29 April 2013

DUEPUNTI - Unconventional Diamonds ❤

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Yo, wassup mah man. You lookin at mah bling?!
Tryna be rahrahfashionbaby lolol. A bit fail. But hey hey, i'm wearing both fashion + function + class and diamonds on my hands yo! You'd find out!

Gonna be sharing a great compliment to your daily accessories, also an alternative to your diamond accessories! They are fun, easy to match and they come in a wide range of colours! AND!

The best thing for me is that.. They are safe to wear around babies especially when you wanna carry them or play with them or shower them haha. I play with Baby Yurou a lot and one time when she was much younger, my sapphire ring scratch her arm a bit =X But anyway! There are a lot more reasons why you'd love DUEPUNTI too so scroll on! =D

DUEPUNTI : Unconventional Diamonds!

DUEPUNTI accessories comes in rings (of many many many colours!!!) and..
Bangles! =DDD

I am sure you have noticed the bling bling in every piece of DUEPUNTI accessory!

They are REAL DIAMONDS, 0.02 carat diamond mounted in sterling silver and set in a non-allergenic band in each piece of DUEPUNTI accessory.

The bangles come in a range of sizes (XS & S) and are available in a selection of 19 colours!!! So definitely something to mix and match with your everyday styling =D Bangles in black and white are available in ‘XS’, ‘S’ and ‘M’.

Pretty neat if you ask me. It's like a whole new class of accessorizing haha. Fun and seriously charming becox of the diamond. It's like.. Class mixed with fun! No wonder celebrities love it too =D DUEPUNTI is spotted on celebrities like Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio, actress-singer, Emma Roberts, and recording artist, Nicki Minaj!

Alessandra (You see, she's carrying baby and wearing DUEPUNTI, haha, baby-safe, i told you~) and Vanessa are two of the many celebrities spotted wearing DUEPUNTI =D And you know who else?
Me. Lololol. Kidding lah. I feel kinda gangsta-ish and badass like this. AND I LOVE IT. Hahahaha. Makes me feel.. Cool. For once O.O Lolol.
Actually is i am inspired by the DUEPUNTI poster model lah hahaha. Other than DUEPUNTI Singapore's Facebook online shop, you may also find out from their Facebook page where else you can find DUEPUNTI's popup counter to make purchase.

Here's how i'd match my DUEPUNTI for different occasions and outings! =D

To the Beach~
When you go to the beach / swimming you probably don't wanna wear all your lingling longlong dangling accessories so here's where DUEPUNTI comes in really nicely!!! =D You don't have to worry about tarnishing your diamonds / platinum / gold / silver / rose gold whatever when and if it comes into contact with the sea water / get scratched by the sand.

Find colours that'd match your outfit from the wide range of colours of the accessories DUEPUNTI offers =D I chose something green and earthy for this outfit cox it's pleasing to the eyes ^.^

Have a fun day by the beach!!

For whatever exercise that you do, you can loop on DUEPUNTI and set off =DDD Don't have to worry about sweat stain tarnishing your accessories and it's very user-friendly cox DUEPUNTI is so straight-forward and clean-cut, you can exercise freely without having to worry about little things like your accessories getting caught with your sports attire / creating noises when you move haha.
Keeping it simple for exercising session =D

Love the pink + fuchsia combi i picked out ^.^

Date / Dining / Work
If you are looking for something simple, sleek and easy to match, i suggest the black and white accessories from DUEPUNTI! It's timeless + black and white is always safe for you to look good!
Can't go wrong with black and white!
Perfect for a date / dinner where you have to look good but not overdo it =D
Black and white, other than being really easy to match, they are great colours to wear for work and business cox it's not too flamboyant and not-serious haha.

Going shopping i'd suggest bright happy colours =DDD And DUEPUNTI is perfect for that cox they have some many many many colours!!! I saw on their Facebook page, there are these!!!!!
I love ice cream / sherbet colour =DDD And these comes in JELLY rings. They are soooo sweet to look at!!! These sherbet jelly rings will be launched officially on 18th May 2013 at Blueprint Singapore! You can join me there for the official launch! More details later! =D
Happy colours for a shopping day ^.^

Close up! Cute not! =D I mean the bands. Lol. Love how the diamonds stand out from all the colours!
Packaging of DUEPUNTI accessory. Looks like a great packaging to send as gift for your friend's birthday / special occasion for your boyfriend / girlfriend! Yes DUEPUNTI is unisex lah lol. I think the black, white, earthy (brown, grey etc) and blue hue ones are great for guys!!! =D
My favourite of all! =D The pink, lilac and violet range!
I also love the apple green!!!

Simply write on their Facebook page to stand a chance of winning a DUEPUNTI bangle.
Every week there's a winner!!! =OOO

All you have to do is to like their page and write on their wall:

Complete this sentence,

"I love DUEPUNTI because...." 

And hashtag your favourite colours from the DUEPUNTI range (e.g. #rubyred #applegreen #grey) along with the comment. Then wait to hear good news from them =DDD

E.g: “I love Duepunti because there’s a colour to match every mood! #pink”

First lucky winner will be picked on Friday, 3 May 2013 so send in your entries QUICK =D

I'd be picking the winner for the weekly prize of 1 X Duepunti bangle! There will be a winner picked every Sunday so your chances of winning is high! So go like their page and leave a comment now!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! There is also a..

Grand prize of 1 X Duepunti ring and 2 X Duepunti bangles; DUEPUNTI Singapore is very generous to offer a grand prize to ONE winner!!! I will choose the winner as well ^.^ Contest period from 22 April 2013 – 17 May 2013!
All prizes will be awarded on Saturday, 18 May 2013 at Blueprint 2013! I'd be there to present the prizes to the lucky winners and there will be a SGD$10 off total purchase for all my readers at the Meet and Greet event! So i hope you'd come lah =D

Remember ah! 18th May (Sat) at Blueprint 2013! I'd see you there ^.^

Eh hello, 0.02 carat diamond up for grabs FOR FREE. So don't wait dee! Go like DUEPUNTI's Singapore Facebook page and win yourself a DUEPUNTI bangle today haha ^.^

You may also see how their customers mix and match DUEPUNTI with other accessories! It's quite interesting cox DUEPUNTI blends so well but still stand out! =D I think cox of the diamond lah lol.
Byebye mah man! Lolol. Hope you win the bangle and match it well =DDD



Check out Eunice Li's entry HERE!

You see how easy it is to win a DUEPUNTI with 0.02 carat diamond =OOO

Contest ends 17th May! Every week there'd be a winner! =DDD

28 April 2013

QWeekly - My BFF

On this week's QWeekly cover! Myself *ahem* and Michelle! Click to go browse!

So i decided to ask Mich over for a BFF photoshoot for QWeekly. Haha. She quite game so i think she is a closet famewhore lololol. I did her hair and makeup and i think she look awesome =DDD
OI-ZHANG (ulzzang)!!!! Lololol. I even told her "What the heck lah mimi, tell Shio i am the real kami no te" Lolol. I say tell Shio i am the real hands of God =X Lololol. I anyhow say one lah.
Us ^.^ I am sorry about my black bra!!! =X It's a bra i bought from UNIQLO in Korea. And then it's sooooo comfortable i haven't changed into another once since =X I bought only one =XXX

Mich edited. Lolol. She should constantly do this face cox it makes her look slimmer.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
For this week's QWeekly!!! Omg you all can never guess Feng Ye's age!!! =X Especially not after the makeover!!! Shio working on her hair. He is awesome. You have to see the results on QWeekly!
Thank you Feng Ye for coming ^.^ And thanks for trusting me with your face ah!!! And thank you sooooo much for the ROYCE Chocolates!!!! WO REALLY HEN LOVE!!!! Haha ^.^

As you're reading this i might already be in Bangkok / Koh Samui already. Filming Budget Barbie with the Clicknetwork crew thanks to Air Asia!!!!!!!!

AWE BU AWESOME?! Who knows, next Budget Barbie might be filming in Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Japan etc etc. Lololol. They say dream big right? Wo xian zai jiu zai dream! Lol.

Okay lah i go off liao, don't worry i'd bring along my laptop so i'd still blog =D And i bought data plan so i can still gram and tweet (if Singtel don't screw me up again)! =D

Yeah i am social media hungry like that lol. But you can also see it in a way i really treasure you all and wanna always keep in touch. Haha. Okay bye bye now go browse QWeekly!!!

26 April 2013

Eat-See Bitsie Korea Part 2

So we woke up early to go stroll around the hotel area. Although we are staying within Gangnum (which is kinda like our Orchard Road) there were little lanes near the hotel area. And they have morning market. The guys found out about it cox they went out to get me food before that! ^.^ I wanna say again.. I am very very blessed to have the best team behind DocDoc.com to help me plan this trip and the best buddies and husband to accompany me through out =')

A little bit more about what i think from my experience with Korea! I was saying the other time that shopping is generally quite cheap and fashion-forward right. Especially their skincare and makeup!

What i think about their food is.. It's pretty.. One taste O.O Like the bowls of different kinds of marinated vegetables you see on the picture above. These are typical side dishes served for you when you order a main dish. Haha. I don't even know what i'm eating anymore, everything taste like kimchi. And then for their sauces, it's most of the time orangey. If it's not spicy and sour, it's sweet and sour like this. Oh but i love it that they have instant noodle almost in every other shop lah.

Went into a small cozy restaurant where the ladyboss was very friendly ^.^

Actually ah, i realise that most of the restaurant server / ladybosses are very friendly. It's almost like your step into their house like this. They serve you like you are their family guest ^.^ Very warm and friendly and smiley. Not like normal prim and proper restaurant kinda service for sure but very.. How to say. Very like.. The shop lady is my mother like this?! Lolol.

I forgot to mention but during my first day in Korea, we went for BBQ with the docdoc team right. This lady running the BBQ table for us, saw me having problem eating my pork (i just don't like to eat big chunks of meat i like to chew off smaller pieces) and i eat very slowly, she just take a pair of scissors, and cut my pork into smaller pieces for me and then give me a "I got it!" expression. Lolol.

Very thoughtful and motherly kind of service. Hahah. I love it.

BUT it's soooo strange that the people mending the clothes store / fashion outlet are most rude ones O.O Why ah??? Like got a lot of storekeeper from Dongdaemong gave us dirty stares / tell us off for touching their stuff . That, or they just ignore us totally like treat us as transparent one. Only rare few will really serve and smile.

Mich and Monkey. Got feel he look like Jay Park not? Hahaha. We were afraid people will come up to him in Korea for his signature. Don't say lah, the staff at REGEN say i look like Soo Young from SNSD when they first saw me *smirk* lololol. I don't think so thou!
One huge but shallow pot of instant ramen with lotsa liao.
Samgyetang. Ginseng chicken soup. Inside the chicken got glutinous rice one. The soup is awesome!!! But the chicken.. I am not sure if it's supposed to be soooo dry? I would have ordered instant ramen everywhere i go but i thought i should at least try all the Korea specialty!
After lunch we continue to stroll around the morning market. Monkey wanted to get some souvenirs for his colleagues as well!
Me with my melon milk ice cream ^.^
Mich and her sweet potato ice cream which i regret not choosing!!! I love the melon one but this sweet potato one is really like biting into sweet potato!!! But more milky. WO HEN LOVE!!!
And then we went on to Insadong. Supposedly a more cultural place where you can find shops selling traditional items. Like tea, brushes, painting, handmade souvenirs etc.
Ice cream in a spiral cone O.O I didn't get to try this though i'd love to cox the Q was tooo loooooong.
Them buying nuts for people. Haha.

OH BY THE WAY!!!!!! THIS IS VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT. If you walk around touristy places like insadong, myeondong, dongdaemon ehwa uni area etc, you will see stalls selling seaweeds (laver) pieces. They sell it for like one big packs of 18 (i think) for $10 SGD like this. If you go to convenient stores, it's about the same price.

DON'T BUY. Omg i bought soooo many big packs =((( I feel very dumb when i go to the supermarket right across our hotel (Ritz Carlton, the supermart is right across the street), where they sell the same thing, in a lot more flavours and varieties at $5 - $6 per big packs =OOO

And i am supposed to be the Budget Barbie. Lolol.

Anyway! Everything is really cheap in that supermarket!! I am not sure if all the supermarts are like that in Korea but that one, is awesome cheap.

Back to Insadong..
Spotted a brush with the same hairstyle as me lolol.
And then we head off to Itaewon again becox we wanted to go there to look at their A-Grade copies =XXX BUT like don't have one leh!!! We went the other time in the day, don't have. So we go back during night time also don't have. So unless you wanna go for clubbing / food don't bother. Lolol.
Food selection is HUGE in Itaewon! You have anything from Turkish cuisine, to Indian, to African, to Mexican, to Japanese, to Western, to all sorts of grill bar. Just think of any cuisine from any country, you can probably find it at Itaewon. But just to be safe, i ask for us to hop into a all-day breakfast shop hahaha. I LOVE AMERICAN BREAKFAST!
Then we head back to Ehwa uni area, to sweep clean the cheap masks and makeup.. I was having like withdrawal symptoms earlier on cox i promised myself NEVER to buy any more mask / skincare products / makeup cox i bought so much the past few days!!!
BUT EVERY SHOP IS RUNNING GREAT DISCOUNT HOW TO STOP YOU TELL ME. Lolol. You just don't stop!!! Shop shop shop away!
Next day~ Lai liao lai liao, Pei Yong Jun (Bae Yong Joon) shang shen. Lololol.
We went to eat around the hotel where they serve Asian food. Like Thai food, Singapore food, Indonesia food and Malaysia food. Lol. Not very authentic at all but taste good anyway! =D
And then we went to.. Was it Myeondong, i can't remember.

Anyway! We went to the Hello Kitty cafe ^.^ Where i bought cute Hello Kitty and My Melody cookies ^.^ For SGD$2 around there? I didn't go explore the cafe thou you can do it for free, becox i feel slightly depressed that i have the splint on and that my face was still swollen and i can't smile properly hahaha. But i got over it as soon as i stepped out of Hello Kitty cafe. Haha.

Actually from the first day we touch down i already exclaim that i wanna go to Hello Kitty cafe! But after the surgery i sort of gave up on it but then on about the 6th or 7th day we are running out on places to go (becox a lot of places i only wanna go visit if i can camho lolol so i rather save it for next time) so i say i suggest we could check out Hello Kitty cafe and then..

Stupid Mich was stifling her laughter and ask me.. "Can i you ah.. You wanna go to Hello Kitty cafe.. Is to camho?" Lolol. She think i don't know i look like shit meh lolol. So i was like no lah.. I just wanna go see it =( Then she was like "Oh no lah don't get me wrong! You look so cute now! You look like Hello Kitty!" =___=" Lololol. After that they keep calling me Hello Kitty. Not in the "you so cute" way, in the "You look so swollen" way lolol. Go jiak sai lah lol.

Mich even did this side by side picture. Die bitch. Lolol. Though i do find my pouffy face quite cute.
At their flea market ^.^
Just a random artsy shot i decided to snap. Lolol.
It was maybe 4 or 5 degree celcius that day i can't remember. STUPID JOSH AND MONKEY, dumb and dumber, challenge each other to an ice cream cone each!!!! o.O
Monkey and his pride.
Josh and his pride. Lolol. They both finished their ice cream =___=" Leng si ni men ohrbigood.
I think becox it's winter time, we get hungry a lot easier! So we went into another cozy small restaurant and have food again =DDD WO HEN LOVE THE STEAM EGG!!!!
My kimchi fried rice with egg ^.^ I LOVE EGGS SO MUCH THAT I CANNOT SAY HOW MUCH.
Me and Mm ^.^
And then we went to another uni i think it was Hong Yip or something. This street snack can be seen everywhere. It's like muffin / bread thing, with egg and cheese sprinkled on it.

By the way!! We cab a lot, in fact we only took the train once. Cox we wanted to end up n Gangnum subway station to shop again. But all the other times we cab around cox it was surprisingly cheap!!!

Like we went to so many places from everywhere, the cost of cabfare was mostly less than $10 for nearer trips like maybe 2 - 3 stations. Or less than $15 for longer trips. Only once it was $16 plus.

And since there were four people, it makes it even more worth it to cab than to take the train! =D

The cooked version. I would love it if there wasn't sweet sauce on it!
And then we eat again lolol. Porridge! =DDD We went to a shop that only sells porridge ^.^ I finished it all cox it was yummy + i am hungry. This is probably why i gained 2kg from the trip =( Lol.
OMGGGG THIS BEST KNEADED BBQ CUTTLEFISH EVER. I saw the storelady add small cube of paste to the cuttlefish before slotting it into the kneading machine. I thought it was miso paste. But now i see the shop pictures it seem like the cuttlefish is holding a peanut. Do they have a salty peanut paste? It really is the best tasting cuttlefish i ever tried!
Went back for super duper awesome fried rice ^.^ I ate a lot more than the rest cox again.. They were not hungry but i am VERY hungry!!! WHY LIKE THIS =OOO
And i end the posts on eat-see bitsy Korea with cutest yummiest (and cheap!) ice cream we got ^.^

I would love to visit Korea again.. For the shopping. For the fried rice, for the kimchi, for the cuttlefish, for the porridge, for instant ramen with cheese and eggs, for Hello Kitty cafe, for people-watching. People-watching is super interesting becox most of their girls..

Are so perfect and pretty that you just wanna study their faces. Haha.

Alright! Will put up final post of my recovery from the nose job and fat-grafting DocDoc.com sponsored. But for now.. You could be the lucky one if you have a story to tell. $5000 CASH for you, and all you have to do is to share WHY you deserve medical care most.

Share your story HERE.