11 January 2012

Here, buy ALL the stuff


I finally got down to setting up a blogshop. If you even noticed my sidebar, you'd have seen that "Strawbirdy Coming soon" has been there since ten thousand years ago.

And yeah, Strawbirdy is MINE.

I thought of that name. And i stick to it no matter how my friends and boyfriends think it's crappy. Lol. They find it juvenile and lame. Like yeah, it just sound like Strawberry, so?

Why, not cute meh?!

HALLO. It is StrawBirdy. You know.. Like straw is something cheap and rough, right? But if you piece them up together, you can be like a birdy who's free to soar. Hmm.. And be cute like a strawberry? =D How? I anyhow make it up one. Main idea is piecing affordable stuff together and look nise!

So anyway, i major professional lol. I even looked for a makeup artist to help with the makeup for the photoshoot for my blogstore.

But what i didn't expect was.. This makeup artist even more pro O.O

She came with one major big box of tools and makeup, not enough. Still got like 3 more bags of.. MORE makeup and tools.

Her name is Candy! =D But Candy!!! I only haz one face!!! Lolol.

And the makeup products she uses for her clients are all premium products. I spotted Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Chanel, Mac, Anna Sui, Dior and YSL but got a few more bags and layers in her tool box i didn't explore. Lol.

Not just that, all her stuff are so neatly arranged and they all look clean and well-maintained!!!

So i feel like i'm in good hands of someone who takes pride in her work. Products makeup artist use is one major issue, yes. And i'm very excited that Candy is using atas makeup on my face lol. But cleanliness is EVEN more important!!! I've seen makeup artist using dirty brushes on me and then i'd have major breakout/ be infested with millia seeds on my face just the very night or by the next day =(

Super glad that Candy is not one of those makeshift makeup artists who are lazy and just wanna earn quick bucks out of this line.
This is just tip of the iceberg of what she brought that day lol. Simi sai.
Getting ready..
Hate my cb eyes. The only thing they know is to get droopier and droopier by day.
Snap one with Candy before she work on my face =D
Work in progress..
Okay. Got form liao. Lolol.
Super freaking love how she shade my nose!!! Especially the tip part!!!
Right before adding the final touch.

Candy is like the ONLY makeup artist so far, who can conceal my darkeye ring like perfectly. No i swear. Although she took a long time to do so, lolol and she was kinda afraid to hurt my feelings. Lolol. She even ask "You don't mind me spending so much time on your darkeye ring hor?" Lolol.

Of course i don't mind!!! I met makeup artist, who spent almost 30 minutes on my dark eyerings, and i still ended up with stupid greyish/ yellowish/ greenish under eye colour. I think they were trying to compensate the dark discoloration in their own ways. Didn't work~ Lol. I didn't even bother to ask Candy how she conceal my dark eye ring anyway.

Cox i see her using this YSL product. LOL. And i tell myself "Don't bother~ You won't buy one lah".
Went around snapping random stuff while i change into the first outfit.
Swear to god i have too many brown-tone shoes. Still got a few more pairs that i left at home.
DONE!!! =DDD I asked for a nude-ish sort of makeup. So this is what i get!
My big curls nice not!!! Candy's assistant do one! =D
One more. I mean, how often i get atas makeup on my face leh? Not often. So snap ALL the pictures!
Okay last one last one!
With Candy and her assistant Jud. Both are super nice and friendly. I think i'm really quite lucky.
And Candy is so fun to work with =D Talk talk talk talk talk ALL the girly stuff!!!
All the hats i brought. You must have seen them all before =( But don't worry! I bought new hats! Lol.
Belts, denims and socks.

If you see something you like, just hop over to Strawbirdy ba! Please. Lolol.

Quickly clear these and if it moves fast enough, i promise the next batch is just gonna get better and better and better! MOTIVATE ME! Lolol. I say "Thank you" first

Also i'm looking for a model. I will pay one!!! Lolol. Please email me at qiutinger(at)gmail.com

I modelled these myself like a couple of weeks ago cox i felt the rush to do it and i just went ahead to do it. Been sitting on the idea of starting a blogstore for way too long!Anyway who's better to grace the grand opening than myself, right or not. Lol.

And also, major super big thanks to Candy the makeup artist!!!!!

If you like something not too over-the-top but still presentable and clean and chic, i'm sure she's gonna be one of the best choices! Of course if you love the more bold, loud and sharp kind of makeup, Candy can make happen also.

She does makeup for all sorts of events. From commercial, to editorial (for magazine, COOL! Why i no meet her when i was doing part time modelling!!!), to bridal and bridesmaids, Dinner and Dance, to family portraits, even for any of your special events like your major birthday party and to your year end prom so safe keep her number okay!!!

You can visit her makeup blog HERE!

Maybe for CNY company lunch or for CNY gatherings you majorly hiao you can also book Candy for her makeup services! =D Be the chioest~! Lol.

But i say first ah, she's not dirt cheap like your make shift glamour make over studio where the makeup artists basically slap coloured powder onto your face. So only if you want quality service using quality products with great service.. Then you contact Candy ba.

In any case, any of your need super drama stage makeup or special effect like burnt face or bruised blue-black face, or rotten eyes, lolol, Candy can do those too O.O

This shit is too professional for me. I totally under-use her by asking her to help for a blogshop collection shoot. Lol.

Three hours later. Love my soft curls even more. Lol. And the makeup sets in even nicer. Thank you Candy!!! You're one of the most fun and nice and friendly makeup artist i've met!!!

Okay one last one! Really really! Lol. That's all. Enjoy Strawbirdy! Btw, i don't have to photoshop any of my dark eye rings in the picture. All concealed by Candy. I am impressed O.O


Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu it's so cool that you're opening a blogshop! However, I don't think the prices you're selling them at can be considered cheap at all, it's like the same as all other blogshops and you could actually get better stuff at about the same price. Just letting you know, especially with your budget barbie and stuff. I think they're not competitive enough.

fourfeetnine said...

omg damn good leh her YSL concealer!!! i saw that day with cheesie! wanted to buy but too exp and also scared drying. dry or not your eye area! and am i the first comment *disbelieving

Unknown said...

so glad for your! Nice start!
wish you to have loads of best customers! and you'll need to get more stuff soon!

Yeah, pictures are supernice! I like your make up and hairstyle!

Anonymous said...

i heard using double eyelid stickers will sag your lids..

whimsical.laura said...

Hey quiqui, i reeeeally enjoy reading your blog and i think theres a lot of super cute stuff in your blogshop. i really want to buy the Abstract Paddy Top and the Blue n Brown Block Top. But I live in Europe, is it possible to order something? :( Please answer me.

nicccchang said...

Omg. the nose looks so perfect! How she did that??

Anonymous said...

the prices are quite ex coming from budget barbie. u personally seldom buy bags for 20+$ but yet ure selling the brown bag for 22$....

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu I love the idea of you, aka the budget barbie opening a blogshop thats inexpensive and fashionable. But I noticed that the prices are not that cheap, considering you were able to find tshirts for like 3 dollars on your show. I was hoping to find things that are budget barbie cheap~
just a thought by a long time reader, first time commenter.

QiuQiu said...

Audrey, you are second actually!!! Lol.

Thank you Gunila!!!

The prices are expensive cox the cost me getting them is high. Perhaps if i could find a teeshirt at $3 that i think is sellable online then i'd sell it at $5. And that'd appease you.

But i couldn't find it when i was getting the stock.

Besides, earning $2 out of all the travelling to get stock, lugging the stock to the studio for photoshoot, ironing them, photoshop the pictures, replying the emails, wrapping the items nicely, and walking to the mailbox to drop it off.

Yeah if someone would do that for $2 profit, tell me about it. i'd shut down the whole blogshop now, and i'd give away all the clothings for free. The money is secondary, the passion of wanting to start something that i've always wanted to, is primary.

And i didn't grow up with a dream to start a blogshop where i live up to everyone's expectation of me selling cheap things to them, as cheap as i bought it.

The thing that i like is to sell outfits that looks decent, at a much more affordable price than usual. Is $15 not cheaper than what you find typically on blogshops?

And no, i couldn't find things that's of lesser than $8.50 for the cost per item considering i have to pay the photographer. Happy to know?

And on the show i sometimes compromise the material of the items, sometimes there's a small hole, i still buy, sometimes there's stain, i still buy. And i'd explain it in the show why it's so cheap.

I can't possibly buy those for the blogshop. Be reasonable. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think your explanation is perfectly legit. Ignore those cheapos -_- they have no qualms supporting blogshops selling things at $25 to $30, but they kpkb about your $15 item just because you are BB?

Just because you personally don't splurge on yourself, doesn't mean that what you SELL must be cheap right?!

If your grandpa is the thrifty kind, does that mean he must be selling food at a hawker or smth? No what. There are successful businessmen who are thrifty people.

Your personal lifestyle preferences have nothing to do with what you sell. Furthermore you're already recommending & showing people where to get cheap clothes, which people benefit from. Why must you yourself personally suffer financially on top of that?

To you anons, if you find it too expensive, then don't buy & keep watching BB for those rare, one-off, items from the heartlands/Bugis. Simple?

Anonymous said...

You hate your droopy eyes? So many Japanese girls are using make up to get the puppy dog eyes (eg. popteen). They must envy you hehe...

By the way, your make up artist is so cute, she looks like she could model for your blogshop.

Carla said...

Good luck on your blogshop, and strawbirdy is awesome name!
Why dont you model your own blogshop? The problem would be like you are so thin, then i cant imagine muself in the clothes that you model!:( life is so unfair!

Anonymous said...

hi qiuting, ignore those people who are always out to diss you! i think your prices are perfectly fine especially since the usual blogshops almost every girl shop at are selling minimally $20+++ for basics. so dont worry, go ahead to pursue what you think is right because others' opinions dont matter !(in this case) <3!

Anonymous said...

Hey QiuQiu! :) Congrats on opening a blogshop! Do u hv specifications for the model u're looking for?

FiSh said...

i love the header of strawbirdy :) hope you can get a better blogshop interface in future!

Latest: CNY Is Less Than 10 Days Away!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!! I love the checkered dress!!!!!! Don't know which color to chose from!! )):! haha

Anonymous said...

you complain $10+ so ex you wont buy. your own stuff sell for $15. who will buy

Unknown said...



Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Goodluck!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Ur cloths r so ugly like u

Anonymous said...

Ur cloths r so ugly like u

-- said...
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Anonymous said...

Can you share with us your blogshop-starting experience in a post? I want to know how much you did and spent for your stock/photoshoot etc! Like how did you source for the stocks and how much you bought the stocks for and all that.. :)

THANK YOU <33333

Anonymous said...

I think we can all see your effort and passion put into this. Frankly, am very proud of you for even going to the extent of getting a make up artist. I'm sure it didnt come cheap/added to your overhead. Please people, think about it! How can you expect her to sell her things at low prices when she has overhead costs to bear. At least she's treating this project seriously and not like how some youths who don't even bother doing up their business front properly (make up, coordination, model consistency) etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu, may I know if you're wearing falsies? I'd like to wear falsies too but everytime I try I end up looking like a theatrical performer ):

Anonymous said...

So nice

Anonymous said...

QIUQIU! yr items are really cheap. honest , cost other blogshop sell at $25 above. but 1 thing tho :( u do reg postage only for $20 and above. pls do consider changing that rule dear. cos later lost mail ppl complain to you, no? <3 just my two cents worth, wanna buy, but when i saw normal mail , im like naaah. so many lost mail happen to me :( - bella

Anonymous said...

Do you accept PayPal payment?

charmaigne grace said...

pretty ladies*.*

hello.. can i ask about the camera you are using in this article? is it canon s95 or s100? thank you:)

Solavei said...

The model is pretty.