20 September 2014

Baby and Me Diary 1 "Only one test came up positive"

Hello baby =))) I waited a long time for you and i thank you for i know you are going to change my life soon =) For the better. Fact that you finally happened in my tummy, i think i have a lot to be thankful for already. So i will try to be a better person for you, and for everyone around me who love me enough to love you.

Your yeye taught me to be nicer to people who are nice to me, to give if i can and to have more patience in life.. Along with many other good morals values that I hope to be able to share with you.. Even those that i am still learning.. =) I hope you will be kind and gentle (maybe not so gentle if in case you are a boy. But actually if you're a boy also nevermind lah you just make sure to have drive, passion and goals in life and please don't date skanky girls cox I will never accept them one okay. Thank you! They only want you cox you're handsome or kind or rich or all!!! Lol). Don't do bad things to people. Don't have a bad temper like me and don't be anti-social like daddy =D Hahaha.

This is mummy's diary and i hope in good faith by the time you can read and understand everything starting from this post onwards (provided this blog and the world still exists) that you know you're a big part of me.. You're kinda like.. Vanilla ice cream on top of my already really good chewy brownie life ^.^ If you find this cheesy and corny then please know that i was 27 (but has mental age of 20 and look totally like 18) when i wrote this. LOL. Mummy never had a very good sense of humor. Just very very cheap humor. Okay. Oh god you don't wanna continue reading do you?

Okay just know that daddy and mummy are both really excited to meet you and we are already choosing names for you! I hope you're a girl or you like girl names cox that's all we have so far. LOL.

Hello you all.

Sup? =DDD

Not sure if some of you might have guessed it.. But i am expecting ='DDD

I know!!!! It's soooo crazy!!! Half a year ago i was just saying i wanna finally go for fertility check-up and whatnot right?! Cox we've been trying for sooooo long and there's just no result. And i have delayed seeking treatment for the longest time cox i always believe this kind of things is cannot hurry one. But then trying and having nothing happen and then see your friends and sister popping out cute babies one after another hahaha.. It just makes you think maybe you need to worry.

But then later i give up the thought of seeking treatment again!!! Becox i just feel i should leave it up to fate!!! =X Sounds super cliche. But like me and Josh were just taking our strolls and we both agreed, if have good lah. If really don't have, it's okay cox i can still dote on the kids around us.

So we JUST gave up the thought of wanting to go seek treatment about conceiving and didn't realise that meantime.. I was already blessed with a living thing in me ='DDD Below is my record for what happened.


So then when i was 2 weeks late on 23rd July 2014 (with some other symptoms a bit too personal to discuss haha) i went to buy a test kit and the result was so vague =.=" Two lines is positive. One line is negative. My result was one obvious line, and one super duper faint line. Given that i haven't been able to get pregnant, i just tell myself i shouldn't be but i could be! So i only told Mich about it. Like i suspect, but i don't think so and i don't know. Lolol.

In the end after testing, i just continue to change my pad (just in case cox my period is supposed to come anytime lol) and pull back my panty LOL. Damn graphic but that's really just what happened.

Then in the night time of 23rd i was feeling super duper hungry but i thought i'd wait for 4am to order breakfast in. But it was only 11plus pm. So i tahan until 2am plus, i suddenly get super bad stomach ache and had to make runs to the loo. To vomit and to lao sai big time lol.

I felt so unwell i couldn't sleep until 7am. And it has nothing to do with the suspected pregnancy i was just major sway cox ate something unclean and had food poisoning T.T

24th July at 9am i went to see the GP for diarrhea and vomiting. She treated those. But at 2pm i developed some serious body (bone) ache and fever and then i feel very nauseous again.

So finally at 10pm i went to the Accident and Emergency department at Changi General Hospital for food poisoning and they are the most efficient and caring bunch i've ever came across in public hospital =)

Did a blood test, had to be on drip and had to drink 1 pint of water to rehydrate.

So this sort of sums up whatever i just said. LOL.

And then at about 2am.. I was called in to see the doctor again for the results from the blood test.

Doctor said..

"So everything is good, no dengue, everything is okay.. Only one test came up positive..

Which is the pregnancy test. So.. Yeah. Congratulations to you two"

I think he was expecting a reaction so i was like *awkward laughter* Hahaha.

And he looked at Josh and Josh was like ____________.


Lololol. Cox he just blank out i feel?!?!?! I already ask him before we go in, "Darling, later if i not pregnant, so be it. But if doctor say i pregnant, how are you going to react?"

His reply was "I will be happy!" So this is how his happy face looks like ah? Hahaha!

I guess Cheesie is right!!! I was probably the happiest person ever at Accident and Emergency. Hahaha. Not the best place to find out but then again if you think about it, most people find out in the toilet anyway hahahah. So.

Hahaha. Then i told my family (on group chat) the news at 2am. When i called my dad, him being a typical Chinese man, super not expressive, he only said, "好. 好. 那恭喜你了" O.O Hahaha. But later i heard from Pearl (who was also super excited, and pregnant herself!!! Hahaha) that my dad couldn't sleep and was really happy. Hahaha!

Then i told Mich that the doctors confirm my pregnancy already. She was sleeping at that time but before that she already say wanna be my daughter godmother hahah. I told her be godmother must buy one gold leg chain for my kid at his full month one. She say okay she will save up $5 a day until i give birth ='DDD Hahahah. Good friend is a good friend indeed.

And then i informed the blogger friends (Yutaki, Wendy, Shuyin, Sophie) cox they super night owls one and they have been asking me about my condition cox i was sick. So when i told them the news they apparently jumped up and down and scream at the coffeeshop where they were having supper HAHAHA. Not sure if i pregnant or they won the million dollar toto lolol!!!

Then i told Audrey and Cheesie and Wendy (again lol) in the group chat of which we named "Everyone Pregnant" since 2 years plus, 3 years ago. My text was "I am now an official member of this group chat" Hahaha. Nice hor the way i send out news hahahaha.

Cheesie never forget to tell me to credit her hometown one. LOL. In this post, i touched the magic tree in Hakone. Where every lady who touched it will get pregnant whether you want it or not HAHAHA. It freaking works i think?!?!?! I mean i've been trying for years.. NOTHING. Touched the tree in April and conceived in late June. MAGIC OR NOT?!?!? Cheesie touched it, she got pregnant. Cheesie's friend who don't wanna get pregnant, touched it, and got pregnant. LOLOL.

Thank you Japan. Your magic tree de qi bestowed upon me a baby. I will go back and continue loving you one okay. Still may favourite country where i feel kind and grateful for everything T.T

So much for my first day hor!!! I didn't bother texting rest of my close friends becox.. I feel i could tell them when i meet them hahaha. So i only told the people i talk to everyday on whatsapp.

Went to a neighbourhood gynae in Tao Payoh on 25th July with Mich cox it's apparently quite a popular choice amongst the heartlanders. But reach there to find a super crowded clinic and earliest appointment they could let me see the doctor has to be 6th August which is about 2 weeks later =OO

So we made the appointment anyway and then went for lunch. Bb your kai ma de hair a bit avant garde hor? LOLOL. More daebak than Fu Lu Shou. LOLOL.
She force me to take train to Orchard =((( But it turned out cool cox i first time can sit on the reserved seat without reservation. LOL. Ownself sit ownself song.
And again~
HAHA. Cheap thrill with Mm.
26th July - Today onwards.. I become an official pig. Eat non-stop and then sleep non-stop. It's not me. It's really the BB. I can eat a full meal now and then feel hungry 1-2 hours later.

Josh is major love one. He got me all sorts of food and stock up the house with snacks and drinks.
It was Yurou's birthday, i love her so much and i will love my bb all the same ^.^ Usually i can tahan to stay at Yishun for at least 6-8 hours but omg.. That was the first time i had to go off early cox i feel sleepy easily and i feel hungry so fast!! But my dad and sister Pearl and sister-in-law all major super caring one =')) They made soup and got me drumstick rice. 我要上位了啦 can eat drumstick leh lol.

27th July was the day for garage sale. I farted so much. Omg. So much that i don't really wanna stand up cox i damn scared the fart will become loud. So i just fart quietly into the seat cushion LOL.

Everyone who went to help me were so considerate and didnt let me lift a single thing =) Thank you..

28th July Today i feel quite blessed cox early in the morning, first thing i wake up was Josh passing me a bird's nest drink hahaha.

Not the real deal but i LOVE all sorts of birds nest so it's good.

Later i went out with my poly friends. And fed the bb yummy churros! Got tired real quick so i went home early to nap. Then woke up to a yummy dinner Josh whipped up.

='))) Beyond words becox.. Eh.. Not sure if it's pregger hormones or what but every little thing Josh does touched my heart and make me feel like the luckiest lady in the world. And i feel happy for the baby becox Josh is so involved ='DDD

29th July was a real loooong day. Met Si Jie (Pearl) for lunch and to buy Casper's birthday present and then went for work before shopping and dinner with the clique for Sophie's birthday. I feel super sleepy by 11pm omg T.T Went home at 2.30am and then got home to this..

Josh asleep on the bed with this in his hands hahaha. He shot this book some time back and now only he's reading it. He say he fell asleep on the first chapter but still, good effort. HAHA.
Also found this note he left me on my desk.. =)))

Don't mind me okay all these daily notes are notes from my personal note pad so some notes i just wanna tell my baby directly one so you all just bear with it hahaha!

30th July BB.. Today you turn into a Sweet Pea. Daddy and mummy read that you are sprouting little nose and eyes and ears. We look at some samples growth pictures and find you so cute and ugly haha!

My helper made me soup today! =DDD She's the best. Always making me nice soup / rice!!! My baby got 口福 loh! =D

31st July Had to go for work today at 3pm. Slept in til til 9am, ate the breakfast Josh made for me and then plop back to sleep. It's 1.45pm now and i still can't get out of bed. My conclusion about the pregnancy so far.. It makes me.. SO SUPER SLEEPY AND HUNGRY. After work i went back home to continue sleeping. Gosh..

Current favourite food is mee rebus. I can have it in the morning, noon and night. I have an average of 5 meals a days, with lotsa snacks in between.. And still feel hungry. I think i am growing a food monster inside haha. Anyway these are a combination of the food Josh got / made for me.

He cook me fried eggs to go with bread, I LOVE IT!!! And also fried rice!!! Omg i think my baby damn cheap taste like me =OOO Even cheaper actually. I only like fast food and hardly like hawker food one T.T But my baby loveee! Mee siam mee rebus nasi lemak, economical bee hoon / mee =_="

1st Aug - Mcdelivery make me cry so badly.. I was literately crying and begging them over the phone to just deliver my breakfast to me lolol. Cox i called at 10am.. And only got the food at 2.30pm or something hahaha. But still usually i would just say fuck it no thanks anymore.

But i guess it's pregger hormones that drove me so crazy.

2nd Aug Gotta work early morning on a weekend T.T It was at a home studio so it's quite a small space and there were a lot of people. I had to hold it in REALLY LONG AND HARD, cox i had to fart so much. If i fart i think i will ruin everyone's weekend lol.

Today is Casper's birthday celebration! I never ever slept at Si jie house before but now i get so easily tired, i took a 2 hour nap before celebrating Casper birthday O.O What has happened to me?!

3rd Aug - Morning bb ^.^ Today your not so expressive daddy kissed you (more like mummy's tummy fats) hahaha =)))

4th Aug - Today i woke up at 8am out of hunger T.T Josh is the best becox the second he open his eyes in the morning the first thing he do it "Hungry, darling?" YES YES YES I AM! Hahaha!

Bb, nowadays your daddy de duty is to just be on 24 hour standby for you to be hungry hahah.

Daddy really love you a lot wor baby.. Everyday he is cooking and washing up and doing all the other household chores T.T He won't let me do any chores at all. Mummy married the right guy..

5th Aug Mummy had to run on a treadmill for work today. Damn scared you will drop out from my vagina O.O

Today's breakfast and then later found out Josh got me an extra Twister in my bag in case i feel hungry at work. Sweet hor. He also put a banana in my bag, i gobbled it up on my way to work!

6th Aug Finally the day to see gynae! I saw you today bb. And i hear your heart beating ='))

Then again later i wonder if the doctor just plays this standard sound clip of heartbeat to let all the parents hear hahaha. You very lucky, first time checkup so many people go with mummy to see you.

Auntie Sam, Daddy, Mummy and Si Yi all go and see you! ^.^ But i think maybe they just wanna go for the famous toa payoh lor mee and rojak hahaha.

Anyway today's experience at the gynae was..

Super horrifying =S

I mean most of it was sweet and all with Josh and i seeing the baby for the first time.

But the experience at neighborhood gynae was kind of depressing O.O It's like i see the not-so-pleasant side of what motherhood could do to me and Josh O.O Unhealthily over-sized couples.. Auntie haggering over medical fee with the staff at the counter.. Another auntie telling a lady off for cutting her queue.. O.O And the whole place is so crowded until i just feel so.. Trapped.

The doctor is fine and decent but it's just the clinic atmosphere.. Hmm =(

So i decided on that day itself that i will change to another gynae haha!

Anyway we left soon as the checkup was over! Went to buy some pants cox all my pants are not comfy anymore! Not that i grew fatter as of now cox i only gained like 1kg so far from 49kg! But i just want my tummy area to feel more comfy =D

Anyway BB, here's our first family portrait ^.^ Cannot really make out what you are right now hahah! But today you turn into the size of a Blueberry! ^.^

7th Aug - BB, today mummy has crazy hair (as always) and daddy pray out loud for you to not inherit my curly frizzy hair haha. I hope you inherit daddy's IQ and mummy's EQ okay. LOL.

8th Aug - Mummy dreamt so much! I even dreamt about you coming out bb! You are a girl and lotsa people RSVP-ing to your full-month party hahaha. I woke up to tell daddy he say you so pops! Ha!

Snacking has almost become my daily essential but one thing I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT - VITAGEN. Not only it's one of the perk-me-up cox it's so fruity and refreshingly cold and yums.. It also helps me with my bowel a lot hahaha. So everyday i must have one VITAGEN!
Craving for scissors rice so we took a cab down for it. I ordered extra rice and double egg and extra gravy. Eat until damn shiok but later feel like vomiting. So 30 mins later we cab back home. The whole day i feel like shit. So this shall be the last time for a long time before i eat scissors rice again.

9th Aug BB.. Daddy is sick today.. =( But he still cooked for us before we finally went to the hospital to have him checked.

Lotsa veggie for me and you bb! =D Made by your daddy one haha. By the way, at this point of time.. Somehow, i stopped liking fishball O.O It's so weird.

BB.. Everyday in my shower i'd sing nice songs for you.. And then i think about all the things you can do and how wonderful you will be, i feel so touched by how beautiful life is and then i will cry..

O.O The pregger hormones has gone a bit out of control.

10th Aug - Bb, today daddy fell really sick and got warded. Mummy is really afraid so mummy cried a lot today. Please don't be a crybaby like mummy okay. Be strong like your daddy. He had so many needles poked all over but he didn't whine. Even when daddy is sick he care about you a lot still. Whether you are hungry or not.. Whether mummy is tired or not..

All the food i had in staying awake for almost 24 hours with a 1 hour nap in between. Haha. Sandwiches at the hospital before Josh got warded.. Then his hospital dinner when i rush back to visit him.. And then food that my sisters got him and also birds nest my dad made for us ^.^

Now mummy is back home alone and daddy is in the hospital. But i miss him so much i am gonna cry again.. T.T I only have you tonight baby.. But good thing we have Drago and Tiffany also!

11th Aug - Today daddy felt better but doctors withdraw some fluid from his spinal cord and that gave him very bad headache. And Niao yi come to stayover with mummy and to help me with the chores. She go so crazy looking at mummy's babybump haha.

12th Aug - Mummy woke up with Niao Yi sayang-ing you.. =___=" So awkward for me though, to wake up with belly rub. Lolol.

Niao Yi and mummy having breakfast. Her doggy MooMoo was also sick that time so she had to rush to the shelter to feed him medicine and then rush back to help me with the chores O.O Mummy is very blessed to have good sisters.. I don't think i can give you that many siblings but i hope you be gnam with your cousins okay! Haha!

Today your daddy is feeling all good!!! But doctor say he has to stay 2 weeks in the hospital to make sure the IV antibiotics goes through thoroughly.. T.T

Daddy and Mummy are just spending a lot of time in the hospital ward and thinking for chinese character sounds we like for your name that we both love =))

13th Aug - Bb today you turn into a Raspberry.. =))

I don't know how that few days passed but there were lotsa love coming from around us.. Friends bought us food we like.. Came to say hi to Josh and his family brought us home-cooked food.. And i only remember being super tired every night.. From worrying and from missing Josh i guess.

YAY Josh got discharged this evening thou it's supposed to be 2 weeks more. I think other than being real bored at the hospital, he just misses me and the baby too much hahaha. So he "reject treatment" and chose to take oral antibiotics so instead of two weeks, he needs to be on antibiotics for 1 month+.

14th Aug - Sam auntie coming over to visit with lotsa fruits and food ^.^ I think she is official pregnancy food delivery man hahaha.

15th aug - Baby you give mummy really strange dreams. Everyday!! Every nap! Like today. I dreamt that i go to a candy shop with auntie Wendy. She had black hair. Then the candy and chocolate shop was 3 storeys!!! And then i picked soooo much snacks and candies!!! =DDD Then i sibeh high tide so i woke up to pee.. Didnt even get to try the candies i paid for =_=" Then later i nap back, i dreamt of being chased by dogs.. One bulldog was super persistent he so fat and clumsy but manage to jump over a high fence and continue chasing me cox me and Niao Yi was locked up in a boat yard. Then finally i bribe a guy with $10 and he unlock the door for me and Niao Yi. And earlier in the dream your san yi even walked on water on the river like God omg hahaha. Later we realise she step on the huge rocks just right underneath the water level lah.

All these dreams are so real and crazy! Don't say.. I also dreamt of porn O.O But my dream landed on a page full of thumbnails of the SHEMALE category walan oieeee. Potong steam much (no puns intended). Lol.

16th Aug - Ahahah. My father very stupid he say before i even found out about my pregnancy, he already think my backside very big and i put on weight but he say he don't dare tell me becox he scared i will wanna go cut my backside bone in Korea hahahaha. Simi sai.

Today i feel extra bloated so Josh made me ginger drink from scratch. Haha. So coincidental this cup is Jayne get for me and Josh for our engagement gift one and we use it til today. And the honey is also from the hamper Jayne sent to Josh when he was hospitalised =))) Along with lotsa birds nest that i already drank up on behalf of Josh O.O HAHA.

17th Aug - Baby mummy woke up having all sorts of dreams! From a scary mad man kicking open my toilet door and wanting to throw shit at me (i later pick out an umbrella and poke him) to just eating lotsa food. So not surprising i woke up at 8am, hungry again =(

18th Aug - Today i am going to see a gynae Wendy introduced! Thank youuuu!

Dr Law Wei Seng!!! I heard lotsa good reviews about him also so i am quite excited! Plus i wanna see how my baby has grown! ^.^

I told your daddy to go for his meeting and not come with us today becox i am angry with him actually. He didn't get me sugar with my prata like he usually would and also he sounded impatient when i pass him the spoon that he say he don't need. I mean, i know i am just being super-hormoney but i am actually really upset so i told him to not go with us. It's just me and you today bb. We don't friend your daddy today okay.

Looking super happy after my visit at Dr Law's! Cox i feel sooooooo much so much better at his clinic!!! The nurse was helpful and informative.. He is modern and not paranoid and very assuring!!! 

Dr Law makes me feel much more at ease and is supportive of me doing light sports! =D I wanna start swimming again! It's good for my back! And good to stay strong for my baby's arrival haha.

Also heng that Dr Law is not those old-school kind that will tell me this one cannot eat that one cannot do hahaha. He's quite supportive but tell me clearly what are the few things i should try to avoid.

But importantly.. The clinic atmosphere and setting is just so much so much more pleasant =DDD

So happy i quickly grabbed a shot with you bb ^.^ Turn out blurry.
A proper selfie with you at home ^.^

19th Aug - Bb yesterday your daddy got us Lauderee macarons so we forgive him already okay!

Today mummy has to work again and today is the first time i am taking all sorts of pills from Dr Law to help your brain and body grow well. They are all really huge. I can only swallow one at a time.

Actually your brain just have to be better than mummy one can already, don't stress okay. Hahah.

This is how our typical breakfast looks like. Mee siam and prata for me O.O

20th Aug - BB i am awake at 5am.. Hungry. I had rice, burger and dessert for supper!!! And that was 5th meal of the day.. Just right before i sleep! How come you so fast hungry one?

Today mummy spend whole day with yeye, niao yi and Yurou and it was a good and simple day. If next time mummy didn't give you siblings then i am sorry but i hope hope hope you will grow up to care for your family and make them feel like how they made me feel.. Watched over.

21st Aug - BB today mummy ate a whole lot of food. Two mee sua kueh, Roasted pork rice, chee cheong fun, jumbo hotdog bun, 3 cheese sausages, Japanese BBQ, minestrone soup and bread etc! In between had lotsa chocolate and snacks. I stepped on a weighing scale and i am now 50kg. 1kg more than before you. Haha. I'm pretty sure you weigh less than 5% of that.

22nd Aug - Bb next time you grow up, please remember your daddy love you a lot. When you are inside mummy's tummy, he tells us he love us everyday, and everyday he does all the chores and take care about what we eat.. Day, night, midnight, dawn, morning, he will still wake up to get us food.. Thank you baby de papa.

Omg baby i was dreaming about flirting with Jerry Yan!!!!!!!!! But then these days i need to pee soooo often T.T So my dreams will always alter to the toilet or to me peeing. I was talking to Jerry then i just change scene to be STANDING to pee at a dirty toilet in Johor Bahru =___=" Can you don't like this. At least let mummy kiss him first??? I try to go back and continue the dream but then become i am in a mall with my family and a stranger auntie keep falling at the escalator and kept having her phone stuck. It happened at least 5 times *ANGRY* Until San Yi had to give her $5 to beg her to stay away from the escalator. Lolol. All the strange dreams i have..

23rd Aug - Bb tomorrow you turn into a prune =D And you will start to grow hair and nails =O Please let it not be crazy curly like mummy's hair!!! If it's wavy curly it's fine! But not afro curly like mummy lah okay? Becox these crazy hair didnt give me an easy time in school lol.

Today mummy go spend time with my family with daddy.. =))
My family always cook good stuff every weekend =))) Got two preggers in the household now hahah! Pearl and me ma! Then i tan-dio loh! Hahaha!

And to spend time with Yurou. She is your biao jie. She is also mummy's baobei =))) And from her, mummy learn that a child's love is very pure and simple one.. She will give me anything and will do her best to protect me and the people she love and she also feel we will do the same for her back. Mummy tell you first okay, mummy see Yurou as my own kid so i will love you both!! Hahaha so you don't be too jealous when you grow up okay haha!

24th Aug - Bb today your papa cooked porridge for us =))

At night like 3am mummy got very emotional and started crying cox i feel really blessed. Some mummies have a much harder time, some have to work real hard to raise a kid alone even.. I wish them strength and i wish them be surrounded by family and friends who care for them.

25th Aug - BB as of now, thanks to you mummy has owe like 4 assignments ='D Don't know to cry or to laugh.

Starting to get a little carsick today. Hang on tight, i'm not sure if a fart or a burp or am i needing to poop.

Omg definitely carsick getting worst. A cough become a bit of a gag haha.

Today mummy went to hang with auntie michelle again ^.^ Mummy hope that next time you will also have a bff okay! It is important! Especially if you are a girl. But if you are a guy you can have many buddies =D Auntie Mich also got us some blessed amulet charm from Japan!

Thank you ah mm!! =))

26th Aug - Today i told your daddy in a nice lunch conversation "Doctor Law say except raw food, fish with mecury and too much pineapple, i can eat EVERYTHING in moderation!"

Your daddy reply "Then you go and eat shit loh. In moderation"


Today i had my first heartburn =OOO Baby you please hor.

27th Aug - Bb today i was watching Britney Spears bio film with daddy along with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift performances on video and i have decided that you should be a superstar. Becox you Asian you cannot be like huge in Hollywood as a singer one so it's okay you just reach Jolin Tsai standard can liao okay hahaha. REALISE MY LIFELONG DREAM FOR ME TO BE A SINGER!!! Okay, guai.

When you become a star you have to be strong okay, doesn't matter what people say to you, so long as your family and friends love you, you know you are blessed. Just go on stage and do your thang. I told daddy we will sign you up for piano and guitar class since young. You will probably suck at it cox we both don't have music talent hahah.

You can only learn dancing and singing when you are older like 16 or 17 becox any earlier you will be a old performer who always have this very oily feeling like a getai singer.

Once i confirm you are a girl i will go chope a youtube channel for you. Hahahahah. Okay?

And today you very naughty ah. Make me gag so many times. I swallow back my pre-vomit juice like four times at least *ANGRY*

Baby, how is it i can eat 2 fish burger and one packet of milo all at 2.30am and still be hungry at 3am????

28th Aug - Bb.. Today mummy pray real hard. That you will turn out to be a kind and considerate person. Mummy wish you will be a thankful, grateful and nice person. Okay? Please don't turn into the kind of person that drives mummy crazy.

Today Cheesie auntie came to stayover and i hope mummy can be as capable as her when handling you hahha! She pregger time and after pregger BB Junya come out also damn chillax! Haha!

29th Aug - BB today mummy wake up at 8am plus and have to work whole day and end my day at 2am. It's so hard. Becox i am mostly sooooo sleepy and hungry at the event T.T

30th Aug - BB becox of you mummy have a lot of breakouts hahaha. So a lot of work i have to put on hold. But it's okay lah, i take it as a small tiny slow down. But i am thankful advertisers and Nuffnang are all very understanding..

31st Aug - BB today you become the size of a big lime! 1.6inches =)) Grow healthy okay? Daddy and mummy are waiting on you like a princess.

BB, today mummy wake up with daddy kissing you ^.^ Seconds later i tell him to get away from me becox i need to fart and i dont wanna poison him. Haha. Now he's cooking for us =))

BB today i have a wish for you, that you will grow up to be brave to speak up to people who are assholes. Something mummy could hardly do.. Just cox i rather leave them be lol.

1st Sept - BB hello, it's September! I woke up a little angry and disappointed becox i ordered lotsa food and i paid for them. BUT i woke up without tasting them T.T MY DREAMS.. URGH..

BB today i eating Black carrot extra black extra egg (again).

Your daddy ask me not to always eat this so often if not baby will come out dark dark one =______="

Seriously. Shit your daddy say HAHA.

2nd Sept - Bb, today mummy watch 200 pounds beauty for the 20th time maybe and i sobbed so badly. I don't know why. Maybe cox of work stress, maybe cox i did plastic surgery before. Haha. But you made mummy a cry baby!

3rd Sept - Baby.. Today mummy have to work again.. Mummy already owe people a lot a lot of work and i am trying but it's just so hard to get out of bed and so hard to focus on work ='( How do the working mummies to be do it? They are supermoms.

Bb, dadee is making prata for us =DDD

Erm.. Hope he do it better next time hahahah. This one look more chaoda than prata.

4th Sept - Bb, today mummy's description for myself is.. WORKHORSE TURNED COW. I cannot believe how everyday new work and deals comes in. And i don't get excited. You must be my lucky star O.O

5th Sept - BB today mummy slept and ate slept and ate like 2 meals before i left the house at 4pm.

Hang out with friends til 12am (in between ate like 2-3 times) and then i got home and eat again and then knock out entirely. 7-8 hours outdoor for me is a big deal hahah. Now i know how much i can take. About 7hours is about just nice!

Also mummy realise that after i have you.. Mummy's favourite food is only black carrot cake and vegetarian bee hoon. That's about it. Other food either turn me off or have no appeal to me or make me feel bloated after. Daddy thinks maybe you are a vegan or something. Lolol.

Also if you can, maybe don't make my tummy so hairy can? O.O

6th Sept - Today is family day for mummy. Yurou jiejie got upset cox her dad say next time she have to share toys with Yuxuan haha. She say CANOOOOT! Lolol.

After i calm her down i shun bian ask, then my baby (you) can share her toys or not? She also say cannot hahaha. I say it's okay, justasking! Lolol!

But i think she will want to share with you all one ^.^ She always share her toys with me one.

7th Sept - Bb, today you turn into a plum, 2.1inches =))

Bb you grow, mummy's appetite also grow more scary =O Had to wake your daddy up to go get me breakfast when we usually sleep in on Sundays.. He woke up still blurry but all ready to run out. Wo men hen xing fu, becox we have lotsa love from him.

Bb today daddy say mummy should do some puzzle (i love fixing puzzle!!). He say becox if not mummy brain like not in use for very long =_=" So we did!

We got a cute Mickey and Minnie puzzle! ^.^

See you tomorrow at Dr Law's clinic okay! ^.^

8th Sept - BB that's me and you at Dr Law's clinic today!!!

Blood pressure and blood test today to make sure mummy and you are both healthy! ^.^

BB we just said hi to you at the clinic!!! You look so cute, with a HUGE head. Haha. Daddy say you are just like me, big head =__="

Chatting with Dr Law about you =)))
Dr Law say you are doing great and we could see your tiny fingers today =DDD You look like you are holding up a microphone, Dr Law say like a singer hahah! I TOLD YOU RIGHT?! You'd be a singer! Hahahah!
Thank you Dr Law for being so awesome! =D
Off for a even more detailed scan at RadLink @ Paragon =D

They provide quality diagnosis, treatment planning, response monitoring, therapy and prognosis for both patients and clinicians.. And they are doing scan for my baby to check for down syndrome.

Next check up we can tell if the baby is a girl or boy already!

Bb it's almost 5am and mummy still cannot sleep. Daddy got me a fish burger in case i am hungry at night but the thought of it makes me wanna gag =O It was one of my favourite food for the past 1 month! Now i don't even wanna see it. Bb why you so fickle-minded one?

9th Sept - Today mummy went to jiak doh with family. It's a family tradition thing haha. And i spent a lot of time with Yurou =D She really is love mummy a lot one. Mummy sing, her gorgor say not nice, she scolded the gorgor, "好听!!!! 她是我的 AH TENG AH YI 嘞!!! 你不可以这样的嘛!!!"

LOL. Very protective. I love her.

I hope you will love mummy's singing next time also okay.

Feeling super bloated omg. Heartburn quite bad also.

10 Sept - BB you really very loved by people. Xiao Qin came with food again!! She does it everytime she comes but now she cooks really nutritious food / tonic soup for you!

BB today daddy and mummy went to see your cot =) Just browsing. And i'm excited to change your diaper =D

Daddy and mummy spent most of today watching korean drama. I love spending time doing things with your daddy. Sometimes he talk to you too =)) He calls me "baby", also call you "baby".. So sometimes he "Baby.." I reply and he tell me "我跟我女儿讲话啦" Chey.

11th Sept - Bb, i hope that you will be born with courage.. Sometimes to say NO to people. And always remember to be considerate to others, okay.

12th Sept - Bb today mummy made a new wish for us.. That is for our life to be filled with mostly people who truly care for us. And for us to see that they are the only ones who matters..

Hope you grow up to be like your daddy in terms of his meticulous care for people he love and be kind like mummy's family members cox we never would do mean things to people.

13th Sept - Bb, today we went to play with Yurou again. But i only lasted 2 hours cox i had a bad headache whole of today =( But Yurou cheered me up a lot!

My tummy is feeling quite stretched. Gotta go get that stretch mark cream soon!

Omg had diarrhea 3 times! Tummyache. Mummy dont dare to gek sai anymore becox it feels like i'm squeezing on you! Lol.

14th Sept - BB today you turn into a peach =DDD It's the sweetest pretty in pink fruit. I hope you are a girl O.O

Bb i tell you a secret.. I've been craving for beef for the longest time after i have you =OOO I already shun beef for like more than 10 years already. But i think you like beef. It's you.

Oh no eeeks. I had a bite of hamburger and beef still taste like blood in my mouth so no thanks!

15th Sept - BB today mummy gotta go work so i only had breakfast. And forgot to eat until 5.30pm =OOO SORRY! You protested so badly! Making me nauseous and sick! Haha. I will not skip meals again okay! 怕了你!

16th Sept - Bb you is how ah. Hungry every 2-3 hour ='O Your daddy say it's just me being greedy. But if i don't eat, you make me gag non stop. You also don't give me warning one. From "NOT HUNGRY AT ALL" to "DON'T GIVE ME FOOD NOW (LIKE NOW) I MAKE YOU GAG", all within a few minutes. Bang chance lah dey..

Today your favourite food is giam cai haha! Please don't be like mummy so giam cai mia okay.

Mummy bought stretch mark cream cox your are growing bigger and bigger!

17th Sept - BB today daddy and mummy went to buy a pair of cute shoes to snap a picture for the announcement of your existence on instagram on 20th Sept (Your daddy's birthday!) haha.

Gosh i am so stressed about the work i owe that i even dream of them in my sleep.. T.T Feeling damn stuck. Like i am happy i have people keen in working with me but i am also damn stressed i cannot hand in work on time becox there's just too much work and i can't sit at the computer for very long.. Hai hai hai..

18th Sept -Today i feel suffocated.. With overloading of work and more work.. Work that i can't seem to clear. I feel like running away and shut off everything O.O

I guess i don't do well with stress. It's so bad i feel like i couldn't breathe. Or maybe i am overthinking.. It's probably just my bra getting too tight from the weight gain. So far i've gained 5kg O.O Hahaha.

19th Sept - Your daddy eat until so big first time got friend so thoughtful to mail him a birthday card and gift.. I saw the box and ask him what is it he tell me it's his birthday present and he seem quite happy about it lah.. I'm like who the heck will send him anything leh he has so little friends.

But i open up and see these from auntie Cheesie. LOLOL.

FHL first birthday present mailed from friend is for you one BB. Even the birthday card say IT'S A GIRL~! Hahahahahahah.

Thank you ah Cheesie!!! ^.^ Made all three of us happy.

Went out with my good friends today.. Good time for me to sneak out and get a gift and a birthday cake for Josh. I am still cracking my brain on what to get for his birthday!!! Which is when the clock strikes 12 later lol. I think maybe i'd get him a bar of Kit Kat chunky O.O Yeah cox i am so grateful. Lolol. But he's the one who told me not to buy him anything and just save more money for the baby! God, so old and unhappening. LOLOL.


Thank you for giving me and baby the best you can =)) Everyday. Thank you for everything you do for us.. Thank you thank you thank you!!! MUACK MUACK MUACK!

Thank you for feeding me and baby everyday until we both 白白胖胖 haha! ^.^

So that's all for now! Haha! This is for my followers and readers! I am sorry that for the last 2 - 3 months i haven't been actively blogging / sharing about my life becox i didn't wanna say anything about it until i pass the first trim haha. But now i'm able to share about my life again.. More than ever i wanna document everything down becox i hope my baby can read about it if she's ever keen. Hahaha.

Sometimes i wonder why all mummies wanna document everything. I mean i do it becox i THINK i want my baby to know everything, you know, like leaving some sort of memories for her when she doesn't have any yet. But then actually maybe it's more for the mummies ourselves becox i cannot imagine the baby will be keen next time hahaha. Skali she not keen leh?

I mean.. Who cares about memory of how bloated i feel everyday hahaha.

 But i guess i am lucky i haven't puked a single time since the pregnancy! *touch wood* Lol.

And yeah.. Thank you guys for going on yet another new journey of my life with me..

How i feel leh.. BLESSED =))) With lots and lots of love from my husband, family and friends =')))


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!! So happy for you haha

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Qiuqiu! Omg truly happy for you! (:

heartybeans said...

Congratulations Qiuqiu! Finally your wish came true. So happy for you! You will definitely be a really great mom to your Bb :')

Anonymous said...

Hahah u really like to share this good news during Mid night, so do u shared w yr family n bloggers.

i never left comment in yr blogs but this time i really want to do it, congratulations ! ! !

Tiffany Ong said...

So happy and touched to know that you are pregnant! Congratulations qiuqiu!!!, you are really blessed in life ... looking forward to more post in your blog! :D

Julie Teo ♡ said...

Congratulations ! :) So happy for you two ! :)

Julie Teo ♡ said...

Congratulations ! :) So happy for you two ! :)

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Congratulations! So happy for you :)

lweiling said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

Congratulations to you! Have been following your blog & instagram for awhile and always enjoyed watching your interactions with yurou and other children. Always thought that you would make a great mum! Genuinely feel happy for you and wishing you a comfy and safe pregnancy term! Can't wait to read your coming updates! ^^

joys said...

Congrats to u and josh. happy for you...be happy dear smile and be happy all the time...do what you like if cannot fufil tell pple u cannot fufil...when u push urself too hard u will break down...jiayou mummy is the strongest:)
Enjoy the lil one in u :) all the best

joys said...

Congrats to u and josh. happy for you...be happy dear smile and be happy all the time...do what you like if cannot fufil tell pple u cannot fufil...when u push urself too hard u will break down...jiayou mummy is the strongest:)
Enjoy the lil one in u :) all the best

Unknown said...

Congratulations Qiu Qiu! Reading
Your post,with you documenting everything down makes me feel so touched by how amazing u will be for your
Baby. There's so much love from Josh & you for your baby. U will,without a doubt be a very good mum for your baby. She will be blessed with great family & friends who will care and love her just like you towards others. Wishing you all the best & take care. :)

Tenshi Chn said...

Congrats qiuqiu!!!

This has got to be one of your crazy longest post! Haha..

Baby sure know you love him/her a lot !@ ^^


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OMg Qui! Congrats from germany!
You will be a good mom! Und Josh a good Dad^^
I always hoped you will get pregnant since you wished so hard for it! Following your blog a very long time now and i'm 99,9% sure child will have your humor!

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you guys are gonna have one ugly baby

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i visit ur blog once in a while and i read the first post and dang, you are preggers. congrats. :)

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Wow! I asked you in August if you were pregnant and you did not post my comment, so I knew I was right! =P Good things come to those who wait!

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OMG congrats...I'm so happy for you and Josh. I know you love babies and that it was a matter of time before you brought one into this world. Hope it's a girl to balance out all the boys from your blogger friends haha!

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Qiu Qiu...just realized this...I think you mean July 2014 because if it was 2013 like you wrote, your baby is already here!

Hannah said...

I usually never comment but this is such a happy post ! I love how grateful and honest you are. Your baby is blessed to have such loving (and funny!) parents :D

lynst said...

Congrats!!! I recall those dreams...so vivid during pregnancy haha...more and more exciting times ahead! Looking forward to read yr baby & pregnancy diaries :)

Anjo said...


Anonymous said...

Feel so happy for you!! Hope you can share with us more often now haha and look forward to seeing your baby!! ;)

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Congrats ! Your baby will be cute and pretty ! IS normal for you to feel hungry and tired at times

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Qiuqiu this is my favourite entry of yours! so touching and i can really feel the love surrounding you. You are so blessed... so happy for you!

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congrats qiuqiu! the most important thing for u now is to have u staying happy (like always!) and very healthy! and let the baby be well and healthy too. i'm sure the baby will be so so lucky and doted on by everyone around him (or her) just like how u are by everyone that loves u! i took a picture with u with my friends at the bazaar in august (do u rmb??) and i couldn't stop commenting at how josh is so sweet towards u. looking forward to seeing the baby and sweet moments between u and josh and now, the baby!

Lurker said...

Congratulations!!! Now I understand the slower updates in posts the past few months but YAYYY FOR YOU AND JOSH!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS! aww you're so lucky that josh is so good to you! i'm so happy for you :)

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2014 u mean? Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I think it's 23th July 2014 and not 2013? U might want to edit that =)

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Congrats on having a cute and healthy bb in another 6.5 months! Pls don't get too stressed. Hopefully after this announcement, the clients will give more allowance of time. Everything will be good. Once again, congrats to you and Josh! So so happy for you! And this post is so cute and heart warming. ^^

Li_jIN said...

Congratulations both of us happen to get preggy at the same time!

Pingping said...

Congratulations, Qiuqiu! Having read your blog for so long, seeing you interact with all those other babies.. You're gonna be a great mom (& your child is gonna be soooo loved by you!!) Congratulations once again!! :)

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Stay healthy!

R said...

OH MY GOSH. CONGRATULATIONS QIUQIU. You have entered a new phase in your life! As your reader since Budget Barbie started, FEEL SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! This is like my 1st time commenting on your blogpost haha! Hope all is always well with you and your loved ones.

I actually legit giggled to my com when I read your post. Looking forward to see your baby grow up and for you to grow into a mother!


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So so happy for you bongqiuqiu!your post just made me cried big time.you and josh would be such awesome parents and I'm sure your baby would be as great as you guys.take care and congrats!!

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If that's the case, your child could be one of singapore's julibee baby isn't it?!

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Congratulations!!! :)

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Congratulations Qiuqiu! I wish you and your family all the best!

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Congratulations to you! I'm not charged with preggy hormones but reading your post made me so touched. You are very very very lucky to have such a sweet and loving family. I wish I had so much love when I was pregnant.

All the best for your pregnancy, very happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is such happy news! I am so pleased for you & although I only recently got to know of you through the Budget Barbie programme (which made me laugh the hardest ever!), I think you are a fabulous young lady & I am sure you will make a fabulous mum. Congratulations!

Why block me? said...

Hello QQ. I have always been a fan of you I wrote supportive comments liked your pics etc But why sis you block me on Instagram? I never wrote hateful/spiteful comments I dont understand

Anonymous said...


Shirley said...

Your post made me wanna cry... so happy for you to know that you are pregnant... Take lots of care.. Go for lots of walks... Keep smiling always....

ing said...

So happy for you. I cried in joy for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu! Congrates to you on having a baby finally! And anyway, just to point out that you wrote the year wrongly, should be 2014 instead of 2013! If not you would have been pregnant for 1 year plus already! :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and I wish that you have a safe and pleasant delivery. This is by far, one of your best posts. I couldnt stop laughing from the start to the end, especially your detailed dreams... LOL

Lisa B. said...

I didn't even think about that possibility when you blogged about not feeling well (not sure why). Great news and congrats! You will be a very loving mom!

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CONGRATS QIUQIU!!!! I am soooo happy for you!!! Reading your blog all these years really makes me feel like I know you personally so i'm truly so over the moon about ur pregnancy!:'D and your latest entry abt ur bb is so heartwarming, so real, so touching :') Stay happy and blessed always qiuqiu! Wishing for a smooth pregnancy for you and bb! cant wait to read your updates about ur preggy journey and welcome bb into the world in 6 mths time!:D

Rebeca said...

It is really a blessing. I just had a baby girl last month and it is an amazing feeling. Good luck for you all.

Anonymous said...

So much money you spent on surgeries for your face and you're just as ugly. And I mean it, your baby is sure to be just as ugly as you and your husband both are ugly so I probably will be born an alien or something pretty ugly.

Surely next year you will go to Korea to spend money to do liposuction of abdomen, completely ridiculous.

I hope you abort you will not have another ugly baby to this world.

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One of the best posts I ever read, made me so so happy ^^ HAHAHA CUT BACKSIDE BONE

Anonymous said...

Congratulations QiuQiu!!!

kristina said...

congrats qiuqiu.

QiuQiu said...

Thank you, thank you guys!!! =DDD I read all the comments and thank you for all the well-wishes! ^.^

Liting said...

Congrats Qiuqiu! This is my first time leaving you a comment haha! Very happy for you and reading this particular blog post made me smile. Wish you all the best and may your baby be a healthy and pretty bao bao! Take good care of yourself :) you're blessed to have such a loving husband and friends and family!

Unknown said...

OMG I'm so happy for you! Eventhough we don't know each other but I dunno y I'm so excited!! Can't wait to see the cute BABY GIRL soon!

Anonymous said...

sincerely happy for you!

CELINE said...

Congratulations Qiu, both to you and to Josh! Really am so happy for you, even though I don't know you personally haha =^-^=

Don't forget the folic acid supplements ;)

Vivien said...

OMG. Congratulations!! Such happy news and such a sweet post. I wish you all the best on your journey!! Do continue to update and let us know how it goes.

:) Can't wait to meet mini you/ mini Josh!!

Elaine said...

Congratulations! Take good good care of yourself! Most importantly your health! Drink more bird nest/milk so your child will bai bai hahahahaa

So happy for you! :)

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Congratulations QiuQiu!! You'll be a great mum! :)

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Congrads!!! So happy for you! The baby will be surrounded in love from you and your family and friends. Best wishes!

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Congrats! All the best :)


Anonymous said...

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! =")))

Anonymous said...

Finally another wish/dream had been achieved.
Wish you all the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Qiuqiu! I've been following your blog for quite a long time now and I'm so happy for you and your love ones! CONGRATULATIONS!Your BB is definitely one lucky kid w a cheerful and bubbly mummy like you! Much blessings! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu, Congratulations! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! It's very sweet of you to document the journey, it's going to be very sweet memories. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! have a look on A Woman's Haven

Cai Wei Lawyer said...

Congrats......... happy to see you.......

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