18 January 2017

❤︎ "Inspired by Liese" tour in Japan ❤︎

Hello~ Back with update on my trip to Tokyo to film with Liese Singapore!!! If you're here to be wowed by Japan and how beautiful the country is, yes you'd get some of that but I'm gonna do a massive spoiler for you and tell you the BEST PART OF THIS BLOGPOST.

Which is..

Our travelogue.. And.. Wait, that's not the best part.. Best part is..

You stand a chance to win yourself (and your plus one!!!) the same trip and experience!!!

Yup! Airfare, hotel, tour experience all included!!! T__T All you have to do is to purchase $25 of Liese products or more, and upload your receipt and particulars here: https://goo.gl/wk8xpB ❤︎

Top winner will receive a pair of tickets to join the “Inspired by Liese” Tour in June 2017 and 20 other winners will win a Kao beauty hamper worth $100 each!

And remember to get it soon cox now Liese Creamy Bubble Colour is going for only $16.90 instead of $19.90 for CNY festivities!!! =D Contest will run from 2nd Jan to 28th Feb 2017

Talking about CNY, Liese has also launched a Limited Edition Cream Bubble Colour in Red Velvet! It's a very vibrant chocolate-y red! Bright and fresh enough for CNY but not tacky red you know what i mean O.O Hahaha!

If you're looking for a fresh new start and exciting changes for a fresh new year, then consider this ba. Some more ang ang heng heng confirm win a lot of money during CNY LOL O.O =X

I love CNY. All the celebration and festing, new clothes, new styles, new nail-do, new hairdo and hair colour. NEW AWESOME CHANGE TO EVERYTHING. Please let my 2017 be better, thank you so much lol.

Alright! So to make the very feelingz video you just saw happen, to give you a feel on how your very own inspirational trip and tour in Tokyo will look like.. The whole Liese Singapore team with production and filming crew flew up to Tokyo.

Setting off with very light makeup haha.
With the annoying partner for this trip lol!
Superstars Qiu and Peishi spotted at Narita airport =) LOL. Thank you Adeline for the pink luggage! Haha! I couldn't fly for two flights the last time i packed with the very same pink luggage. I was either unwell to fly / the trip got cancelled due to several reasons, so i was really trying my luck when i pack for Tokyo work trip with this luggage LOL. If the trip didn't go through smoothly, i would probably burn this luggage. LOL.
While waiting to get to the hotel, i had to kickstart my trip with awesome combini tamago onigiri first T.T I've missed this for so long~~~!!! Love how everything can be so awesome, affordable and tasty in Japan ❤︎_❤︎
Arrived at the hotel, it's very cozy and the location is flawless. We have supermarket and combini just around the area and Asakusa (famous place in Japan for traditional and cultural experience!) is just a short stroll away! =DDD You see how this room is so small but everything is intelligently designed to be compact, convenient and comfortable to use. Another reason why i love Japan.
Origami crane by the hotel staff. A little touch of personality and hospitality T.T
Care and utility pack packed by Josh. Maybe my husband Japanese? LOL. He's so thoughtful T.T
Mich happen to be in Japan and she travelled an hour to come and find me for dinner T_T 我好幸福! 好多人爱我!!! 我很可爱吗? =))) Is it becox i very cute?
We went for Ichiran ramen =D 
EGG! Haha!
And then combini shopping =D Look at the milkkkkk!!! CUTE DAO YAO SI!!!! Everything is in such cute fine details, my heart cannot take it. Japan, please. Lol.
My view next day morning. Siam lah, Peishi. LOL.
The view i was talking about. LOL. From our hotel's lounge. Quite serene and priceless! With the morning sun beam coming in, shining on our faces, it's a very warm and comfortable feeling.

Omg. Is it very bad i feel like i experience new feelings and appreciation for what life has to offer without Meredith by my side? I mean i love love love the little things i experience with Meredith also of course!!! But it's just with her around, i hardly have time to slow down and pay attention to other beauty the world has to offer.

One moment i have to wipe her hand, next moment "Meredith cannot climb on the chair, dangerous!", "You see your hands dirty again, come, mama wipe", "Eh cannot pour the water on your shirt later your shirt wet!!! Drink properly okay, if not mama will cry okay?", "MEREDITH, MAMA SAID CANNOT POUR~!!!", "Pass me more tissue paper please"

Hahaha. And all these could happen in under 2 minutes. Being a mother is very intense okay.

So i was feeling a little guilty for enjoying Japan O.O Although i do miss Meredith a lot. It's a struggle that never ends but i guess wherever i am, i should seize the moment and live it.

Maybe it's good that all mummies spend a little time on ourselves, slow down, look around and just chill, pamper ourselves a little, doll up.. CNY is a good time to kickstart the new year with a fresh perspective while fulfilling different roles we have in our lives?

Morning sun glowing on us~
Okay, first and foremost, sunblock. LOL.
OMGGGGG I TOTALLY NEED THIS NOW!!! The hotel breakfast is soooooooo goood!!!!! I finished everything and also ate Peishi's meat and egg omelette O.O
Happy meals = Happy us. Haha.
Went to visit Kao's lab and at every table they prepared snacks and offered drinks to the visitors O.O JAPAN, PLEASE. I already love you a lot liao!!! No need every moment also steal my heart like that! Haha!
OOTD for that day~!
Their research scientist giving us a brief intro of the magic of Liese Creamy Bubble Colour   followed by a live demo!

Liese is the No.1 hair colouring brand in Singapore and Japan. That should say everything about quality and the results it offers! Their philosophy is to provide a wide range of the most fashionable and trendiest hair colour to all women with the easiest and most convenient format - Like true Japanese spirit. Lol. Not enough to just be the best, must be the best of the best.

Liese Creamy Bubble Colour offers more than 20 shades ranging from Red to Ash to Brown shades. So no matter what age / style / trend you going for, there is always a colour for you, for any occasion!

Look at these fluffy foam! With an improved foam format where the foam sticks to hair 4x better, Liese allows all women to enjoy longer-lasting, fashionable colour anywhere, anytime almost! Whenever you feel like going for a change, go for it! =D
And the really magical part? The more you lather and massage the foam in, the creamier it becomes.

So once the foam gets around even to your hair roots (very easily, just like shampooing!) it turns into this thick and creamy texture for better, even, and longer-lasting coverage as to what some people might prefer cream hair dye for!

But cream hair dye can be a little hard to apply and to spread, and even harder to get to the roots. So the best of both world is?

LIESE CREAMY BUBBLE HAIR COLOUR~ =DDD Haha! So you get best of both world!

My turn, babeh! Looking a little creepy here with my dolly lol.
But not as creepy as this one. I found this picture in my camera and i 吓死. LOL.
Simple steps! Pour solution 1 into solution 2 like what i'm doing. Gently tilt it 5 times like what Peishi is doing..
Put on the foam dispenser cap (included in the box) and there you have!!! Fat fluffy foam! =DDD
Getting hands on.
Seriously, it's so non-drip and the more you lather, the more the fluffy foam become this creamy and dense foam, so crazy that it can do this!!! Totally non drip okay!!! Amazing! I was truly impressed okay. Until i go add a bit more to the tip..
Like that. The peak still never drop. LOL. So don't worry, it'd definitely be mess and hassle free when you do it yourself at home! =D
When we stop lathering and let the creamy foam set in for 20 minutes, this is how it looks. Sooooo thick and creamy for that awesome coverage!!! =D
We got convenience, affordability and quality checked. Now we have Liese's R&D team to show us how they push forth the trendiest shades according to consumer demands. And also to show us this very fun and cute website (LINK) where we can play around to see what kind of hair colour suits our skin tone and features! =D
I guess being a trendsetter and field leader like Liese is in the bubble hair colour range, you have to keep improving to suit consumer needs. And to make things easier and better for us consumers. And that's what they keep doing to remain as the top hair colour choice in Singapore and Japan! =D
Liese even collab with a makeup up editing app in Japan for people to try out different hairstyles and different Liese hair colour! Quite cool hor!!! But not available in Singapore yet i think. Sadddd! Peishi had a lot of fun playing with the app lol.
Some mood boards i saw in the lab. No matter which hair colour you're going for, it can definitely spice up and complete your entire look! In fact i think hair colour can make or break a look! So go on and try out and explore different looks!
The end results from demo model just now!!! SO FREAKING EVEN, the hair colour!!! =OOO And notice her hair still looks very healthy and shiny and soft?
Evenness and awesome coverage down to the roots!!! Must say i am very very impressed.
Lunch time at the Kao's lab! =D
Found a red tree in the lab premises. Lol. I had to.
Now the most exciting part!!! Back to the lab and doll up in Kimono =DDD You'd also get to experience this leh!!! Quickly go join the contest lol.
All these colours..
The ladies were extra gentle and careful with me than they already are cox i got baby bump haha.
Before i put on the full set of Kimono, hairdo and makeup first =DDD You'd also get your hair and makeup done when you're here~!!! HOW FUN IS THAT~!!! =DDD
Then we head to a beautiful and secluded garden. Here's Peishi having a shot with the autumn colours.
And here's Peishi again when i'm trying to get my shot LOLOL. Go away, really. LOL. So nevermind, i thought i'd just go take again with a different background.
I thought this shot was okay until i come back to Singapore and go through the pictures on my computer..............
JENG JENG. I'm calling the police. This amount of creepiness is too much for me to handle lolol.
Saw this and felt it was so beautiful. I wanted a shot here but nobody else thought it's worth a shot LOL. So i didn't get a picture sitting here, but here's a picture of a spot i thought was beautiful. Lol.
Omg the red leaves~!!!!!!! T____T They look so perfect and so striking in the sea of green. You guys might know i'm not the biggest fan of bold striking colours but being here, look at how it can also be so beautiful, i think i might have changed my mind there and then.
Candid shot turned out cute so here it is.
 Sorry gonna spam pictures of me in the garden cox too pretty!!! If you win the trip and get here, please send me a picture also! Haha!

LOOK AT THISSSSSSS!!!!! My heart cannot.
Peishi took this picture of me while i was filming. Lol. Thanks ah so artistic and feelz. Lol.

Omg.. Memories and pictures i can look at and think back and be happy about forever!!! Thank you Liese for the tour!!!!! T___T

One of all the girls in Kimono =D
One perfect red leave i picked from the ground..
And a perfect selfie before we leave..
I have decided to go red with my hair for the first time.

Lol. I might have red hair before by accident, done by hairstylists ten thousand years ago. I had wanted raspberry brown but don't know why turn out damn red. Lol. But this CNY i'm really gonna get red and start to be experimental about things..

About my looks, about styles, about life. Never try, never know.

All these little things in life are there to inspire us but we get so caught up in daily life routines that we forget to be inspired by the beauty life and nature has to offer.

The next time you feel inspired / impulsive or if you just feel like you want a change, maybe you can look around for little inspirations. Maybe get a new haircut, maybe try on a new style of clothes, maybe change your hair colour (Liese is a good choice cox affordable + so convenient and easy and so many colours to choose from haha!) or just run away to a country you've never been.

Remember to live it up! =D Now back to the trip~ =D

As we were walking to another location.. I saw this. It's a garbage dump area. The collector just went in so one side of the gate was pushed up. But can you see.. The metal gate is painted with cute pictures.. T.T They even bother to make garbage area look pleasant.. =')) Everyone needs to go to Japan more often, to learn about exceeding expectations lol.
On to Tokyo Tower =D
I am looking at a piece of art wth. It looks so mesmerising in the dark. Although cannot see the iconic red and white in the night time but still very beautiful.
My camera quite awesome ah! Night time can take this standard haha. Me and Peishi very giggling or what.
On to Asakusa!!! We got there a little behind schedule so most of the shops were closed but you should totally google Asakusa and see the glorious amount of little interesting shops they have there.. Also if you're in Kimono some tourist might ask for a picture with you haha!
Still in time to grab a little snack! Their traditional temple bun. Inside is azuki =D It's simple and yummy!
Crew still filming but don't care, just eat lol.
If you are here, remember to take a picture with the ginormous lantern!
When we got back to the van to head for dinner, i saw this bottle of water in replacement of my emptied corn soup can.. I drank it, left it there so that i can throw away later.. And the driver had already replaced it with a bottle of water.. T_____T Thank you Japan and your people. You never stop creating moments for people to feel happy and thankful about.
At dinner.. One of the best sushi dinner i've had!!! Look at how focused the chef is while at work haha. You know it's gonna be good just by looking at how intensely he looks at his work.
They rest had very good sashimi and beef and what not but i could only go for fully cooked food so they mix in a different menu for me =D WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEEE!!! Everything was so fresh and sweet and juicyyyy!!!! Even the cucumber maki were sooooo refreshing i wish i had more than 6 LOL.
Sweet sweet prawns that make me okay with prawns again. Before that i stop loving prawns cox i had gag-reflex when i see seafood due to this picky pregnancy =XXX But i thought hey, i'm in Japan. Everything must be good. So i went for it and YUP.
And this 不起眼 mushroom sushi that burst with flavours when you bite into it. SOOOOO FREAKING GOOD AND JUICY AND FLAVOURFULLLL I CAN DIE. Is this braised for 七七四十九天 or what?!?!?! How come it can be so good.
And this........ T_______T I am very hungry leh how ah!!! I don't feel like blogging this post anymoreeeee this is killing me!!! THIS WAS SO GOOD. IT JUST MELTS IN MY MOUTH INTO THIS SWEET HEAVEN OF THE FRESHNESS OF THE OCEAN OKAY NOT EXAGGERATING.
And the most 顺滑 chawanmushi i've ever had!!! This meal stole the show of all our food sessions in Japan. You enjoy it when you're here okay. Eat for me. Lol.
Then to Shibuya~ =DDD
It was drizzling but that didn't stop us haha! We still went shopping.
Doing what i should do as a blogger. LOL. Taking zuo zuo OOTD shots. Lol. I mean, excuse me why am i blocking the crossing? People need to cross the road right.
But hey, you need to do what you need to do lol.
Next day we head to Harajuku~!!!!!! =DDD This is from a candy shop we went into! CUTE OR WHAT?
 怎么好像少女拿了比较好看. LOL.
But who cares baby i was born this way. LOL.
And then filming wrapped and Peishi and i changed out to go explore the streets on our own haha. I immediately put on red bat-jiam blusher under the eyes cox that's the way i roll in Japan okay LOL. When to the Calbee shop and had their limited edition spicy cheese flavour. It was really good but you gotta tell the girl more powder. Lol. The melon soda is freaking good here please try!!!
Went for lunch at Seibu and had $1+ musk melon againnnnnnn!!! SO SWEET I LOVE IT!!!
OOTD just becox.
Got these grapes on huge discount cox i think they turning a bit brown, maybe old liao but OMG STILL THE BEST GRAPES I'VE EVER HADDDDDDD. It's at this fruit shop beside Shibuya Matsumoto pharmacy. Seedless, big fat and juicy and the skin is totally edible. And sweet until want die. Okay. Please try when you're there.
Blur but still perf. Lol.
Got cool bicycle and road sign that's why. Plus, in Singapore i never take OOTD cox most of the time i'm either with Meredith or i'm alone outside working so in Japan i take 个够 lol.
At night we went to meet Miyabi at Asakusa and on the way there we saw this shop with these lanterns.. It's quite a nice feeling.. Although i don't know what's written on them lol. Probably chicken, fish, fish eggs and grilled sotong LOLOL.
不要拍我们. Thank you Peijie for mask.. She so thoughtful leh surprisingly LOL. Heat pack also bring extra for me, mask also bring extra for me. I should start being nicer to her lol.
Dinner with Miyabi!!! Who travelled 1 hour plus to have dinner with me!!! T.T Say really.. I got so cute? =D HAHAHA. But this dinner was really quite good!!! The fatty salmon belly and the kani miso and the fries!!!!! Yup even the fries!!!!! Crazy. I am going crazy cox i'm so hungry right now.
Back to the hotel at night and feeling warm and fuzzy seeing all these heat packs Peishi and Mich gave me =)))
Next day we were at Asakusa again and walked into this mall i can't remember if it's ROX36 or 35 lolol. There's this vintage-inspired shop that sells toys and snacks, all very old school!!! I am so dead i spent 30 minutes inside grabbing candies and also some old school toys for Meredith. It's seriously very affordable also like 30 cents toys?!?! Really mama shop style!!! But Japan mama shop, so extra oomph. LOL.
With that sweet ending, we head back to pack and then to the airport.

So it could be your turn to go on this inspiration trip to Japan with Liese!

Purchase $25 of Liese products or more, and upload your receipt and particulars here: https://goo.gl/wk8xpB and you might be on your way with a pair of tickets to join the “Inspired by Liese” Tour in June 2017!!!

20 other winners will win a $100 Liese hamper each!

Get your hairdye quick cox now it's going for $16.90 (instead of $19.90) for CNY festivities! You may find them at all Watsons, Guardian, major supermarket and hypermarket chains!

For more info please check out:
Liese website and Liese Singapore Facebook page!


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