07 April 2016

MereGo1Round - Meredith's First Birthday Carnival themed party

Meredith turns one. And in this one year, she's shown me not only how to love unconditionally. But also show me how much love the people around us is capable to shower us with.

Thank you guys, for all the fun, love and colours you brought to our life, to Meredith's life.

I chose a carnival theme cox i wanted her life to be full of happiness, fun, colours and laughter, where happy people gather, to make fun memories, to be excited with little games and to be excited about little joy in life, like ice cream and candies and pizza and BEER! Hahaha!

That's why i chose to celebrate it at Starker Music @ Zhong Shan Park!

Starker serves signature roasts and international bar food to further accentuate the true beer drinking experience. And now i call it Starker Music cox they have live bands performing from Tuesday to Saturday. I've been there a few times even with Meredith and Si Jie also brought her family (Yurou and Yuxuan included!) there a few times! So it's really quite kids friendly where the kids can just have fun at the lawn outdoor while the adults chill out with a beer and some tasty snacks.

It really is the next IT place to be for an after-work chill with friends and colleagues. You can check it out soon! Must try their freshly brewed beer if you're a beer person okay! If not their food will be equally awesome haha! Now moving on to the party..

It was awesome cox of all the awesome vendors. There will be discounts and promotional code at the end of this post from all the vendors!

My party planners/ event stylists @ Assemble Happinest brought in the right vendors for the right things and also cox they did an awfully epic and crazy good job in styling the whole place up T______T Thank you Lydia and Jocelyn!!!

I've been sharing so much about my planning journey with them in all the Meredith and mummy updates, now you can finally see the fruit of their labour!!!

Before we start, i wanna thank Cino from 50nfifty for all the pictures!!! If you're looking for an awesome photographer for your event, someone who has initiative and knows exactly what he's doing, you know where to look for who! =D

Pay an entrance fees and you will enter this carnival party! Entrance fees is paid by kind ; ) HAHA. Paid by flashing your.. Smiles =D Hahaha!

Can you believe it, Assemble Happinest hand-drawn ALL the signages!!! =OOO They have different packages, if you don't like hand-drawn stuff they also have digital design and printing!

Depending on the scale of the party you have in mind, they can style / plan something just for you! Extravagant, mid-size, cozy little party, they can plan and style everything for you =D

They have been doing this for years and they know exactly who to pull in for what, and even if you don't like this, they have a few other contacts in hand haha. This is how resourceful they are.

Directory stand handmade by Assemble Happinest. Carousel horse from IM Perfection!!! They provide lotsa many other giant props like light marquees you see at those dreamy perfect weddings! They are the biggest prop-rental company in Singapore so if you wanna level up your parties you know who to look for!
Tassels and carnival themed cupcake stands and lollipop stands from GIVE FUN. They provide lots of decorative and party supplies.. AT VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES!!! Really no joke, like from 30 cents........ WHAT IS THIS. Please go check out their website! I just bought a whole lot of party supplies from their online shop for my friend's baby shower and birthday celebration.
Really no joke you see, they have all sorts of theme that will be suitable for most party ideas you can think of. They also sell helium balloons in many designs! So long as you need party decorative items, you know who to find~!!! =DDD
I arrived a little earlier to just check out the place before everyone else and all i see..

Are my planners from Assemble Happinest and the heroes behind Midnight Sparks running around climbing up and down.. To add the magical sparks to the party when night time comes.. ='))) I am very thankful cox this set up was really no mean feat. It's quite.. Insane.
Later then show you all the magic sparks Midnight Sparks added to the party.. So beautiful can die one! Don't see now they look like beehoon LOL. It's major chio when the sun goes down! So this is the lawn right outside Starker Music that was just perfect for the carnival activities.
Going indoor to Starker Music, the guests are welcomed by a giant clown balloon sculpture from Little Red Balloon ^.^ It's soooo cute isn't it!!! All the balloons you see at the party are from Little Red Balloon! They are so good at what they do!!!
And the treasures are definitely indoor haha! LOOK AT ALL THESE BARRELS OF FRESHLY BREW BEER FROM STARKER (www.starkerfreshbeer.com)!!!

Starker Fresh Beer is a German-style fresh beer. Starker's unique identity features the authentic German-style fresh brew experience for all your special occasions. Otherwise it's always perfect as a afternoon or afterwork drink hahahaha! *cheers to those who drinks at the oddest hours, you and me, we got each other* Haha!

Starker Fresh Beer is brewed with 7 Days Shelf Life. They are brewed in an unadulterated form using the finest ingredients of hops, malt and yeast from Europe. Whether light or dark; all brews are kegged fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized. Their beer is served in wooden barrels and has won several awards. Impressive? That's not enough. Wait till you taste it for yourself.

No joke one, even non-beer-preferential people told me they really like Starker Fresh Beer that day. Usually they prefer wine / spirits / champagne and don't like usual beer out there. But even they enjoyed Starker Fresh Beer so that says something! Beer-lovers HAVE TO check out Starker Music!

Tassel from GIVE FUN! What an awesome corner. Wouldn't you wanna be here!!! Just chilling and enjoying the freshly brew beer, and sometimes going to the lawn for some carnival fun and food!
My baby has the coolest first birthday party! =D
I call this the adults' happy corner for that day. HAHA. Really one, you can see a lot of happy faces crowd around here, choped as their permanent spot LOL.
Onto the second level of Starker Music @ Zhong Shan Park!
Popcorn boxes from GIVEFUN! Didn't lie to you hor! They have everything you need to make a party look pretty and fun! Hahaha!
Gotta give it to Assemble Happinest to use the fake popcorn as table centrepiece! With balloons from Little Red Balloons! They make the whole place look soooooo happy!
The birthday girl and me!
Thank you Starker Music for hosting us!!! =DDD

Sorry it's Meredith birthday i can post as many pictures of her as i want to hahahaha.
As everyone does their final touch ups.. Kind lady from Susucre is also busy doing her final touch up for the main celebratory cake for Meredith!!! You have to check out their website and their work on previous cakes, quite epic one!!!
Done. Everything is perfect about this cake. It's a meregoround two-tier carousel cake with red, white and touches of blue and gold for the carnival theme!
"Meredith turns one" And check out the gold details please please please.. It's sooooo intricate!!!
THE HORSES T___T Thank you Susucre! Everything is perfect!!!
You can pin this on pinterest. Hahaha.
Setting up..
Pretty little sparks of light from Midnight Sparks =))) You'd see the magic soon! By the way they also sell these lights so you can check out their site!
While they are still busy setting up, i quickly put Meredith on this giant carousel horse for a picture hahaha. Behind us there are a few parents and their kids checking out the party haha!
My baby is sooooo long and tall omg haha. She approves of this horse. Haha.
Dessert table in the midst of set up.. But can you please just look at the signage Assemble Happinest hand-drawn!!!!!! My party planners and stylists are the best!!! Also the tassel and red-white carnival props from GIVEFUN really completes the whole feel of the party hor!
Lydia my trusted event stylist T____T I love her so much she basically made the whole party happen!!! Here she is setting up the drinks booth haha. All the food and drinks booths are covered by blue tents done by JNR Entertainment!!! =DDD Along the way in this post you will see a lot of stuff done by them! Including the cotton candy, popcorn machine, as well as the game booths!
Blue tents by JNR Entertainment and red-white zig zag buntings from GIVEFUN! Balloons from Little Red Balloon and of course..
Photobooth by Bobo Shooter! They super duper effort omg, still go and hand-made customized props for this party!!! Even when they already have so many different kinds of interesting props to choose from!
Like this fire ring!!! They did this specially to suit the theme of our party!
More guests arrived to join in the carnival fun!

When Lydia and Jocelyn were discussing with me what kind of food / dessert i want for the party, i said i want carnival food. Meaning pizza, hotdog buns, chicken wings etc.

And they went to speak with Starker, they very kindly took care of it!

Some snacks for you perhaps!
Just wanna show you the kind of effort Assemble Happinest goes through to make my party look special. These are all one of its kind signages in the world cox Assemble Happinest handmade them. Meredith is very lucky!!!
Some of the food we asked to have on the menu that day! Sorry ah we forgot to snap a picture of the food but you just have to trust me, the baby back rib.. =P It's so good until it runs out in no time!!! Some signature food items on Starker Music menu!!! =D The beer battered chicken wings T.T Need some now.
What would be perfect for a carnival?! POPSICLE OF COURSE! But with a twist! By the way this super cute ice cream cart is up for rent with JNR Entertainment!!!
They really have so much cute functional party stuff lah! Haha! Look at these services you can rent!!! If you're thinking to host an epic party, JNR would probably be able to rent you anything you need haha! Ice kacang live station also have wth. TRUFFLE FRIES ALSO HAVE. I died. Lol.
Back to our popsicle! We do the singapore way! Ice popsicle from The Sng Bao Society!!! Here we have Solero Lime in green, Stylo Milo in light brown, Thai Milk Tea (hot favourite!!!) in brown, Apple Quencher in yellow!
Here the red is Ribena and the whiter ones are Lychee Lemonade Cooler! =DDD It's so easy and handy to enjoy these ice bags at a party! Just take one, cut and suck on it! =D Plus it really cooks the guests down on a hot day! And then for the dessert.. WAIT FOR IT..


SWEET TREATS FOR YOU?! Applause to my party stylists and planner for this table for of the most awesome sweets for our guests! And it's the effort of the nicest people coming together!!!
First up. CARNIVAL MACARON TOWER BY Le Sucre Du Pattisserie
I'd tell you now.. Nobody does it better than them in Singapore. Nobody. THEY DO WORK OF EPICNESS LAH WTFFFFF~!!! Can you please just look at the hotdog bun macaron, the popcorn macaron, the pizza?!?!?! T___T THANK YOU!!!
See their work T____T State of the art by Le Sucre i'd say.
And Meredith was very lucky to have Creme Maison take care of the dessert table! They customised cookies and chocolate wafer bars and lollipops for Meredith but of course everyone knows they are famous for their pretty floral cake bouquets!!!
(btw Carnival lollipop stand is from GIVEFUN!)
These are just some of their work! You can check out more on their instagram page!
One thing for sure.. If you're looking for looks and taste, you HAVE to get creme maison! They also made these no frills carnival mini donuts for the dessert tables and i must have lost count of how many i ate. Everyone snapped them up real quick!! Too tasty!!!
Cupcakes by my lovely friend Rikeru @ Kappukeki
(Carnival theme cupcake stand by GIVEFUN!)

I gotta be very frank, Rikeru's cupcakes look very no-frills, they look as they are. But they taste phenomenal. Like they are the best cupcakes i've tasted in the whole world no joke.

Becox i love indulging in stuff i love. And Rikeru's cupcakes are over-the top indulgent.

These are some of her work in progress, they are like the centre of the cupcake.. GOT PEOPLE PUT SO MUCH LIAO (INGREDIENT) ONE?!?!?! Whole chunk of kitkat / snickers / ferrero rocher etc!
Text 97249063 / 97274191 for orders!

We tasted her cupcakes, loved it to the moon and back, but we told her she's gonna go out of business soon from the rate she throws in ingredient so unmercifully lolol.

The cost is how high excuse me lol. But she does what's yummy for her and for everyone and each time i see a freaking picture of her cupcakes, i need it. It's torturous. Lol.

Can you send one box over now Rikeru, please. Lol. Sorry i apologise for insinuating your cupcakes 很丑 but you know i know they 很温柔 LOLOL. 

Okay lah okay lah don't like this laugh at her ohr lulu cupcakes, she got try to make effort to dress them up for Meredith's dessert tables hahaha. See, super indulgent cupcakes in ice cream cones!
And all things carnival by Givefun! And of course some sparkling lights from Midnight Sparks! Be patient it's gonna be night time soon here on my blogpost hahahaha.
Sorry dessert table too chio, i just have to.
Carnival game booths by JNR Entertainment!!! Can toss, balloon buster!
Ping Pong colour match and Lord of the Ring! They were all so popular with the adults even =__=" Hahaha. Kids at the party had to stand in line okay. Lolol. Red-White carnival skirting by GIVEFUN!

Really really gotta give all credits to Assemble Happinest, for taking care of all the nitty gritty details! Even the game rules cards are also customised!
Thank you JNR Entertainment, you really brought a lot of joy and fun to all of my guests!!!
Cotton Candy machine and Popcorn machine by JNR Entertainment as well! And please don't neglect the cute signages handmade by Assemble Happinest!!! =DDD
Welcome to the party.. It's almost all done.. Popcorn balloon arch and balloon lettering by Little Red Balloon and the "popcorn box" is by Party Parlour!
Lydia still busy doing up final touches to the party before the guests arrive!!!
The silent hero Jocelyn giving me a run-down on the party timeline and schedule and what's gonna happen where by who. She's the event planner from Assemble Happinest. And like i've shared about in many of my posting, i am equally thankful to her and Lydia for making our dream party come true! With many years of experience doing what they do, Lydia and Jocelyn come together and formed this awesome team. I am excited to see them make more dream parties and wedding and events happen!!!
Carnival happiness everywhere! Clown balloons from Little Red Balloon!
Can you see.. It's early evening and the fairy lights from Midnight Sparks are starting to illuminate =))) It's getting more and more beautiful!!! Rikeru and myself cheering Yurou on. What is she doing..
Rubber ducky carnival game done from zero, by Assemble Happinest!!!
And this Clown Toss as well! Done by Assemble Happinest!!!
Counting the tickets she won.. Everyone was so into collecting the tickets from game booths cox..
Assemble Happinest prepared a prize-exchange booth =OOOO Like this also can think come out!!! Might as well we charge for entrance liao so professional and realistic hahaha!
Little things Assemble Happinest does..
Bunny was the grand prize haha! Michelle and Yurou were competing the whole day haha. Of course Yurou did it with the help from her brothers hahaha.
Little card signages outdoor, for the guests to know where to get fresh beer haha! Lydia and Jocelyn are both too meticulous!!!
Don't tell me you don't know where to go even with a cute directory board like that lol.
Meredith's 1st Carnival!!! Prolly the one and only time i will do something so big scale for her haha! Giant lettering from IM-Perfection!
As well as this dreamy carousel horse!
It's also from IM-Perfection!
Oh wait, GIANT light marquee is from Im-Perfection as well! They love everything in upsize don't they!!! Hahaha! But it really adds a whole new level of mood to the event!
Ah Cas enjoying cotton candy wth hahaha. So girly LOL.
Thank you again JNR Entertainment for the cotton candy machine and nice friendly staff helping out!
It's getting darker! But thank goodness there's light from Midnight Sparks! Don't underestimate the little bulbs! Hahaha! They are like a bunch of fireflies.
The dome cover Midnight Sparks did up for the lawn was amazing.. T___T I wish it never had to be taken down!!! The whole party was so beautiful that Lydia and i say we wish it would be there longer!!! These little lights really created a very whimsical feeling to the carnival party when the day turns dark! It's cozy, dreamy and warm all at the same time..
Midnight Sparks also style photoshoot or you could buy the lights and style your own cozy corner at home!
Meredith's 1st Carnival begins.. I hope her life, will always be cheerful, dreamy, happy and warm.
It does look like a legit funfair doesn't it! Haha! Good job really, Assemble Happinest and team!!! =D
Cake cutting time!!! =DDD
Meredith wanna 谢谢她的爸爸妈妈 谢谢支持她的朋友观众们 LOL. 谢得好激动哦 haha. She was sooooo happy lah!!! Cannot maintain! Hahah everyone clap for her she lagi lost it LOL. Super duper happy.
Make a wish baby, give thanks for all the blessing the world has set for you.. And give thanks for all the obstacles you might face, for daddy and mummy will always be there for you even if it's hard. Give thanks for all the love the adults around you shower you with.. You are very loved.
Happy one year old, my sweetest baby.
Everyone took a slice of cake and walk around, while my baby is so tired from the cheering and clapping that she went to take a power nap lol. Giant pinwheel from IM-Perfection!
Popcorn machine from JNR Entertainment shine bright like a diamond what the heck haha.
Someone woke up from her short nap and did an impromptu photoshoot by Cino @ 50nFifty!
Hehe not a very willing receiver of kisses haha! The lights by Midnight Sparks is too wonderful!!!
In case you're wondering, it's safe to handle even for babies.

Thank you Midnight Sparks!!! For all the hardwork putting up the dome and for looking out for wherever could use a little light! T.T You guys are the best!
Ticket counting time, to see who won what haha. I'd put up a second post, it'd be a post of all the happy faces at the party.. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures from the party as much as we enjoyed it haha.
Till the next post..

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Video done by 50nFifty Production!


Anonymous said...

Nice party. But u really freeloader leh, compared to the other mummies who work really hard just to pay for their kids' birthday celebrations.

Hanna Lei said...

The party looks fantastic! Happy birthday to Meredith -Hanna Lei

Unknown said...

哇好夸张的1岁派对哦!羡慕哦.. 像公主那样子

Anonymous said...


-- Lu -- said...

WOW seriously epic party lah! Yet retains a very homely, sincere & heartwarming feel to it. The video is really great... Captured so many happy faces esp yours, QQ.

TBH, when I see other bloggers' videos, sometimes I am taken aback because they look so different from their photoshopped pictures, but you... YOU look as pretty as ever! Ever considered being in a movie again?

Anonymous said...

O.MG! this is like the best bday party ever! kids can play games to win prizes!

Anonymous said...

I really really love this party! It looks so fun and nice!!! Thank you for giving me so many ideas on how to throw my own carnival party!!

And to the Anonymous who says you're a freeloader...are they stupid? They really don't think you work hard as a blogger to get your child sponsorships??

stevenjared0853 said...

Fabulous first birthday carnival themed party! Really can’t believe that you organized such a huge party for first birthday celebrations. I will be hosting a party on my twins’ birthday at one of party venues in Los Angeles. Thanks for inspiration!

Cara said...

Love reading your posts, especially this one because the pictures are so lovely! Must be the carnival colours...

I'm also planning a carnival party in a couple of months' time because I got so inspired by your post.

I got a reliable recommendation through a friend and spoke to the carnival event planner and she is taking care of everything for me. Hope to have a party that rocks just like yours!!!

lauralane said...

OMG!!! This is so tremendous party ever. Really, decorations, foods, gifts all are perfect. Even, i never seen this kind of birthday. You did great job. Cool :)

Growing up, my mom always had fruit and veggies at my birthday parties!! She also said that one way she got us to eat our veggies is that she would put out crudites and steamed broccoli as soon as we came inside from playing/exercising and sat down for dinner…when we were hungry and ready for food! �� I think it also helped me see my parents eat veggies, and have them at every meal.

lauralane said...

great post and tips (as always! 😀 ) . Growing up, my mom always had fruit and veggies at my birthday parties!! She also said that one way she got us to eat our veggies is that she would put out crudite and steamed broccoli as soon as we came inside from playing/exercising and sat down for dinner…when we were hungry and ready for food! 🙂 I think it also helped me see my parents eat veggies, and have them at every meal.