23 September 2011

Olay Project 360 - Hydration

Me on the way for filming of Olay Project 360! This ep is about Hydration!

One shot of all the girls before guest speaker of the day (Dr Leslie Tay - ieatishootipost) arrive! See the funny cameraman trying to snatch some air time. Lol.

One more with the cameraman. I'm like "AH. Come lah come lah you can join the girls" lol. And Wendy and Huiwen laugh until very happy at the back don't know what they laughing about.

Wendy, Huiwen and i =D

Wendy still conscious on the massage chair. Posing with a peace..

Next moment maybe she knock out already. Caption for this picture "AHhhhhhhhhh i'm not sharing this!" Lolol.

This episode is the most fun one following the charade episode! We all had the liberty to create our own mixture of fruit smoothies! Leslie and Wendy are the judges!

Watch this ep for more info on how to increase hydration level for our skin other than using products! Yes, food too can help keep our skin hydrated! Of course, only certain food types. Find out which! =D


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Anonymous said...

I am confused, when were these filmed? Since XiaXue's hair has been pink for a little while now.

Jesslin said...

Qiuqiuuu which shop at Pasir Ris Interchange did you buy the cat shirt at? :( i can't find it =((( Or is it out of stock alrdy? :/

Anonymous said...

Omg... you look like Sooyoung of SNSD during Gee period when she had long hair

QiuQiu said...

Anon, one week before she went pink i think?

Jesslin, eh.. U walk from white sands to the bus interchage, turn right, it's the shop with a very short n petite n heavy makeup auntie with short hair. Lol

Anon, yeah i get that before =D They say she's the ugliest team member in the group.

Anonymous said...

Nah... Sooyoung is definitely not the ugliest... I think she's kind of hot... LOL

Jesslin said...

Okay thanks alot i'd look for it this weekend! <3 :D