quite romantic one!!! Spot Cheesie!!! =DD
EMODA and Apparel Web people put me up at Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel and it's awesome =D Here's me with the convenient store right outside the hotel! Actually in the hotel also have lah!
Totally love convenient store shopping in Japan!!!!!! A lot of miscellaneous things to shop one! Like makeup, notebooks, stationery and stuff. Haha.
And of course, their bento boxes wide range of microwavable food! =D
Next day~ Me and Josh went out to stroll before i head for Cleo Hair Make in Japan to have my hair done for the fashion show event =D And this is one big big big reason i love Japan....
Every few steps you take, you'd see somewhere/ something beautiful =))) And yeah, photogenic. Haha. My pastel mint green furry top is from EMODA =D Maybe you can find it at JRunway @ Plaza Sing new extension! They stock plenty of EMODA stuff! ^.^
Then we went into a random ramen shop. Of course the one with egg is mine haha ^.^ It's not bad but i prefer the white milky kind ^.^
Erm.. Me. Haha.
The direction there is pretty easy. Take the subway to Omotesando, walk along the street where Franc Franc is, spot AVEX TRAX building, walk in the street on it's right (you'd spot a 7-11 near the street), see a 高野洋服 tailor shop, turn right into that alley. I mean, i honestly doubt any of you would visit Cleo at Japan really =X Becox you guys would probably do your hair nice nice and THEN visit Japan if you're visiting Japan. So i am very thankful the boss of Cleo Hair Make still arranged this for me!
After hairwash ^.^ Hair curling almost done!
I asked for EXTRA volume hahaha. Cox i need the hair to last til evening to attend the show haha!
With Shindo ^.^ Who told me to tell Shio (my hairstylist in Singapore Cleo Hair Make) よろしく (yoroshiku) which I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS *proud face* without having to ask. He mean to send his regards okay. Yeah i know!!! You can ask me anything about Japanese so long as it's within the syllabus of the first 3 lessons of my Japanese class =X Yeah i sort of gave up on the class already. BUT DON'T WORRY, i still have keen interest and i am learning from iPhone O.O Lolol.
Josh snapped this when he was strolling on the street while i do my hair haha ^.^
Hair done and there it is.. One of the uncountable beautiful parts of Japan =)) Just waiting for us to look at it and appreciate it. Haiyo.. Japan is love!!!

Alright.. Hope your week has been good. It better be! It's like the last week in 2012! =DDD

Be back real soon! =D

28 December 2012

Close to You

Hello!!! Hope you guys had a great Christmas ^.^ And is still enjoying the Xmas festive spirit! Haha.

Yes, eat more. Sleep in more. Haha. And SHOP MORE! =DDD

Here's a quick video i recorded just now just cox i think i look pretty neat today lolol. And yes, MY HAIR IS DARK PURPLE NOW! Don't know after washing will become how! I think will become lavendar ash brown. Thanks to Cleo Hair Make!!! I am loving it!!! Share more again!

Nah, just a video of me rambling the same stuff and then singing Close to You haha. Enjoy~ ❤

My new hair colour nice not? ^.^ NICE RIGHT I KNOW!!!! =DDD I am in such a good mood now.

Video filmed using the Casio EX-ZR1000.

24 December 2012

SENKA Skincare - Moisture for your skin!

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Do you know what is one of the most important things your skin needs?


Lack of moisture can cause severe dryness and make your skin become less supple. Like a grape that is shrivelled up without and pretty much becomes a raisin. Lolol. Dull, shrivelled, dry and of a rough texture. Lolol.

In conditions like cold winter air (which in our case is air-conditioned rooms lah lol) and being exposed to the sun or even just being near heat element, all these.. Will cause your skin to lose moisture.

And then when our skin feels oily, we tend to wash it more often or we tend to use harsher facial wash on it. This would take away the skin's natural moisture and damage it in the process.

BUT!!! One of the main cause of oily skin is due to our skin's lack of moisture!

Just imagine the skin is very smart lah okay lol. It's thirsty cox not enough moisture, so it produces oil on its own to quench its thirst! So that's why i always tell my friends not to blot! Just use tissue paper to remove the oil shine. Blotting will absorb "oil reserve" that has yet to be "called out" and this will only make your skin produce more oil!

So how to keep our skin feeling it has enough moisture ALWAYS?! Deng deng deng~

Here today to introduce two my new favourite skincare products that will solve your problem!!! And on top of it, one of it has whitening factors =DDD So you're covered. Haha.

This is the two i am using now but i have oily skin so keep reading to find out which is suitable for you! You might have dry skin, normal skin, combination skin etc.
This is my skin before i started on SENKA. I cannot hiam it too much becox ever since i started using SENKA Makeup remover and cleanser range to deep cleanse off daily makeup/ dirt, it's been getting better! Btw this picture has no edit except the size of my nose! And my skin still looks dull and not even half way through the day, it'd turn oily. SO I STARTED USING SENKA skincare! You'd find out what i use in a bit! Here's the results over 2-3 weeks. I am using it daily even till today!
3 days later with only drawn eyebrows and lipstick. No foundation / BB Cream. Face appear fairer and smoother. Less rough texture =O Same thing, only edited my nose size!
1 week plus into using SENKA range. My skin can never be perfect from the acne scars but at least i witness them turn more radiant and smooth!!! And even much softer to touch!!! =D
About 2 weeks into it, becoming fairer noticeably!!! Not sure if you can see in pictures but the difference is quite visible in real life ^.^ Even makeup also stays on my face much nicer. Notice a pimple growing on my forehead =.= Menses coming, that is hormones ah, i cannot help one lolol.
Closer to see pores on my cheeks which used to be really pronounced and huge before i started on SENKA skincare. And..
About 3 weeks later!!! =DDD Sorry my mense just came =X Usually the pimples-growth gets a lot worst than this so i am actually quite proud of this! No photoshop on my skin in this whole post!!! And this is me with no makeup at all! =D Loving how SENKA delivers good results!

Your turn to know about it! This is me with only eye makeup and lipstick cox don't wanna look too pale for the ad! I don't wanna look too pale lah! Anyway no need to put product on eyes and lips lol!
THIS, is the range i'd pick - SENKA Whitening Lotion!
And this lotion is comparable to serum and it works ALL THE WAY DOWN to the deep layers of your skin!!! With the Micro-moisture manufacturing process, it's able to shink the moisturising elements down to micro levels, so it's small enough to penetrate through every layer of our skin!

In case you're confused/ worried about the term "Lotion" like i was, and think that lotion would be thick and creamy and sticky. Don't be. SENKA lotion is light as water but powerful as serum.

Also, this is just how the skincare has evolved for Japanese. Lotion is the new toner / daily moisturizer. No more multiple fussy facial regime and just have 1 good reliable skin care - SENKA!

I for one, would understand how much skincare regime is a chore =X Becox i am a lazy person, we've gone over that many times lolol. But now using SENKA skincare to me, is just like brushing teeth. In fact brushing teeth takes more effort cox i gotta brush two sets of teeth lolol. Invisalign ma. 

You saw two bottles of the whitening range but one with blue cap and one with white. THIS is the one with blue cap and it's the SENKA Whitening Lotion (MOIST).
The texture is like this..

As you saw in the video. The texture is ALMOST like denser version of water. But still very fluid and clear! =D This is for people with dry skin and wants whitening effect! Apply this after cleansing and you will find your skin hydrated, look brighter and more luminous!
- - - - - - - -
Next we have the SENKA Whitening Lotion (FRESH)
The texture is sooooo light, almost water-like, that i can't snap a picture of the lotion dripping out!

As you can see here too! SENKA Whitening Lotion (FRESH) is really like water lah! =D It is for people with normal to oily skin and wants whitening effect!!!
Like me here! I have oily skin so i choose to use the SENKA Whitening (FRESH) ^.^
Really just like water on your face! But with all the goodness =D A little tip! I usually like to apply moisturising skincare gently upwards so as to give my skin a little lift =D
Okay summary! If you have normal - oily skin + you want your skin to be fairer, use the SENKA Whitening Lotion (FRESH), it's the one with white cap! =D It is formulated to release Vitamin C progressively so it can protect against melanin production and pigmentation while at the same time moisturising our face to keep it looking bright and fresh =D
- - - - - - - -
If you have normal - dry skin + wants to be fairer, use the SENKA Whitening Lotion (MOIST)! It's a lotion with effect of serum! Haha =D So your skin will stay moisturised and bright =D
Actually like this we should be done here right?! Lolol. I mean this pretty much works for me daily but not just yet! What about people who are ALWAYS in air-conditioned places and wants their skin to be EVEN more moisturised?! Below.. Is your "solution" lololol. I very punny hor.

For people who don't need to be fairer but just wants their skin to be moisturised..
The SENKA Hoshitsu Lotion! What you need to know about this range, it uses emulsifying technology to combine concentrated moisturising components into water-soluble moisturising liquid!

So it's not sticky and is extra moisturizing!

Why is it extra moisturizing! And what are the moisturizing components?!

It's the magic of (double) Hyalaronic acid and Royal Jelly GL!

Hyaluronic acid retains moisture and in the SENKA Hoshitsu Lotion, there are TWO KINDS of hyaluronic acid! One type that is highly moisturisng and hydrating, the other type helps the lotion remain in the skin for a longer period of time! Both able to penetrate the skin in different layers! So you're well-covered! =D Also not forgetting Royal Jelly and GL, both regconised for their moisturising capabilities! You have that in the Hoshitsu Lotion too!

So your skin will be brimming with moisture that can actually stays!!! =DDD

But wait, there's two kinds!!! Same as the Whitening range, white cap stands for FRESH ^.^ It's for people with normal - oily skin! Pink cap stands for MOIST. It's for people with normal - dry skin! =D

There's no difference in the moisture level between both ranges of MOIST and FRESH. It's only formulated to suit different skin types better!

So yup! If you just want super moisturising goodness without looking fairer, consider this range =D
- - - - - - - -
What if.. You sleep in really cold air-conditioning! Or is always sitting in a air-conditioned office! It also will make your skin feels dry and tight! THIS! Is what you need! Especially if you have travel plans made for cold countries from now til Febuary, March! It'd be freezing cold in many places!
Remember to bring the Hoshitsu Emulsion!
It retains moisture for a longer period of time without compromising on the light texture!
I apply this only on my laugh lines and under chin cox these places are generally more dry and dull than the rest of my face =/ Also don't know why!
Smelling fresh and pleasant =DDD And obviously i over-squeezed again =.=" I have to stop being so kiasu!!! Always squeezing much much more than what i need!
Apply it on your skin after lotion if you choose to.. Daily.
Same thing, in a upward lifting motion ^.^
You want two rings of moisture also can =DDD
So happy i found my perfect combo for now =D I loveeee being fairer so the whitening lotion (FRESH) would be great for me with the Hoshitsu Emulsion to keep it extra moist!
This one to whiten..
This is fo super-moisture! Especially great for cold weather travel!

And not forgetting how the sun plays a big part in how tan/ fair we become!

Quick into to SENKA sunscreen lotion! They have it in SPF50 and SPF27! For my daily usage, SPF27 would be more than good enough =D SPF50 is more for beach-goers and outdoor people! The texture is.. Very smooth because its made with Mt Fuji Mineral water and baby powder!! Can be used both on body and face – and if you’re using on face, it actually doubles up as a make up base =D
SENKA UV Protect in SPF27 =))
Try rub it and it's gone within like 5 seconds! And it's not sticky at all one! Very easy to absorb!
Alright look at me! With only eye and lip makeup all through most of this post!

Alright so if you're wondering how my skin looks like NOW NOW, do sign up for the SENKA Japanese beauty event on the SENKA facebook page =DDD

Don't say i proud but really, my skin is not just sooo much better, it kinda have this rosey glow. Ahem. I LOVE SENKA lotion!!! =DDD And i've been following the SENKA facebook page, very jealous all the participants seem to be having so much fun!!! And the goodie bags o Haha!

Looking forward to see you at the QiuQiu X SENKA event!
Thank you so much!!! And i know you're gonna have a lot of fun!!!

Do sign up HERE if you're keen! =D

Prices of the items:

Hoshitsu LOTION Fresh - $17.90
Hoshitsu LOTION Moist - $17.90
Hoshitsu EMULSION -$17.90

Whitening LOTION Fresh - $18.90
Whitening LOTION Moist - $18.90

PERFECT UV SPF 50 - $16.90
PURE UV  SPF 27 - $16.90

Find out HERE which Watsons store you may find SENKA.