13 August 2009


Is it my comp or is it Blogger? I can't upload pictures again.

I have been thinking.. Should i or should i not admit..

That i was the tall smelly girl at IKEA.. Two days ago.

And totally INHALED "HHHHHHER~!"

When i saw......


F. My blogger can't even allow me to bold and upsize my fonts. So i can't exactly let you know how much i have been thinking and rethinking. All i wanted to tell her was XIAXUE YOU TOTALLY ROCKS AND YOU ARE SO CUTE IN PINK!!! But sadly, all i managed to say was a inwards HHHER. And besides, i feel very bad that i have been painting a 4 room flat the whole morning til noon, that i smell so bad, and look like a bangala woth blue paints on my hair, face, hands and clothings. Maybe it was good i wasn't brave enough to go tell her i totally adore her. Becox she might be freaked out by me. LOL. Okay i can't stop thinking about it. STOP!

_ _ _ _ _

In any case, you guys remember to tell yourself to be strong when things aren't going smooth.. And to always be kind to others, be it the dish-collector, toilet attendant or the aunty you meet at the bustop..

Becox everyone of us has some other ones who loves us. And they will be very hurt if they know that their beloved ones are being treated unicely outside.

And mainly i need to be nice to everyone cox they might just have a house for me to sell.


Kidding. I am nice. Are you?


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