06 October 2011

Ad: Prime-time Fall Fashion brough to you by Robinsons and mio TV

A celebrity-like shot of me please!

As you can see from the backdrop, it's filled with "ROBINSONS" and "mio TV". And you wonder how this two big names can be linked together. It's gonna be interesting so do read on!

One shot with Michelle my plus-one for that evening =DDD

One more shot of me please! *attention-seeker*

Here's a clue! We found these labels and show titles along the way up to the venue!

Me with all the girls that night! =D

Mich and i waiting for the show to start.

Caught the AXARA poster on the screen.

AXARA designs are contemporary, feminine and urban. Simple and reachable. The brand has a strong presence in its city of origin, Paris. AXARA is also distributed in multi-brands stores in London, Moscow, Tokyo, to name a few.
NOW?! It's in SINGAPORE!!! Yes, in Robinsons!
And a few other brands JUST-IN Singapore, and can be found at Robinson are:
Hailing from the heart of Los Angeles Fashion District, ARYN K is a young brand that transcends all ages truly embodying the modern contemporary lifestyle. Focusing on both woven and knits that are ultra stylish, yet versatile, ARYN K. proudly features some of the most beautiful styles in market.
Began in 1996, Coast has since shown continual passion for excellence in style and service. Based on the dedication to creating and providing beautifully designed, quality garments for the special times in your life, Coast collections have won several prestigious awards from the UK fashion industry.

A few other brands just-in Singapore, at Robinsons, are

These are just a few to name! In short, Robinsons has REALLY exciting stuff in store for you! With all these international labels brings in fresh ideas to how we can dress up to shine in our daily life.

Now back to the event!

One shot of the venue that night. It's really cool!

Velda, Beatrice and i =))

The early crowd captivated by the clips of a varieties of shows on the screen.

Emcee gives a quick idea of how Robinsons and MioTV jointly brought us this event!

Robinsons and Singtel's mio TV have teamed up to bring hot on-screen celebrity looks to life - off-screen.

Regconising the massive bearing that the characters in the most popular series has on our fashion trends, the collaboration between Robinsons and mioTV is sure to be an exciting one.

With new and existing labels you can find in Robinsons, we can now showcase our flair for style as we re-create looks from hit US television series.

SO NOW, IT MEANS.. WE CAN ALL LOOK LIKE TV STARS =DDDD Right not?! Haha. I'd like that.
Hi, we can look like superstarsss =D

The boys!

Alright, you ready for the picture spam?! CHIO pictures by the way. Those models are SO GORGEOUS and the clothes on them are so pretty i feel like life is unfair. Lol.

Alright, here are the your favourite US TV SERIES.. Lookalikes! =DDD


Love this it's so sweet and nice-girl looking!

Something for the guys as well!

The socialite..

The good girl.. And the rich girl lol.

The crowd that evening is endless. I can't even take a full shot! The whole place is filled and rounded up with people!

Okay i figured, the bigger your coat is, the richer you look. Haha.

The girl-next-door.

The Mentalist
Preppy fashion looks for the guys.

Timeless old-school goodie-two-shoes. Haha. Nice not, the way i put them up together.

Dark, cool, chic, sleek and sexy Nikita-inspired series of clothes.

Bold and loud.

Outstanding pieces for contemporary ladies.

A perfect touch of femininity with flora and sheer laces.

Models from all the hit series doing the finale.

Thanks to Robinsons for the wonderful show!

To complement existing Robinsons boutiques, their recently launched Robinsons Marina Bay Sands lifestyle concept boutique will enable us to find everything we need under one roof! From accessories to home fragrances and lifestyle goods to bring our our inner celebrity!

Thanks to mio TV too!

mio Tv's 2011 season pass titles confirm is you'd love one! There's FASHION in every series! Series like Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, as well as brand new ones like American Horror Story.

THE BEST PART?! We subscribers are able to watch the episodes as soon as 24 hours after US telecast! Click to HERE to find out! And also their Facebook page HERE!

2011 Prime Time Fall Fashion is brought to you by Robinsons and mio TV.


When i went out for an interview, this is what people took my camera to do. Okay lah, at least they practice what i taught. Lol. The posing 1 - 5.

Amanda, who-who, Huiwen!

So i end this post here.

Remember to visit Robinsons store or visit their Facebook page HERE for the latest trends AND check out mio TV 2011 guide for more exciting updates!


Anonymous said...

HELLO! May I know where you got the 3 for $5 flower wreaths in the latest episode of BB? And the mustard bag in the pasir ris episode? Is it still there?:)

Love it love it hahah.

Maybe you can do a gossip girl bb ep!

Anonymous said...

You bought the samantha thavasa bag? XD hahah

Anonymous said...

QiuQiu!! I want you to dress up as ShanShan! The one which you blogged about some time ago :) Hope to see that post soon!

Anonymous said...

hello , found any cheatcode for sim social to clear the weeds? it's getting on my nerve!!!

QiuQiu said...

Anon, it's at bugis street where u enter from wo ai tai mei =)

Anon, YESSSsss i owe that to you guys, the lookalike post =(( Will TRY to do it sooner ok =(( Sorry~~

Anon, no cheatcode leh! I also clear until siao! But oka lah, can earn money,

Lady G said...

I love all the TV show inspired fashion!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu, may I know where u got your falsies from?love the effect!

Apple said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! Is one of the boys in your pic Xerxes? The 2nd one from the left. Tyty!