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*** UPDATE ***

There WILL BE A QUEUE this time so maybe all can slowly start to come at 1.30 like this? Flea starts at 2pm! And yes please bring your own recycled bags to put the stuff, no plastic bags provided! Sorry! Also leh, picture-taking okay =D Autograph i a bit shy but also okay lah O.O Hahaha!


God knows why i have so much clothes and bags and accessories and shoes (mostly brand new or worn once) in such a short period of time!!! @.@ Now i have bagsss full of stuff again.

But nevermind!!! This shows i am very blessedso i will JIAYOU to shop more! Lolol.

One of the reasons why you should come to this flea, especially this flea, is cox
ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to Gentle Paws (dog shelter)
and why you ask..


If you can just share that little bit with people (or dogs lol) that you care about, i say WHY NOT!

All these shoes, clothes, bags, accessories and skincare/ beauty products that i don't use, i might as well sell them, get some money and now even better, donate the money for a shelter that needs it.

You have heard this many times, but everyday the doggies still need to eat, some of them still falls sick, and every month the shelter still have to pay for utilities and rental etc.. So it's never enough!

What they can do to better the situation they already do, frontline for all doggies, all sorts of preventive jabs, feeding all doggies at least once a day, clean their enclosures up, bring them out for walks twice a week at least, and bring them to the beach and parks monthly.

So at least we know our money is put to a place where the people are responsible dog lovers and caretakers. And there at Gentle Paws, is almost the best place before any abandoned / rescued doggy finds a home. Check out their Facebook page! They are very active in adoption drives! =D

Now the prices..

Previously i did like a total of 7 or 8 fleas?

Sold most of my stuff at 50cents, $1, $2, $3, $4, $5 max, right?

Now this is for charity ah.. So leh i'd sell $2 - $10! Don't worry thou!!! Cox..

Most of the stuff are still below $5!!!

The accessories (mostly $2) and most of the clothes will still be $5 and below!

It's just the few pieces of branded ones i wanna fetch higher prices for them cox they really cost quite a lot and i bought some of them lah although some is sponsored and i only wear them once and main point is, it's not for me ah, it's for the doggy shelter =D

So don't bargain okay thank you! Haha. But if you wanna pay more to donate to the shelter i won't stop you lololol. Alright!!!


THIS SUNDAY!!! 16th December!
@ SCAPE Level 4!!!
2pm - 6pm!!!

Sidetrack: If you wanna get a flea booth for yourself or with your friends, this flea is fully occupied already, but there are many more fleas around that period! Take a look HERE at the upcoming fleas!

You can come early but you can only touch my things at 2pm! Lolol. I thank you for your couteosy first!!! Haha. Okay see you! SCAPE Level 4, 2pm ah!!! This Sunday!!!

Don't forget ah!!! Come!!! The doggies at Gentlepaws and me say THANK YOU to you first!



Anonymous said...

Wondering if I could be able to purchase the jelly floral shoe and the hello kitty bag first?
Cos be visiting my father in law at SGH due to his cancer operation before heading down.
Afraid be sold out already when I go down

Thank you
Kindly drop
Me an email @ apdsingapore@yahoo.com.sg
To let me know
I will pass you My mobile no from email


Qiuting said...

Hi Annie, sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Perhaps it's better you just stay by his side.

Won't be able to make any reservations sorry!

임눈팅 said...

HAHA! I'll go to help the charity! Good deed like who don't want! LOL! And hopefully can camwhore with you! Hahah!!! ^^

임눈팅 said...

HAHA! I'll go to help the charity! Good deed like who don't want! LOL! And hopefully can camwhore with you! Hahah!!! ^^

Chermaine Hoo said...

Hello! Is it possible if we could take a picture with you? :) AND AUTOGRAPHS? :) Will there be a queue system?

Anonymous said...

Hey qq! May I ask where did you get the brown flatform in the first photo? The elevated flats! I've been looking for such kind and would have bought them if they were in my size but they're not ): would really appreciate it! Thank you and bless you kind soul for being so generous <3

Qiuting said...

Hello yes can take pictures! =D Hello, i got it online forgot which shop!

Chermaine Hoo said...

Will there be a queue system and can we get your autograph before the flea starts? Cause i'm really a fan of yours! <3

O HAI said...

I always pop by ur flea booth but too shy to squeeze with xmm's at the booth... There's always this crazy crowd camping at your booth waiting for restocks! D:

Hope I'm in time to grab those flora booties like shoes...heheheh

Chermaine Hoo said...

Sorry for reposting as i'm really curious. :D Hope you don't mind!

Anonymous said...

i couldnt gooo! D: where did you get the brown heels from? the two photos in the first row.

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu! May I know what's the size for the floral rainboots? :)

Anonymous said...

What are the sizes of your clothes?

Carina said...

hi qiuqiu ! :D so kind of you to always have a flea and thn donate it to the dogs shelter ! will definitely be going down with some of my friends to support you ! just a qn to ask, need to bring own recycle bags or not ? :X cos your previous flea need bring own one ! this time you nvr mention in your post.... thanks in advance ! :D

Jacqueline said...

Hi, is most of your clothes free size?

Qiuting said...

Chermaine, yeah please come! All can! And yeah i think there'd be a Q! =D

Qiuting said...

O HAI you better come early ah! Hahaha!

Size of clothes free size mostly, if not it'd be S or M! Shoes 38 - 40!

Carina, bring bag!!! I no have plastic bags one! =X =D

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, are the creeper/flats looking shoes with the straps $10?? :DD

Anonymous said...

can i try on the shoes there? im a 38 but i dont think i can fit 40.. lol

Carriie said...

Thank you , for spending time , picking out clothes !

Qiuting said...

Anon, shoes are all $10 (and below) and brand new! =D

Anon, yes you can try the shoes!

Carriie, you come lah =D

Anonymous said...

hmm.. i read on forfleasake.com that no preloved items are allowed at scape?

Hanna Lei said...

Its so nice that you are donating the money! My Blog

かほう said...

Why can't I live in Singapore?! I LOVE the punk dangling earrings and tutu skirts!!!

I hope the flee goes well! Raise lots of money for the sweet doggies!! =)

Chermaine Hoo said...

OMG. IM SO THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOU GIRLS WHO WERE PRESENT. Receiving thankyou gifts from you, your autograph, items, and taking pictures with me. I'm really stoked right now.
I'm feeling good that i could also contribute a small portion in the total amount you collected in this flea for dogs welfare. MILLION THANKS TO QIUQIU, NIAONIAO, MICH, YUZHEN AND AHBONG. Sorry if i did messed up the names!
There's never a chance when i could adore you any less.

Chermaine Hoo said...
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Chermaine Hoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hello, qiuqiu, where did you buy the clothes in the 9th collage 1st pic from the right?

Anonymous said...

Are there anymore clothes left from the flea?