15 May 2016

The happy faces at #MereGo1Round

So i did a post for Meredith's birthday party already but that one was about the party! The post got a little too long so here's one post about the people haha!

Thank you Cino from 50nFifty for the pictures!

 Of the first few to arrive was godma.. Her entrance very grand wor, got camera and people crowding her all. End up you know is why?
Cox she came and loop an expensive gold bangle on my daughter =X
Their relationship basically. LOL. *le ugly Meredith appears* Gan ma: YOU'RE THE PRETTIEST WEARING THIS GOLD BANGLE. Hahahaha.
My papa at age 68.. ='))) I hope he can carry more more more grandkids!!!
Sijie machiam paham. Hahaha.
Yurou look so cute here haha.
Happy faces of Stephanie, Josh and sijie haha. Don't know what they talking about haha!
 Doreen so sweet to rush over for a short while before she rush off for her meeting!!!
My 06/08 cliq Kahwei Coco, Ming Zhou, Yong Ming and the usual me down there talk until damn dua kang lol.
A picture with auntie Steph!!!
Erjie carry her until sweat haha.
Wo de ah toot haha.
Gillian also don't know why laugh until so happy lol. Her top matches the carnival theme to the T lol!
最开心 is Adeline wth lol.
Ah Bong outside having lotsa fun with the game booths.
LOOK WHAT I FOUND OMG. Erika's little princessssssss T_T So cute and chubby and soooooo much hair!!!! Tiny clueless little babies drive me crazy.
Rikeru looking chio here hahaha.
Cake-cutting time someone happy until lao cui nua hahaha.
She was soooooo crazy happy when people clap and sing for her LOL.
And that seems to make everyone happy too =)) Maybe except Ben who is so camera-ready "I'm so handsome, i don't do candid smiles" Lolol.
With Joshua's family!!! =DDD
My family which perhaps require a wide lens LOL. My family is getting so big. But it's always good to grow up in a big family, becox you learn from young how to tolerate each other, accept each other and to respect that everyone can be different and it's okay =))) I love my family.
With my good friends~
And more friends who brings us so much joy~ =DDD
And with all the nice people who make time to come celebrate and share joy with us!!! Thank you guys for coming!!! =DDD
Last but not definitely not least.. My decade-long buddies and Erika with the super niap baby haha!
Everyone's back to drinking and enjoying the night haha. Drunken ones indoor.
Motherly ones stay outdoor with their kids, like Sijie and Yuxuan here having fun with the games!
Sharp shooters also go outdoor lol. Wth Randy why so serious haha!
Photobooth fun for everyone!
Our friendship caught by the camera - I am super aggressive. Yong Ming is oppressed. Everyone else just have no eyes to see and no mouth to speak LOL.
Stupid Jia and Erjie going "AMDK" non-stop whole night lol.
XuanXuan look so cute like a little fishball hereeee!!!!
Yurou was soooo happy to win first prize hahaha! She quickly named the bunny "Ses" pronounced as "Asses" like many "S" you know. I am speechless lololses.
Michelle who is obviously not happy wining anything but Ses so she tried whole night to win Yurou with the ticket count =_= Haha. End up have to act like nice loser and gracefully accept the bear.
They combine tickets to win a prize lolol. But everyone gets chocolates so i guess it works out fine LOL.
With the kindest and nicest Alice and Hao Yuan!!! =DDD
And my party planners from Assemble Happinest who basically made everything happened.

Having worked with Lydia and Jocelyn for my bachelorette party and my wedding (they were the florist!), Meredith's first month and for Meredith's first birthday party.. I am very very proud to say i've watched their team grown more and more professional over the years, more and more good at what they do.

Instead of just working with flowers, Lydia and Joycelyn teamed up to do party styling and planning as well and they've done numerous wonderful jobs and make countless people happy, creating beautiful memories for their clients, friends and family..

From starting out with simple handcrafted stuff, they've moved on to using a lot more props, working with lightings, fabrics and now they are even capable of pulling together resources for big setups.

If you are going for something more sophisticated and clean-cut, Assemble Happinest even have designers to do design works.

After having worked with clients with various different requests, they have also come up with flexible and reasonably-priced packages that can suit your request and budget depending on the scale of the event you're holding. If you'd like to get a quote, please email Assemble Happinest at

For a kid's first birthday party. The animals are so cute!!! They are all digitally-designed by Assemble Happinest within their packages!
Is this not the cutest!!!!!
These sweet little angels were handcrafted and they are one of the most popular choices by Assemble Happinest's clients.
Something they did for a client's baby.
Handcrafted rainbow and sunshine happy day theme~!
Carnival themed party styling they did for a little kiddo~!
This is so pretty!!! In case you're thinking if they only do kids party..
They also do wedding and solemnization and corporate events!!! This is for someone's solemnization.
Great job, Lydia and Jocelyn really. So much details!
For those who prefer something darker and sexier for a change haha.
So sweet and happy, this one!
They also do bouquets for your wedding shoot and styling for your wedding shoot set up!!! =DDD

Two top youth influencers of their time unite. LOLOL.
"Mummy 这个姐姐怪怪的.. =(" Haha so Meredith cried LOL.
Rachell and Peishi trying to cheer her up haha.
Rachell going the extra mile hahaha.
A group shot with Ben, Rachell, Randy and Peishi! And a screaming Meredith wth haha.
Can anything stop Mati and his beer? Nothing. Not a broken arm. LOLOL.
Auntie Jayne giving Meredith some comfort =)
And we end the day with Meredith having her milk before we head home with a lot of love in our hearts =') This celebration was awesome, it was made up of good people.

Josh and i decided that for Meredith's second birthday we would go to the zoo again and pay for everyone to go and have a day at the zoo, eating KFC, looking at elephants and monkeys haha.

And prepare cute little goodie bags for the day at the zoo for all our guests hehe. I'm gonna put a hand fan, a bottle of water, insect repellent, snacks, binoculars and one Biore UV Sunblock.

LOL. Sibeh thoughtful lolol.

I have become that kind of parents who gets excited over my baby's birthday like it's the biggest event of my life in that whole year LOL. I also get pretty excited about my nieces birthday party so every year July Yurou, November Yuxuan, March Meredith! Every 4 months i get to plan one birthday celebration, not bad!!! Haha! =DDD 

Okay i leave you here! What else do i owe you guys? Meredith's 1 year 1 month old update? I am enjoying blogging so much so much so much more now with just blogging about mostly personal updates since i haven't been getting any new advertorials for my blog for a while =))

I am so free to do whatever i want these days, it's very liberating. I spend time with Meredith and Josh, i spend my weekends with my family, i do only jobs i can do, even if there's no job to do, it's fine becox i then spend even MORE time with Meredith, my family and friends.

Maybe in a few months i'd be living on the streets HAHAHA but hey.. Better than having to be unhappy and to be living in the dark holes of your mind everyday.

Never in my life i've been so unhappy for so long. Even when guys dump me or cheat on me or when i dropped out of school, i cried so much but i didn't for a second think i wasn't gonna make it.

I always knew i am going to be okay.

The last one year though.. I really thought i wasn't gonna make it and would either turn crazy or spiral down into depression. Whatever shit i was doing i also can breakdown in tears. Singing kids songs also can cry. Eat dinner halfway also can cry. Defug was wrong with me.

That period i hated myself so much like i couldn't understand why was i so weak and so pathetic and negative when i've been strong and cheerful and positive most of my life.

I gave myself a shock.

It's almost like i discover a side of me that i've never understood and i was really confused to see that side of me, on top of dealing with the actual problems i face. I saw this side of me, that i've never seen before, the me that simply gave up. Gave up on hope.. Gave up on good faith, good people and gave up trying to feel good. Becox i didn't think i could make it through.

But i look around and i see all these help. And then i hated myself even more for even with all these support, i couldn't pick myself up and freaking help myself. I was filled with so much anger and disappointment with myself and hopelessness with the situation i was in.

So like i promised Josh.. And like i told you guys.. I finally decided to go seek professional help. But when i was there at the clinic.. Something just clicked.

I see people who have real problems helping themselves. They can't. They physically and mentally just cannot help themselves. I don't wanna tell you guys details of the people i saw i at the clinic cox i believe it's quite P&C. But it's disquieting enough for me to come to my senses.

One very very vivid memory i'd always have.. Is seeing an old lady with white hair, i believe is the mother of a middle age man.. Was accompanying the son at the clinic. If she can be so strong..

I believe there's no excuse or reasons or problems too big for me to tank for my daughter. How can i let myself go just like that! Right?!

After my session with the doctor.. And after i spoke with their therapist / counsellor during their follow-up session.. We all agree that i'm slowly becoming better =)) Slowly but surely!!! =DDD


Here's a silly video i did for Sijie for her post for Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Colour hahaha. She damn popular now or what LOL. Whole day haolian to me she got this and that advert, ask me is it i going downhill why i don't have what she has. SHUT UP LAH YOU. Lolol. Watch it~ =D

See how i abuse her head LOL.


C said...

Hey Qiu Qiu! Just wanna say, it's okay to fall into "the D". Sometimes our hormones/ situation just make us constantly upset, feeling worthless and all. I'm glad the help that you seeked was useful, and I believe that you'll get out of it :)

Stay strong! Hope to see your family size increase somemore okay!

Hanna Lei said...

All those decorations look great -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

You are soooooo funny in the video!!! Hahahaha I like how you tease your sister!
SO much love!!! Eh best part is did "Pear" realized that you are the star in the video instead?

Tiffany Ong said...

SO GLAD TO KNOW YOU ARE WAY HAPPIER NOW! YES ALWAYS WALK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! Nothing can bring you down except for yourself so carry on fighting qiuqiu!! JIAYOU!!! *HUGS*

Rosmah said...

why u are not friends with fourfeetnine any more? is it u find short gals who act silly and gedik gedik is so annoying ? only lonely man will find it interesting and pray to it like kuan yin ma, it seemed to write well maybe it copy from books cos it read alot of books. but no content, only revolving around witty and gedik gedik.