06 December 2016

Update on crowdfunding progress

Hi.. It's been about a month and a half.. Quite a month i must say. It was the first time in my life, i felt like i am actually scared to go out and see people. Becox people can be so scary, unnecessarily.

During the first few days when i was away on a work trip, things got really hard cox everyone was accusing me for travelling for leisure and fun while i ask for crowdfund for the lawsuit.

And i couldn't explain quickly in an instagram post plus i didn't have time to write a blogpost when i was there in Thailand becox everyday we work 9am til pass midnight.. And then it's a whole night of prep for tomorrow morning's shoot before we knock out.

First three days the production crew (myself included) didn't even have time to eat proper meals until pass midnight. I think we over-scheduled work becox never go overseas film before so the producer and us didn't factor in the time from travelling in traffic jam etc. So yeah that's why everyday ended up so late. I digressed.

Point is, i really didn't have time to speak up earlier even though i was going under heavy fire and it would be wiser for me to clear the air ASAP. But i also figured whoever choose to believe you, will. Whoever is simply out to hurt you, will. Whoever doesn't care, won't care haha. So it doesn't matter i say it today or tomorrow. As long as i do it. And that's why i'm doing it now.. For the ones who really care or who truly wanna help, they ought to know my side of the explanation for all the accusations..

Anyway as i was saying, the trip was pre-planned months before i was burdened with legals fees, and the air tickets and accommodation were all booked under super discounted prices (like the accommodation was on 60% off + additional 10% off usual price for early birds) where they don't allow cancellation / refund.

And all the hosts had their dates and scheduled fixed so even though it was a bad timing, we had to go ahead with it. Good thing was since it's been pre-planned for months, the producer already linked up with all the filming locations so when we were there, the team only had to pay for transport mostly.

And would you believe me if i tell you that from this trip i only bought one gingerbread man sticker for Meredith, one stick-on bra becox my old one not sticky anymore lol O.O And one soothing and exfoliating scrub that cost less than $3 that Miya raved about.

So i agree the timing was a bad one but i really wasn't there to play. It was scheduled work..

It's hard to ask people to just believe you at an instant especially if most of them don't know you.. I understand, the people who were scolding me, hurling personal abuse and insult at me, they are not the ones who are helping so if there's anyone i need to account anything to, it is not them =)

At the same time i am thankful for the ones who believe in me and my character over the years.

For those who want to help but would like more info about the lawsuit, i am sorry as i've said, the case is before the court of law and i will leave it there.

For those who want to know why we are not selling our HDB, if we sell our HDB, the proceeds (IF any at all, meaning, there might not be any cash proceeds since most of it is going back to our CPF). We only bought it in resale market about 5-6 years ago), and there's a lot of outstanding loan + monthly repayment debts so after we minus everything, if we were to sell it now, we might not even get a single cent.

Then sell already, we will no longer get monthly rental from it which helps to subsidize the studio and home office that we are currently residing in. And that means we have to shift out of this home office studio immediately.

We can sell whatever we don't really need, shift out of this home studio to go stay with my family, squeeze a bit, okay no problem. I grew up in a one room flat, with 11 people staying in it. I am gonna be okay.

But we then need to fork out another sum for storage of the the bulky equipment and barang barang we use for work and rental of a studio when we need it for shoot, which is quite often.

So if you think we didn't really think of selling the HDB to help out our own situation, you can't be more wrong.. We thought about it many times. If it's not an option we considered before, i wouldn't even bring it up at all.

But after much calculation, if we do that, we will lose the HDB, lose our work space, affect the way our business function which is our source of income (both Josh and i), and then what do we get at the end of the day?

Nothing. Maybe not a single cent, but more trouble and inconvenience, for people around us and ourselves.

I guess maybe that's what some people want?

This makes me think of a Grabcar uncle who gave me a ride. He say he's trying very hard to make ends meet after he got laid-off from a small F&B managerial position. So he rent a car for $1.8k a month. To me $1.8k a month is quite a big sum so i mindlessly ask him why he don't get a job that pays him $1.8k a month, i mean, it works out the same right? Money in money out.

He told me if he work hard this $1.8k/month cost can make him earnings of high $4k plus month. Some months can almost touch $5k. Plus he now gets to use the car to send his kids off extra classes sometimes.

Minusing off the cost for rental he can sometimes make $3k plus nett profit a month. Every trade has a trade-off and its perks. How do you judge someone's work and suggest he / she should go do something else instead? You can't.

12 years ago i started keeping online diary on my first blog. I wrote and share every little thing about my life.. Things that are funny, sad, full of anger, little things about me hanging out with my friends and family..

I did so with all my heart.. But then the girlfriend of my first bf back then, suddenly came to light (I never knew he had a gf) and i was told to remove everything about him. Which is fair becox it's his rights.

But becox everything was about how obsessed i was with him, i was devastated so i shut down my blog, delete both my Friendster (or was it already FB i can't remember) accounts (don't judge i was only 17 LOL and last time some other people got up to 15 Friendster accounts okay hahaha) and i had a overnight online detox.

You would think i would be so scarred for life that i would just lay off blogging and sharing.

Nope. I started another blog the very next day after a whole night of crying. I'm like, no dude, i need to get this shit down somewhere out of my system. So my pea brain can remember everything i should remember that helped me grow as a person.

So i started another blog, blog daily for another 3 years before i private it. The reason why i private the 3 years blog is becox it's all very sad and depressing posts that i don't wanna show people LOLOL. It's very embarrassing one it's like reading a 90 yro who been through so much shit in life when sometimes nothing bad is actually happening, i simply think too much about Josh and i (we were still bf and gf going through rocky period haha) and i simply hate Statistics in poly LOL.

So my whole blog is emo-elmo write one, half the time writing lousy poetry another half complaining about why i have to learn Statistics when i won't be needing it in my life in the future lol.

So after i decided to write and keep a public blog, i private that 3 yro blog and started sharing on another blog..

Which is this one you're reading now =) It's been 8 years.. Quite a lot of memories..

Some good, some bad, some good memories turned bad afterall while some bad ones got better. But most of it is now a blur to me. Sometimes i read back on my old blogpost here and i don't even remember i did / said something like that haha. It's already been proven, that a blog is good for me when i am old and will probably have Alzheimer haha..

12 years of blogging online (and counting) and i'm still doing the same things.. Being open and honest with my feelings as much as i can. If you want information, there are plenty of websites out there. If you want entertainment, you know how to find it on Youtube..

But if you wanna know Qiu Ting as a person.. I guess if we can't all be friends.. This is the place to be. Afterall i have shared 8 years of memories here, you might not even know your bf / parents / bff so thoroughly LOL.

So my point is..

People keep asking me to go get a proper job.. I have a proper job. And if i were to get a "proper job" like what other deem to be "proper", my income is going to cut by folds. I am doing fine with my current job. In fact i am doing good.

And i am very lucky to have my longer than decade-long passion be my job..

Problems that arises does not mean i have to quit and gtfo. It is something i love doing and no, i will not go just becox people want me to or think i should.

This is my dream come true, this job. So if anyone still thinks i will give up and quit just becox of a few falls i've been through, and perhaps many more falls i'm about to face, you are the one who should give it up.

I'm not going.

I'm here, i'm good. If you're uncomfortable, you can excuse yourself =)

Think about the words you say and your intention behind it before you serve it out as 'suggestions' to 'help' people.

So many mean comments that tried to mask off as constructive comments kept throwing in advice like they know the situation, like it can be done so easily, if it can be done so easily, why am i not doing it? I enjoy being in this situation is it? Where i am in debts to people.

Like when you want me to sell my HDB, you truly believe it will help my situation, and you KNOW it will (becox i don't know how you would know becox you definitely don't know the numbers like me and Josh do), or do you just want to say something to make me look bad like i'm not trying my best before seeking help, or do you want me to be homeless cox "a lot of your followers don't even own a flat"..

Well, at least the people who are willing to help me owns a heart.

Some people who say i don't even do charity work when i am doing okay so why should people help me. All i can is i guess the people who say i don't do charity work simply don't follow me and the things i do over the years. So. That's all i'd say about that. FYI, do charity no need shout out loud everyday one.

Some other people keep bringing up the fact that i can go on a shopping spree at Cotton On. I don't even know how to talk about this becox if they can't read when i thank Cotton On for the shopping spree and thanked Rachell for introducing me to the in-charge at Cotton On for the sponsorship, i don't even know how to explain further cox like i said, some people are not finding out why you need help, they are just trying their best to find out why you don't deserve help. And that kind of mindset is not something i can change.

About the toy car i got for Meredith, the car was ordered from China in around late June before i got served in mid-August.. Becox i chose sea shipping, it took a longer time to arrive that's why it arrived only in August.. Since i got served i didn't buy a single big ticket item and i don't buy anything i don't need.

My sisters have passed me tensss of thousands of dollars.. They've tried their best.

Or do the haters want to suggest all my sisters to sell their HDBs too? So we can all be homeless? Becox someone did suggest that you know, a comment ask us to sell our flats and if that's still not enough the person say i can bring all the kids to go outside temple and beg.

Seriously, be human.

I am also trying my best every month to make more money.

The crowdfunding fees may be able to pull me through a couple of months, or not, i really don't know. But i will not just use the crowdfunding money, i will first use my own money (whatever i can come up with monthly), and then whatever that is balance that i can't pay off for that month then only i will touch the crowdfund money. This is in hope that the crowdfunding money can last longer to pull me through.

If this ends as soon as i hope and pray for everyday, and by then if there's any remaining sum left in the crowdfund, they will be donated to Community Chest.

It's very easy for people to push and kick you at a point like this, especially i understand what i'm doing could be consider controversial to some.. People discuss, that's fine. But i don't think it's okay to hurt unnecessarily, mindlessly..

Everyday different people check on me with a text or a call.. Everyone tells me not to care about what trolls say for the sake of saying.. And that there are still people who genuinely cares and wants to help.

I know, i know all these.. I know there are nice and kind people around. God has shown me a lot of them. I can't name all of them but i will remember each and everyone of you.

Thank you for helping me even if you don't have to.

All your texts and messages and emails.. Thank you T.T

Here's what we got so far from Paypal, Giveasia and friends and relatives who helped out.

As of 31st Oct 2016.. From Paypal - $2200 apx
As of 31st Oct 2016, from Giveasia - $19,200.
And $9100 from friends and relatives.

And additional $2000 from my grandma's funeral.. She passed away 2 weeks ago.. The money was supposed to be divided between my uncles and aunties but they insisted i use it for the lawsuit..

They are all honest working people.. Some taxi drivers, some sales ladies at departmental stores.. We might not be close over the years as we all get busy with life.. But this really made me feel a huge sense of how people can selflessly offer help..

白金 $2000.. This is to deflect the problem i'm up against. This is for YOU, YOU, YOU AND YOU ALL. 你们收下, 活得开心点 =)

So the total i've gotten so far is $2200 + $19,200 + $9100 + $2000


This might be able to pull me through for a few more months, i really don't know.

But as i said, if this case can be settled with amount left in the crowdfund, they will all be donated to Community Chest. There is also a chance this case might not be settled even if the fund depletes.

That is why i'm keeping the crowdfund site live.

But more than anything.. I hope this case can be settled soon.. I don't know, but one can always have hope..

But then again, i've been trying to resolve this issue for 1.5 year yet here we are, things have only gotten worst.. Looking at the way things are now.. I don't know if having hope is hopelessly stupid, or hopelessly positive.. Haha..

I'd be delivering the baby in May.. And the thought of going into the delivery ward with a lawsuit bugging me.. Is truly depressing.. As if being a mum and being pregnant at the same time is not havoc enough hor? Hahaha. Life has a way to put you under the strongest pressure and then see how well you do.. Or if you're just break. But i believe even if you do, like i did, many times..

There will always be a way to fix yourself back.

With all these help that pour in despite all the noises.. I cannot be more grateful.

And for that, i will keep finding strength to go on, and to go through this..

Let's do a big group hug when all these is over. I told Josh my biggest, wildest dream now is that when all these is over, i want to hold a simple cozy picnic, and invite everyone who has helped me.. Prepare some nicely washed grapes, sandwiches, crackers and packet drinks.. I don't know, just sit and watch the kids run, watch the clouds and the faces and animals the clouds form.. And really breathe again.

Did i tell you guys that my favourite past time is to look at the clouds?

These days i also learnt to appreciate the stars.. They don't always appear, especially not when it's cloudy at night.. But if you look close enough, and if you wait long enough, they cloud will clear and they are there.. The stars will be there.

I want to thank all the kind souls who bother to drop me a note to cheer me on and cheer me up.. You guys have the most beautiful hearts.. =')

Thank you..


J said...

Supporting you always!

Unknown said...

Jiayou QiuQiu!! Stay strong

Unknown said...

It is truly a hard time to go through.
Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, I can't help you much financially but just to let you know, you will always have my support. I know times are tough. I hope you will remain strong and overcome the adversity ahead of you. :)

Ms Clementine said...

Jiayou QiuQiu!

Unknown said...

Looking forward to the picnic cos I believe it will happen!

Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Stay strong & remain positive like you've always been. after the tough period, you will emerge stronger and better than you already are. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Tough times don't last, tough people do! Jiayou! :)

Anonymous said...

Hugs. Keeping you and bb n mere in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry qiuting, i didnt help u financially. But u have my silent support. I hope u pull through this and be your cheerful self once more.

Moon said...

Stay strong, qiu..

Unknown said...

Hwaiting Qiuqiu! :)

Anonymous said...

Have been a silent reader for years. Continue to stay strong, I'm rooting for you. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Keep that fighting spirit alive! Perhaps your baby came in time to cheer you up, so you don't have to go through this alone! :) fighting unni

Anonymous said...

Reading this broke my heart. People are battering you but you still believe in yourself, believe in what you did was right. It takes a different kind of strength to do this. "Strong" doesn't even come close to describing how a hormonal mother to be able to withstand an onslaught of the world against her and her loved ones. I can't do anything but give a little on Give Asia and be a little drop in the ocean that is cheering for you. One day, this too shall pass. Much love from a fellow blog industry person. xoxo.

Hanna Lei said...

I'm hoping the best for you! -Like Hanna

Simin said...

Take care, happy times will come before you know it (:

@(・●・)@ said...

Hey qt! ;) I'm a samh with a 22mo and also delivering in May, CAN'T IMAGINE HOW I WOULD PULL THRU with a shitload of legal weight added on. You're so damn strong. Keep fighting! Praying hard that light comes soon for you, and that you and family can have a joyful and peaceful Christmas. 🎄

Anonymous said...

Jia you! keep fighting!

Anonymous said...

Stay strong QiuQiu. We are all behind you.

Anonymous said...

this is so saddening but i honestly hope you and your family will stay strong, be strong and emerge from this lawsuit strong and well! your readers and i will always be supporting you. this too shall pass. FIGHTING!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Being an emotional and sensitive person, i can sense that you teared a lot while writing this blog post... Sometimes all those words of encouragement means a lot yet at some depressing moments not quite... when you are feeling emotional, you will feel so isolated from everyone else...We knew that afterall, no one can truly feel how we feel and know how much pain is suffocating us but then after being in the darkness for awhile, there will be this "打不死的蟑螂" spirit that sprung up and tell you yes you are brave and strong, you have gone through so much, 这点算什么! 我再忧愁也没用,我再乱想只是浪费时间,我的家人朋友粉丝都还在为我打气,他们都还没放弃,我也要坚持为了他们为了自己:) so continue to be strong, have faith! The situation may seemed hopeless and hoping for the best may seemed idealistic but still you never know what will happen next. 有些人今天活泼乱跳明天可能就。。。 有些人今天可能还昏迷不醒但是明天就突然醒了!Having faith in a seemingly hopeless situation may seemed stupid or unrealistic but we all need that little faith to pull us through. The scary part of tomorrow is fear of the unknown so faith will give us strength to face it. Be it bad or not, being alive and healthy is already the best present! 活着就有希望,雨再大也会有晴天,耐得住的人不吃亏!Wish you all the best, may you, your baby and your family stay healthy and bonded!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Jia you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pretty mommy. I am just a random reader of yours and came to know that u got the shitty lawsuit going on but don't worry so much okay, all difficulties in life will eventually go over. Though I don't really know what's going on haha

Also. Congrats to your pregnancy and don't feel depressed ohh. poor thing, going through pregnancy already tough plus have to endure the stress from lawsuit. It seems that there are a lot negative as well as positive feed backs around, just dun get affected by those meanie people unfortunately this world is like that.

Sincerely wish you will settle the case soon with the best positive outcome for you and your family.

By the way, I think someone who is forgetful and love watching cloud will be a kind person. I know it's weird logic haha but anyway wish you and your family happy and healthy always.

Cheers =)

M said...


Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu,

Standing at a point as a person who has financial issues as well, ( of course, mine comes from business, needing to grow the business needs countless of cash to roll without borrowing) the most important key to handling them is learning how to 放开. I believe that the reason why you have dropped so much weigh is due to pressure of how the lawsuit will end up with, the amount of money needed to spend to win them. If you do not have such problems, how these money could have helped other people or you could not have owed so many people. I just want to come here and say, STOP!Stop all these negative thinking, and think positively. Be in your best shape to fight these low tides of your life! Think positively, if this my lowest tide of my life, what can be worst? If this is the worst, what good is coming in future?

Many things are easier said than done, but if you really manage to 放开, many good things will come to you. I am telling you because I experienced your moment of life, when everything is foul everywhere you walk. Countless nights of lost sleep, you may only sleep once in two nights when your body decides you are tired enough to sleep. You may cry out of no reasons, even on the smallest things that would not have affected you in normal circumstances. I, myself, used to be the type of person who would stress myself out for a DHL's mistake billing of 10k, business wasn't good enough that day, malaysia customs swallow my 20k worth of goods don't want to release to me and at the other end, my customers are waiting for my goods, I still need to come out with another batch of goods with the same amount worth to fulfil the orders.

It all comes back to money, we hold on thoughts to our hard earned money, and other people's hard earned money. If this lawsuit does not involve with a single cent, you wouldn't be that stressed up. All I can say is, 钱财是身外之物,亏了,再赚回来。 When our kids fall, we will always tell them immediately without thinking, its okay!!! its okay!! 站起来就没事了. It's the same for us, brush off the dust on you, shine on those people who stepped on you, 站起来就没事了!

With that all said comes with the hope to let you learn to relieve whatever stress you have right now. Many things are easier said than done, but if you manage to do it, not only you do it for yourself, you also give a tight slap to people who once stepped on you ;)

Anonymous said...

You know what is a valid, legal choice? Abortion. If you have no financial means to support another child, for their sake and not dooming them, and the rest of your existing family into financial ruin as you clearly already have, do the right thing and abort. If you wanted more children, be responsible and do it when you have the time and resources to care for them.

Viv said...

i am a huge supporter of yours. You epitomize strength, courage, kindness and goodness, unlike some of the other bloggers who tend to focus on hate and scandal.

i hope you pull through the legal situation, and all the best for baby #2. meredith is such a big cute, and is a mini-you really - i love the ways she laughs in that deep throaty way like you.

all the best to you and your family

iammeyieng said...

hey there qiu qiu,

i've been a silent reader for quite a few years and the whole saga you're going through is indeed hard. I feel really really bad for you but please do not get disheartened and stop blogging because that's what you do best. also, please remain that happy, buoyant qiu qiu we all know. your babies will also benefit from all the happiness. persevere throughout these toughness and you'll come out stronger than ever. please take care. wishing you all the best and that the court case will end soon with victory on your side.

ahlost said...

T___T "As if being a mum and being pregnant at the same time is not havoc enough hor?"

I hope everything will be over like really really soon :(

Be strong Qiu..

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu ting.

You do realize that the other side will have to pay your legal costs if you win your case, right?

If you are indeed not in breach of any of the terms of the contract with nuffnang, and are confident of being vindicated, then what are you worried about?

I empathize with you, really. But you are unlikely to suffer much financial detriment if you win your case.

So why the desperate petitions for crowdfunding?

Please don't misunderstand. I am sincerely not making these remarks from a nasty place, but from a genuine desire to seek clarification over this matter.

Would be great if you could address this, thanks!

Mrs. Julius said...

Just wanted to tell you, having hope is not stupid, it takes courages to hold on to hope. Dun give up and I pray you will get through this and breathe again as you hope. :)

Elaine73 said...

As a fellow mother, I feel so heartbroken that you have to go through this. But I know you will be the strong person that you are! Praying for a favorable outcome and wishing you and ur lovely family a blessed Xmas!

Anonymous said...


I'm not going to pretend to understand the situation and give you advice. Because I trust that you are getting plenty of it from people who know the situation and have more expertise from me. It really disgusts me that commentators even in this post all act like they have law degrees or something. I am rooting for you and I hope that your family, you, and baby are doing well. You are such a strong, honest, and kind hearted blogger!!

Anonymous said...

"You know what is a valid, legal choice? Abortion. If you have no financial means to support another child, for their sake and not dooming them, and the rest of your existing family into financial ruin as you clearly already have, do the right thing and abort. If you wanted more children, be responsible and do it when you have the time and resources to care for them."

Because abortion is inexpensive, relaxing, and not at all emotionally traumatizing. To even suggest that to an expecting mother takes a very dark and ugly soul. Clearly, your mother should've been responsible and aborted you herself.

Anonymous said...

jiayous qiu qiu!! after a hurricane comes a rainbow :-)

Anonymous said...

Stupid bitch.

Anonymous said...

Wah the person asking qiuqiu to abort really very malicious sia. you heng anonymous posting, if not you sure kena whack gao gao by the public. either you're a despicable man who is deliberately ignorant about labour and abortion,. or you're a fucking bitch who feels lousy about herself. i also am skeptical about the lawsuit and it's related crowdfunding, but how the fuck is asking someone to abort her baby even remotely humanely relevant to the matter? fucking psycho. don't like just don't donate only what. if here can trace ip address, you confirm si liao. let the public opinion hang you.

Anonymous said...

jiayou ! hope everything works out in your favour.

Yon Qin said...


Delia Toh said...

The one who advised you to abort your baby is such a cold and heartless soul.

Though I don't understand the turmoil you're going through now, I hope all goes well for you and your family. It will all be over some day and you'll emerge stronger :)

Anonymous said...

Fly to Thailand, fly to Japan. Why are you idiots donating to this liar?

Anonymous said...

Dear QiuQiu

I'm a silent and occasional reader of your blog over the past few years. I was saddened to read your blogposts on the recent difficulties you've been facing the past few months. Whatever happened that caused your lawsuit to occur, you are still only human and I wish you all the very very best as you move forward in life.

I hope the lyrics of "I am Moana" from Disney's film Moana encourage and cheer you up in some way.

"Sometimes the world seems against you
The journey may leave a scar
But scars can heal and reveal just
Where you are
The people you love will change you
The things you have learned will guide you
And nothing on earth can silence
The quiet voice still inside you"
- I Am Moana

Unknown said...

Hi Qiu,

I've been reading you for a long time, thank you for being so relatable and honest about yourself. I know that you'll get through this , you've already proven yourself to be strong, resilient and courageous all these years. I'm wishing you all the very best and all my positive vibes are being sent your way along with a great big giant virtual hug. As it often is in the virtual world, people are going to judge freely and say horrible things because they can hide behind the mask of annonymity, know that when these comments get out of hand, you do have people who still silently support you and love you and your wonderful family. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and lots of love and warmth from cold cold Canada. Xo V

Esabelle Yan said...

Jia yous! Read and support my blog at esabellejess.blogspot.sg. New posts up today!

Anonymous said...

lol at the comments. just because some of us give encouraging remarks or scold the one who who asked qiuqiu to abort the baby, doesn't mean we are donating. you can be skeptical about the crowdfunding but still be cordial. these two are not mutually exclusive.

a lot of readers may not have lawsuits against them, but actually financially they may not be as well off as qiuqiu if you count the total amount of assets including property etc that qiuqiu and her family has.

plus, we are also unsure of the lawsuit details. you also never know if she is partially responsible for it also.

besides there are more urgent and important causes out there where people may prefer donating to.

there are many people who need help. qiuqiu has a public voice but not everyone has that.

so personally i'm not donating. but i do not think that she deserves any insult to her kids or family.

Anonymous said...

Qiu qiu & family Jiayou! I can't wait for all this lawsuit thingy to be over too. The idea of the picnic & watching clouds sounds so amazing... I pray that it will come true soon, & with the additional member of your newborn by then!!! (((:

I realise keyboard warriors still exist & their comments are so insensible & funny!!! I wonder what kind of 心里不平衡 they have to type out those kind of remarks. Probably someone very pathetic and can only snigger to themselves before their electronic devices. But super failure or nobody bother - with no real family and friends, that kind in real life that's y resort in these thoughts and actions. They so poor thing hor.

That's why, thank you qiu for being positive and bringing hope no matter what!!!
Of course many things you do not share and don't need to share to the public/internet, because it's your life after all and you need to control as no one else can. & the best support are from your genuine friends and family members. And like what you mention, that's all that it matters.

Anonymous said...

The person who asked her to go for abortion should get a fucking kick in her stomach when she is pregnant. Why? Because we shouldn't let someone inhumane like her reproduce & contaminate the society. Her mother should have aborted her instead. What a parasite =S