15 September 2013


Sup! How's your week been! Some highlights of my life in the past week, in non-chronological order.

I swear i didn't spell check "chronological". Awesome, that's one highlight of the week lol. I mean, given that that was the first time i actually typed that word. I never even pronounced it ever in my life. Woah. That's quite a realisation for myself too!

What have i been speaking with to replace that word ah?! Maybe..

"Not in order one" or "The date jumble up one ah okay!" or "Not one by one according to date"

I need to learn more words that can easily replace a string of words. Lolol.

Okay so other highlights of my week.

1) I was singing on the cab and then before i could be done with the first chorus, the uncle switch off the radio hahahaha.

I kinda can understand lah cox it was Cyndi Wang's "Ai Ni" playing and then i just woke up and my voice haven't break so it's still kinda rough and sao xiah. Lolol. So it could have sounded like a ah gua trying to act cute to sing Cyndi's song but still...... Switching off the radio?! okay.jpg

2) Receiving my Nuffnang cheque~ Nuff' said~ Party time~ Hahaha.

I'm gonna go get the 10 goodie boxes ready for giveaway as promised =D Most of you prefer makeup / skincare! Only some want clothes / spa / facial / hair services. Alright got it! Haha.

3) rosebullet event! =DD

I loveeee their clothes so much!!! And THANK YOU to those who came to say hi =DDD Tag me the pictures on instagram lah =D Thanks to the Nuffies for hanging around to help out! And thanks to the rosebullet girls =)) More on the girls i dressed up for the event soon~

4) FINALLY getting the display case for GIRLY lash done!

Thanks to Josh =D I email like 5 companies to enquire and i think the quantity i wanted was too small so none of them get back to me. One did eventually but ask me to do 5 times more than what i need. Hai. Where do people start.

Anyway i am quite excited about GIRLY lash! Cox so far people who tried it say it's very natural-looking and that the quality is good =DDD I've been wearing them whenever i have makeup on! And my favourite is No.1 and No.3! You'd see~!!!

5) Filmed a 12 hour video of a day in my life!

With Garnier and Clicknetwork =D I super look forward to how the video will turn out!

6) Have two 'companies' send me soft-threat to sue me in the period of one month.

Shit shit shit.

This is not good..

I am in so much trouble!!!


I have no clothes to wear for court-hearing! =OOO How should it be? More smart-casual or must be full-out prim and proper? I don't think i can wear my favourite tie-dye clothes right?

*roll my eyes* Hah!

7) Filming with Paul Twohill for Budget Barbie (Ken haha)!

He was really fun to work with and you guys should totally look out for that episode ^.^ And in case you don't follow me on Twitter, Paul told me his Chinese name through school time was 保罗两座山.

LAUGH OUT LOUD. I cracked up so badly when i first hear that from him hahahah.


That's all! 8) was a smiley face wearing shades. Lol.

I super feel like drinking Horlicks now O.O Nevermind i shall eat Snickers before i go sleep.

I hope you have a nice Sunday and a nice week ahead okay! =))


Hanna Lei said...

I can't believe you're getting sued! Good luck. -Hanna Lei

Fion said...

LOL your encounters on the taxi all damn funny sia

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Wheeee~~ so looking forward to see your daily life clicknetwork video! Hehehe.

I think sometimes it happens when you are in the media line. Last time I was working in the Accounts Payable section for an advertising company, we sometimes received legal letter or threat to issue us such letters wtf. Good luck. I'm sure you'll be fine.

QiuQiu said...

Hannah, i really don't think they will follow through their threat but even if they do, i will stand firm!

Fion, sway hor. Haha.

Alice, it's for a Garnier product!!!