07 October 2009

Do this with your babies (dogs)! ^.^

This, is Chip Chip.
The world's most mischievous, innocent, cute and lovely dog, to my sister Ebi.

And this, is my sister Ebi.
I know we don't look alike. That's good =P
ChipChip look SO happy here!

This is Li En with ChipChip.
And yes, ChipChip look very contented and happy here too.

Sian. This is me with ChipChip. So unfair, he happen to look sian.

Chip Chip looking intelligent

And ChipChip looking like a Royal Prince

Remember like ages ago i told you guys i was at a photoshoot with many many puppies right? This is the one! But too bad i can't show you guys the pictures of other pups. There was this very super cute Taiwan toy poodle, so brown, so pretty! Named, QQ. Haha..

Nikkha the 大眼妹!

So lady-like right? Unlike the monkey Tiffany i have at home *grumble*

For Pet Photography Services, visit HERE

Capture the lovely moments you share with your bestfriend. You can arrange for a shoot outdoor, by the beach, at the dog run or even at your house too! The rest of the people i saw at the shoot, they came with their bestfriends and their bestfriends brought their dogs too. It was so much fun just watching the dogs frolicking around!

I can't wait to have my family portrait done with Tiffany & Drago =D


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