24 October 2014

Cleo A/W Book Launch event pictures

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Here's what happened at the Cleo A/W Photobook launch!!! Thank you guys so so so so SOOOO MUCH for coming!!! It was nice to see and say hi to all of you who were there ^.^

The event was held at Mago Saburou @ ION Orchard! It's a Japanese BBQ and grill restaurant and i must say.. I LOVE THEIR FOOD!!!!! =DDD They very kindly provided unlimited finger food for all the guests! How generous!
Cupcakes from Kremecouture.
Very pretty autumn-themed cupcakes done by them as well! The decor was bought by Sam and then put up by Josh hahahahha they both really bff tag-team, not bad ah.
The venue (Mago Saburou) was just so sophisticated looking and chic! And excuse me~!!! Who are those famous people on the giant posters!!! Hahaha!
Oh hi my fox grey ash hair with wine red roots! When you visit Cleo you should grab a copy of the photobook!!! It's free and you can get inspiration on what colour you might wanna play around with!
With Ben-Ran-Away hahaha. Sometimes Ben so annoying i think it should be Ben, go away. LOL.
Erm.. You cannot blame pregger for eating her second serving before anyone had any....... O.O
The minute the place was open to the line of people! There's quite a turn out so a lot of them had to stand outside the main area =X But later when some people take a seat, everyone else manage to help themselves to food and snap pictures so it's okay =D Everyone was so nice but all very shy! Haha!
One with the creative team at Cleo!!! =DDD All the stylists and boss of course!!! GOOD JOB ON THE PHOTOBOOK YOU ALL~!!!
Photobooth area for instant print out by The Loco Team! You can find ALL the pictures from the photobooth on their Facebook page as well!
Mini autograph session for the photobook haha! I FEEL LIKE A SUPERSTAR ALREADY! Hahaha!
Shi bu shi. Shi bu shi feel like wanting to say Ben, go away. LOLOL. Don't know he smile about what until so happy!
L-R Rachell, Ben, Lena Fujii, Miyake, Randy, Joey! 我发现 Lena Fujii super love to grace Cleo's event! LOLOL.
Thank you Mago Saburou for hosting the event!!! =DDD We were all happy to be there cox the place is so posh and the food so good! =D
Everyone got us to sign their copy but i remember first to ask the stylists to sign my copy!!! =DDD My Sio onni chan got hamsum hor? Hahaha!
And my cover signed by boss Masashi Kasahara san~ ^.^ Omg i love Japanese names. I should have one too.
And then Mago Saburou hosted all the bloggers and stylists for a BBQ and grill meat dinner!!! =D Look at their private room! Niseeee.. One thing about the air ventilation hahaha, it's sibeh strong. I don't smell like BBQ after yakiniku session here.
Appertizers.. And the translucent cuts of meat.
Beautiful marbles on the beef..
Chicken and black pig cheeks..
Happy people at dinner! And we were super honored to have the boss of Mago Saburou personally help us with the grilling of the beef!!! =OOO Thank you!!!
Closer up on the meat.. You want?
And more food!!! The stone pot rice was so yumsie!!!!!! =OOO
Ending the satisfying meal with a sweet milk pudding~
Peishi join us a little later! One group shot~
Thank you guys again for coming!!! Hope you all had fun and enjoyed yourself a little bit! =D Hopefully can see you all again for Spring/Summer photobook!
Thank you Mago Saburou for the awesome dinner!!! And for being such great host!

Alright! Peace out!

So happy one my hair sponsor salon got photobook. Haha! And they are so nice to bring the bloggers and our readers together for a mini gathering like this.

I really quite look forward to their S/S photobook cox i know their stylists are very strong with colours!!! =DDD Time to bug Sio to colour my hair again O.O Hahahah!

If i bug him long enough he will give in one =D I actually want a cotton candy colour but i can't decide which!!! So far my favourite is aqua green in pastel!!! =XXX Aiyah don't tell you all

But when Ben had green everyone say his hair got algae LOLOLOL i don't know.

Then again when i had blue, Mich wanted to unfriend me.

So.. I don't know.


Okay~!!! You guys can go to The Loco Team facebook page and grab our pictures together if you haven't! =DDD

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

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Alice Lee-Yang said...

Everyone's looking great! Omg the food looks super tantalising, i shouldn't be looking at this post in the middle of the night? lol