13 April 2014


Whats upppp!!!


Previously i was feeling really quite down lah. But now that i feel better, i am sooooo thankful that eventually the happy feeling is back~!!! After a HUGE argument / disagreement.. You'd know how scary it is that when you're feeling negative, all the worst thoughts comes to you and they are ruthless lor. They eat you up like you're a weakling and they are the bully. They make you feel helpless, hopeless and worst feeling of all.. Alone..

Which is really silly if you think about it.

Like no one is really alone.. People just choose to put themselves away from others and feeling alone.

I mean say real one, i how alone also not alone. 走在街上 也会有人跟我笑 lolol. Like today after i part with Yurou, a little girl and her mother came up to me and say hello and say they love my blog and videos etc. Which is actually pretty amazing =DDD

So i guess i'm GOOOOOD!!! =DDD Most importantly i have a husband who's willing to go through life with me, and it doesn't matter if it's for better or not-so-great days.. We're together =)))

Most most most importantly i have a supporting family!!! =DDD And great friends ^.^

And i am meeting Michelle finallyyyyy on Tuesday ^.^V

And then i also booked my air tickets to Seoul for my zygoma-reduction and jawline surgery sponsored by REGEN!!! ^.^

I guess my life is awesome O.O More on that soon!

Here's some pictures from the dinner me and Jayne went to! For her very belated birthday!!! Haha!

Sorry ah i know it's Jayne birthday but you know.. I got makeup on that day.. So gotta make use of it. LOL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYNE!!!! Hahahaha. What a nice birthday wish!!! With my face!
I am sorry but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN JAYNE!!! Hahahaha. I guess she don't mind i so zi lian lah she is my manager so i guess she already know i am like this one. Lol.
ONE WITH JAYNE OKAY ^.^ The best manager in the worldddd~
Food here finally!!! I wish they keep the cherry tomatoes small like last time! This big cherry tomatoes a bit jelat. At Shin Kushiya by the way!
Atlantic Black Cod fish and mushrooms that was supposed to come in 2 pieces as picture shown, so when only 1.5 pc came, auntie Jayne was like "Eh they cannot like this one leh.." Lololol.
Forgot she like to be addressed as "Hot Babe" instead of Auntie O.O Lolol.
Mozze cheese with bacon that Hot Babe ordered. And my eggs!!! =DDD
You see lor you see. The tomatoes so big. Not cute one.
Cannot do without their grilled sweet potato!!!
Time for food~
then later we go for dessert at Fruit Paradise haha. Jayne's hair was done by Sio i think. The red like 10 years already still damn lasting lolol. Whaaat!!! And i notice Hot Babe got a habit of squealing a soft "eeeeeeeeeee" when she camho hahahahaha quite cute lah.
Double hot babes. Both claim to be blood-related to Song Hye Gyo lolol.
Caption "Happy Birthday Jayne!!!" LOL.
Uh huh~ Lolol.
I rather they just don't try too hard with the plating omg. So fugs? And cheap looking lol. And check out Jayne's pedo smile hahaha.

Okay lah my manager is better than yours!!! To many more years of working together~!!! =DDD

She really damn hardworking one lor. Late night still helping me with work when i need her O.O

Go event with me also damn take care of my welfare T.T Xie xie ni ah Hot Babe.

Okay lah i hope you guys had a nice weekend!!! Next week's gonna be CRAZY for me!!!

Also, since i'd be in Korea late April, i'd be taking in limited slots of outfits features ^.^ The pictures will be taken in Korea!!! Will snap pictures before my surgeries of course lol.

If you're keen to send in your outfit (can be a few items so long as they look good together if not i won't match them together!) please email bongqiuqiu@gmail.com for details!


janice said...

im going to seoul in late apr too!!! hope to be able to bump into you on the streets!:D

Hanna Lei said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Can you do an more detailed post on your jaw reduction plans? I'm planning to get one too next yr - can you share your thoughts? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi will you be filming your surgery process again? I am kind of thinking about it, so some first front experience would help.i am a little hesitant with pricing and services. Thank you, I'm a fan!!!!