08 May 2014

Cleo 2nd Anniversary

I've been with Cleo Hairmake since they first started and i must say.. It's been an awesome journey!!! Every single time i leave the salon happy and satisfied.

Thanks to my stylist Sio of course =)))

And for the translator cum receptionist turn marketing manager turn my good friend.. Samantha!!! For helping me translate to Sio what i want. But then again.. Sio's English is getting better and better hahaha. Anyway not like my instructions have been hard.. It's mostly like.. "Make me chio"

Very simple. Hahaha.

So Cleo turned two the other day!!! And we were all invited for dinner at Lewin Terrace!!!

It's newly opened and it is very posh =OOO It's actually a restaurant specifically for weddings!!! The cuisine they serve are Japanese and French fusion style. If you're looking for a venue to hold your wedding dinner, take a look lah =D

Went to have my hair styled for the dinner! Erm cox the place very atas you know, i don't wanna look like crazy woman who crash their party hahaha.

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Trusty god's hands working on my hand.
If you need to have your hair styled for functions / events / birthday to look awesome chio in pictures, you know who to book!!! =D
Done done done done~ ^.^ You mei you cute.
Thank you hands of God!!! Hahah!
Look good in any angle =DDD My hair lah i mean. My face a bit photoshopped O.O Haha!
Camho time~ Omg my thighs. Lol. Thank god i lost weight when i was in Korea!!! Hahah!
Twirling and swirling around asking Sam to take a few nice shots of me haha. Bitch is gonna be happy cox she say i very slutty always buy very short dresses. And only wear them one time. So after i am done, she can take over. Lolol.
SMILE~~~ ^.^
There we are~! Lewin Terrace! Most part of their interior design is white!!! Perfect for a classy wedding! T.T Let's get married again Josh.
We chose to sit outdoor cox we confirm very noisy one haha.
Amuse bouche. I LOVE THE CENTER ONE!!! I think it's seafood couscous.
Some kind of broccoli cold soup.
Appetizer!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! Super refreshing and wakes up the tastebuds just perfect T.T Kinda like a tropical shower on your tongue!
The thin "glass" you see is actually potato chip............ =OOO HOW DO THEY DO IT!!! Very exquisite!!! Taste pretty interesting too!
More dishes! Salmon and berry vinaigrette salad, beef that you can cook to your liking of doneness, smoked duck and oven slow roasted chicken.
One with the Cleo family that has grown so big over two years!!! =DDD Glad that only nice people are in here O.O SORRY I AM A DOOR BITCH TO THIS FAMILY so screening here please. Lolol.
MY FAVOURITE OF THE NIGHT!!!! This fish is soooooo perfectly pan-fried the skin was so crispy omg. And the bottom is actually risotto i think!!! Or was it Japanese rice i am not sure. But they are also pan-fried to heavenly standard. Kinda like hash brown but 10 times yummier and flavourful.
Me plus my sake. Which i only sipped 1 sip and i am like.. "OMG WOOHOO~~ IT'S GETTING HOT IN HERE~ SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES!!!" in my head lah. Lol.
Dessert platter i also loveeee! The rest were so into all the wine-ing and sake-ing and chit-chatting.. I had three servings of dessert O.O One serving includes the very chocolatey brownie, the strawberry and banana ice cream and this very very refreshing citrus-y foam + sherbet with grapefruit and some wine jelly underneath i think. I love it!!!
 Cookie and sweets platter served with the after-meal coffee.. Give them A for presentation! Haha.
 Hahaha Peishi wanna ask you all if her pedo smile is chio.
Me and my plus-one for the night =))) I LOVE THE COOKIE!!! Actually i love cookie. Haha!


Keep growing strong and keep making lotsa girls (and guys!!!) look great!!!

Also in case any of you are keen to know, you'd be surprised to find out that Cleo Hair, though a Japanese hair salon run by purely Japanese hairstylists, their prices are very competitive as compared to any other highly hyped-about salon you can think of!

I was so appalled and taken aback when i find out that a salon (very much talked about by like ten thousand bloggers) charges my friend (who is now a regular at Cleo Hairmake! ^.^) $430 for colouring!!! The price is so high cox there's lotsa hidden charges and up-selling like, "Do you want this treatment or that treatment", "Do you wanna apply this serum that will give shine to your hair" blablabla O.O And it all costs =X

It probably doesn't even cost HALF that price to have your hair dyed at Cleo. And they always do such a good job with colouring tecnique. Don't say i bias ah, Sio really does a fucking good job. There's no other words for his hair colouring technique, creativity and skills!!!

Anyway!!! If you're keen to find out more about the charges or book appointment to give Cleo Hairmake a try, please do! ^.^ I ESPECIALLY LOVEEEEE THE SHAMPOOING hahaha.

Always shiok until..... @.@

Okay byebye!!! I have to go sort out some stuff and prepare for WAR at Little Thoughts workspace tomorrow onwards until Mothers' Day!!! =OOO Okay byebye!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

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Unknown said...

Oh so cute! Your hair matches your dress! and baby blue is definitely your color^^

This is in Japan...is it after you left Korea? is your face this healed so fast?!

love you!