31 May 2011

I fail

Hello~ So i got a ringlight. Til now each time i type ringlight, i keep getting reminded of THE RING. Lol.

To what i know, Xiaxue was the first to use a ringlight and it's been don't know how many donkey years already, and many random bloggers all got ringlight along the way after her but i just got mine #loserbutnotlast Haha.

Actually it's a gift from my bf cox.. Haha, cox i was supposed to extract a wisdom tooth remember? And this is supposed to be something to make me feel better. BUT I CHICKENED OUT. Lol. So i actually got this as a gift for nothing ^.^V

Plus Sophie just got hers recently and lol, it does makes her pictures look A LOT more pro despite her using a campact cam as well!. All the more i should own a ringlight!!! =DD

Yay, now i don't have to select certain area of a picture in Photoshop to even out the colour anymore. FLASH LIGHT, YOU GO DIE. Always make my thighs look black black one!

I don't really know how to work it well yet but i like how even the lighting is so i kinda regret i didn't get it earlier. Lol. Bf has been asking me to get one to "upgrade" but i kept saying that no matter what light i use, my compact camera is still gonna make it look normal. And the one he wanted to get me was a small ring light. It's only bigger than my face by half maybe?

And then two weeks ago he say he saw a bigass one for $180 only. I ask him if i can take pictures like this..

Clean and sharp..

Matt and even..

Sweet and glowy..

He say can try. Obviously he's lying.

Becox my result different. Lol. This is not bad bad, but not good at all. It's blur!!!

Blur again! The stupid bracket to hold the camera very redundant okay?

Cox the light stand so wobbly and flimsy i didn't realise all the pictures blur until i upload them to my computer =( By then i already remove makeup so cannot retake =(

But given that this one i don't need to PS the lighting much it really save me a lot of time. Anyway~

My top is $3 =D Cute right! I need to take better pictures if not very let my bf down for buying me this ringlight, WITH the stupid bracket ($30)! Pui.

Then again.. I really do not expect to achieve those sample pictures with a $180 light. Lol.

How you think? Any little tiny bit better, my pictures? A BIT HAVE RIGHT? Lolol

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Anonymous said...

How much did your bf bought this ring light ? :D

Anonymous said...

Did ur bf bargain abit? I bought at $128, brand new at Funan~ However he is sweet to buy u a gift :)

Anonymous said...

Where you buy the top?! I like :)

Suetyii said...

so nice of him to actually get you something to make you feel better.. heh but yea sometimes it dosent really work. hah. nevermind la.. worth getting it tho.. ur pics looks more brighter. :D

Anonymous said...

u really look great! the make up and the way u smiled!!

Sydney said...

look great! like a model. srsly :)

Anonymous said...

you bought this skirt from theblogshop at where? any other colors?

QiuQiu said...

The top is from Punggol PLaza! $3, it's from temp store thou. Not there anymore =(

My bf didn't bargain for the ringlight leh =((((((((((

Anon, you have to check with them if they still have stock for this =)