19 October 2017

Hello Kitty room + Hello Town just minutes from Singapore ^.^

HERROOO!!! Finally managed to squeeze out a blogpost out of my crazy schedule but this is something i'm very excited to be able to share about cox it's about HELLO KITTY~ It's our Hello Kitty experience at just our neighbouring country, at Johor Bahru =DDD

Super duper near Link 2 okay so i'm very excited and after this very awesome experience, i intend to bring my whole family back for family staycay!!! Very super sure the kids and adults will enjoy! All the fun and food omg.

Anyway the main reason why you have to keep reading is..

I'm giving away..

Staycation at the Hello Kitty themed rooms of Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour
4 X SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN park tickets!!!
(Also Thomas Town! It's a two-park pass!!!)

Seriously even i wanna win it LOL becox i know how fun it is!!! And sorry ah, one of the best parts? SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN is fully air-conditioned =X =D Haha! Alright! Enjoy the picture-heavy post!!!

And join the giveaway after~ =D

Hotel Jen is located right beside SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN and their hospitality is really top-notch. You can arrange for transport to bring your village in haha! I told them i'm going in with my family and i think they were scared that our ride will be too squeezy with the luggages in (we were going for 3D2N) cox we were travelling with kids and their necessities so they arranged for two cars for us. One car can seat like 8-9 passengers leh omg. So in the end we only took one car haha. But i'm very touch that Regina from Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour is soooo helpful and thoughtful!
A selfie with a little someone who's very excited cox i told her we're going to Hello Kitty town and sleep in Hello Kitty's bedroom haha. My erjie very kind to tag along to help us with the two little ones!
Arrived at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour! Of course they are fully functional hotel not just a Hello Kitty hotel haha. So if you're thinking of a getaway staycay but not a Hello Kitty fan, you still should give Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour a shot! For Hello Kitty fans, get ready to go cray cray okay.
Meredith dive into the kids area near the hotel recept as soon as i went to check in haha.
First things first, fill our stomachs at Shakes and Burgers! I heard their burgers are to die for so i'm very excited to be here to try for myself!!!
No prizes for guessing who's the happiest with the milkshakes!!!
We had a go at their signatures - Beef burger, Chicken and Portobello burger (this was what i ordered and it's really good!!!) and.. THE MUST TRY......
Hawaiian Seafood burger!!!!!!! IT'S SOOOO FREAKING GOOD AND JUICY AND FLAVOURFUL OMG. Please please please order this and then order the rest to share. I love my chicken burger but omg this is another level. I regret not ordering this T.T
But okay honestly my chicken burger was really good already haha. It's also very juicy and the sauce they use mm mmm mm~~ Can you see a little bit of le Sleeping Beauty in my arms haha.
Josh ask Meredith to smile for a photo and she gave this face haha.
Always making mama so happy this little girl.
You can spot many of these phone charging spots around Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, i thought it was very nice of them becox the whole place was so nice and picturesque i really had a problem with my handphone battery level hahaha. Gotta keep snapping photos and stay connected y'know.
WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE VIEW. This is from their Club Lounge! It's free access if you book club rooms or suites!!! Please remember to check out the Club Lounge when you're there.. For many reasons..
 One, priceless view.

And please spot a little hand model okay she's very cooperative and pro with pictures LOL. I ask her to help me put her hand there she went a step further to pretend she's reaching out for the cookie LOL. Perfect instagram daughter hahaha!
Three, can chill and surf / do some light correspondence for work while you're there!
And four, if you're a mummy, it's a kids-friendly place!
They have all these books that suits age kid - teenager - adult haha. Meredith think she living the life okay i'm not joking, she really took some books that i brought down from the shelf, and then went to the window and look out at the scenic view and just chill there okay. Good lah, kid chill = mummy can chill haha.
After chilling out, we're ready for SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN~ =DDD SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN is just a mere 2-3 minutes walk from Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour! Like they are really just right beside each other haha. It's freaking awesome i wanted to go back on the second day also but we brought the kids swimming instead cox we promised Meredith.
ARE YOU READY!!! For some overdose of cuteness?!?! Although it's called SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN (SHKT), the attraction also has many other kid's favourites characters like Dear Daniel, Bad Badtz Maru and My Melody! So be sure to check them out!!!
Greeted by this HUGEEE Hello Kitty =DDD Meredith had to have a picture.
And one more with mama! =D Omg even though i'm 30 yro and Meredith is 3 yro, i can tell you we are equally excited hahah!
Photo spots EVERYWHERE.
Even the tickets and activity cards are so cuteee~!!!
Of rainbow walls and happy things ^.^
When we were there the place was running a Summer Festival party haha. So cute this Hello Kitty!
My daughter 很爱演 hor still give the look faraway pose hahaha. Serious sooooo many photo spots within SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN!!!
Sorry i just have to. Everywhere is too cute to miss for a photo.
Somebody simply went up the pavilion stage by herself and dance okay.
HEN CUTEEE!!! How can bushes be so cute T.T Right, becox Hello Kitty.
Guys if you're ever here, you have to pop in Wishful Studio for your activities okay!!!
At Wishful Studio we painted our own badges and made them into pin badges =D They also have other activities like making your own beads keychain but i didn't let Meredith try that one becox i'm very very sure she will mess up or pour the beads all over HAHA. Kids above 4 should really love this handicraft though!
Another part of Wishful Studio looks sweet..
Indeed it is =D It's a "Decorate your own cookie" studio =D
Meredith cannot wait liao haha!
Erm.. Ask her go decorate cookie, she go and eat up people's decorative chocolate chips HAHAHA. JUST LIKE THE MOTHER LEH =XXX
Hehe Hello Kitty cookie too cute so selfie =D Seriously i think all kids gonna love all the activities!!!
THE TEACUP RIDE T.T I love how they put effort in every little details omg. Look at the barrier, it's also preciously designed to look sweet and fit the theme of Hello Kitty Town.
Fun and safe for kiddos ^.^ And adults hehe.
Saw this and Meredith dashed up for a picture.
T.T Everything so photogenic i can die.
Hello Kitty bows~ Meredith asked for a picture here okay, but it turned out very blur cox she was moving too fast haha.
Soft pastel EVERYTHING!
Popcorn booth is the sweetest. I want to have this kind of pop-up booth with awning for the girls' play room leh it's so sweet! Maybe i DIY one haha.
The whole cafe is so sweet i cannot.
Tables and chair and walls.. Everything!
Even their cups T.T
We also bought cotton candy for someone. She so happy okay she eat until like holiday okay. LOL. Totally no care about me nor the camera. See how she stuff her face with cotton candy.
And they have an indoor playground *hearteyes!!!* Please check out the gate, it's also customised to Hello Kitty theme omg. Effort max.
Meimei can only watch for now haha.
Watch how Eryi and jiejie have fun haha.
Love how they are so thoughtful to have seatings all around the theme parks for waiting parents or grandparents or just generally adults and kids to sit and rest while waiting!
While waiting for the Hello Kitty Wizard of the OZ session to start, my erjie who isn't a Hello Kitty fan also cannot resist and started to take pictures with all the cute photo spots hahaha. She control very long i think, we all went crazy snapping snapping she keep saying "我才不要啦!" HAHA i think cox too pink for her but see!!! In the end also 被打动了! Hahaha!
MY FAVOURITE PERSONALITY OF ALL THE CHARACTERS AT SANRIO HAHAHA. SOOOO NAUGHTY AND CHEEKY!!! Hahaha! See how sian he look this Bad Badtz Maru mascot hahahaha. Really very cute. I saw he went around trolling people and made everyone laugh out loud omg. He would just random walk pass and make a jeering gesture at you like so grumpy and cute omg i love it. And i'm not the only fan okay, surprsingly Meredith remember him until today. When she sees Bad Badtz Maru in Singapore she still exclaim "ROOK! BAD BAD! Ge naukih bat!" Hahaha Bad Badtz the naughty bat. LOL.
We were trying to do silly faces together hahaha.
And then he flipped my cap HAHAHA. 很坏蛋!!! He made us so very happy omg thank you Bad Badtz Maru haha.
Into the Hello Kitty Wizard of the OZ session.. It was quite a bewitching experience omg.
You have to experience it yourself but i was quite taken away by not just how extensive the photo ops are! Like for example these sets up of giant books and whatnot..
 But i'm also very impressed by how every little section has something for you to play and interact with and when you finish a certain number of the game plays, you get a free token! Like a gift souvenir! My sister's friend got a Hello Kitty pendant charm for necklace / wristlets!
Like the corn one quite fun also you just have to fan with your hand to grill the corn haha! It's fun for not just the kids (it's simple enough for the kids! Meredith is 2.5 yro and she can understand the game plays just fine! But it'd be even more fun for kids 3 and up i think) but for adults also hahaha. Becox i am motivated by the gift token at the end hahaha!
Hehe Meredith stayed here for quite a while just sitting on the mushroom and pretending these are her house.
I wanted a solo OOTD shot okay. But i guess i'm not getting it becox someone just walks in casually and position herself while i wait for my self-timer shot =_= HAHA. And guess why i have to use self-timer to take photo? BECOX MY ERJIE WAS GONE MISSING TO SNAP 100000 PICTURES hahahaha. Really all the set ups and props in this Wizard of the OZ very cute lah.
This game is so fun and adorable!!! You have to "chop" the tree with your Hello Kitty axe haha.
My influencer child okay LOL. I didn't even teach her how to pose like this she ownself 自由发挥 cox she very excited cox it's "Ge naukih bat tree!" haha!
Oh my Meredith, why you so good at posing *palm face* hahaha.
Kiki and Lala!
One with mama ^.^
Just when we were exiting the Wizard of the OZ attraction we saw this going on on the centre stage! I really sprint over while carrying Meredith okay!!!!! We were so super excited hahaha.
Sweet and loving performers!!!
On the Purrfect Stage!
With Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel and crew =D What a sweet ending to our SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN trip i thought.. But i very very sad becox i forgot to look at the activity time slots.. And totally missed out on the 5pm parade T___T
But here's a picture i grabbed from the SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN facebook page!

When it was happening actually we were having our mid-day snack at the Red Bow Cafe. So how i know it was happening right?

Only that night when Josh and i were chatting about what happened that day, i say i only saw a few mascots today then he say when he went to the bathroom when were at the cafe, he saw a massive parade with all the character mascots T______T


Then he was like "I thought you guys were eating" T________T

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, JOSH? Hahaha. So please okay, learn from my mistake, refer to the theme park brochure for time slots for all activities!
Anyway it's not so bad you know why.. Cox at that point actually we had A LOT A LOT of fun as we continue to Thomas Town!!! =OOO Manage to spot your kids' favourite characters? 
Watched a very engaging live show of Bob the Builder where they got the kids to help pass the 'bricks' to build something haha. Meredith very not shy okay she went right to the front of the queue to be the first to grab the brick from the crew HAHA.
They have another indoor playground at Thomas Town!!! If you watched my IG stories that day you'd know how much fun we had at Thomas Town!!! Train rides, flying helicopter rides, bumper car rides, flying bus rides, the Colin-Crane-Drop ride, ferris wheel ride etc.. Seriously they were all so fun!!! Meredith went on all of them and she was so addicted to the Colin Crane Drop that she went on it TWICE and asked for the third time. I had to convince her to leave okay. If you're ever visiting the SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN, you MUST also visit Thomas Town so please get the Two-Park Pass!
More resting corners for adults and kids alike! =D Thank you SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN and Thomas Town for being soooo much fun for Meredith and myself and my family =DDD She come back home to tell many people about it okay. Memories every kid will LOVE to have!
The gift shop is a perfect place to grab some souvenirs! They have quite an extensive collection of these cute stuff!!!! I want the My Melody candy dispensing machine!!!
And more..
At the Red Bow Cafe located at G floor of SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN =D
Look at their cute pastries! They have a lot more on the menu but we only ordered these cox don't wanna waste food haha.
I asked Meredith "Mehmermeef can you take a picture with the cake please?" She gave me this face.
And then i ask "Can you smile" She gave me these faces..
And i ask "Can smile pretty pretty one?" She gave me this. I'm outta here, guys. LOL.
She wanna take the Hello Kitty off before i could camho omggg haha amatuer afterall~! HAHA.
Hello Kitty sandwich!!! Even the cheese and egg also Hello Kitty shaped!

Becox we reached  really early, we didn't check in earlier on. So after our fun day at SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN.. Our Hello Kitty themed rooms at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour are ready.. But i don't think my heart was quite ready becox Meredith and i were squealing OMG OMG OMG LOOK!!!


Hello Kitty ice cream truck..
Another view of the room..
Can you see how much thoughts they put into this! The ice cream on top cute as it is.. THEN STILL GOT ICE CREAM CONE DESIGN AT THE BOTTOM!!!
Hello Kitty overdose!!! NO RAGRATS!!! HAHA!
Meredith and i LOVE this room~!!!!!! But it's not our room.. It's my erjie's room haha!

Every room has a bag of this everyday!!!! =DDD It's for their guests to keep hehe. Of course i kept mine hehe. Hello excuse me, Hello Kitty cookies, Hello Kitty towels, bedroom slippers etc.. Of course i want~!!!
Our room is a Premium themed room suitable for family or a group of friends!!! It's the Hello Kitty of Oz’s friends in The Munchkin Village Room!!!
With a double-deck that can sleep three!! The bottom can roll out another sleeping space haha!
Cozy and quite enchanting!
Wth when i preview the picture i got a little shock okay thank you Meredith. HAHAHA.
Hotel Jen's thoughtfulness =))) A baby cot for Amelia!
"Well, thank you~ Haha. My thunder thighs and i love it"
It's all in the details!!!
Toiletries also so cute!!!
Then it's buffet dinner at Harbour Cafe within Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour! They have quite a big selection of international cuisine. Japanese..
More Japanese cuisine..
Lacal, Chinese and Western cuisine..
And a lot, a lot more.. Can't possibly snap all of the dishes but..

I HAVE TO SHOW YOU MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE.. The rendang dry ramen =OOOOO IT WAS SO GOOD WE WOULD ORDER LIKE FIVE SERVING EACH TIME WE GO THERE FOR LUNCH / DINNER =XXX It's too good!!!! The noodles were so chewy, cooked to perfection wth. And then the flavour omg. Please bring me back again~!!! But this is a special so i don't know if it'd still be there the next time i go back T_T It's launched together with Chili Crab dry ramen which is my sister's and Josh's preference but it was a tiny bit too spicy for me so i choose the rendang!!!
Food and fruits for Meredith hehe.
Their desserts look like art wth.

What a sweet ending for our days T.T Thank you so much Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour.. ❤︎
One of my favourite out of the dessert selection (they even have live crepes making section) is this DIY chendol section! I added so much honey sea coconut and longans with the ice shaving =X
And we walk the pink carpet back to our hotel room =))) It's very cute okay, when you're at the Hello Kitty themed rooms part of the guest rooms, the carpet changes from normal to PINK =DDD It makes you feel so special hehe.
HUGE HUGE HUGE SELECTION AGAIN. AND.. SUPER TASTY TOO~!!! Must try the eggs okay, the one that looks quite ugly on my photo LOL. The curry one especially was so goooood!!!
Fresh and warm soya bean milk at the porridge section and the samballllll SO FREAKING GOOD!
My daughter's breakfast that day was hard boiled egg white, soya bean milk, kaya steamed bao and dried cranberries, apricot and assorted nuts (hazelnut, sunflower seeds, walnut etc) Atas siol. HAHA.
I am very very thankful and happy for this short getaway and staycay, thank you so much Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour! Hotel breakfast really has a way to cheer people up. Like.. Life is so full of choices and abundance of food, that there's enough to go around haha.
My happy little family.. =))
Everybody smile~
And then we head for swimming at Hotel Jen Puter Harbour's Sky Pool!!! =DDD THE VIEW AGAIN!!!! SO BREATHTAKING!!! It was Amelia's first swimming pool experience haha.
Check out the view at the back please!
I kept pestering Meredith with Amelia hahaha.
Eryi playing with Meredith hehe. Thank god for Erjie and her friend that Josh and i can eat in peace for this trip haha. We normally also can eat lah it's just if without erjie's help we have to hurry eat and take turn to eat, cannot really enjoy the food. So with one more person in to take turn then it's a huge ease on us =D Thank you Erjie! For helping to take Meredith and Amelia!!!
After swimming we were quite famished haha. TIME TO EAT AGAIN!!! Back at Harbour Cafe for lunch =DDD As again, it was quite a feast. I added in a picture of the not so photogenic fried noodles cox it's so simple but soooooo yummy!!! Omg bursting with flavours of my lunch that day.
Thank you darling for taking Amelia so i can slowly enjoy my second plate of lala *shameful*
Erm.. I ask her to smile for photo while she was trying to fork the mushroom and she gave me this. HAHA. 她就真的很想吃到那颗蘑菇 hahaha.
Went for a spa session with erjie at their Health Club! There's also a gym there!!!
I'd give the rooms and ambience and everything an A. Perfect for a mid day relaxation session!!!
And then a little bit of chillaxation and cocktail at the Club Lounge after spa!!!
Tapas, cold cuts and LOTS of snack..
Meredith and mummy's bonding session before meimei wakes up from nap hehe.
What an experience.. I need to visit lounges more hahaha.
Say cheese my mini me! Eat the brownie until mouth so dirty this little girl.
Mummy + wine = Havoc. HAHA.
But you tell me this is not the way to live.

And then we went to walk around the area for a bit to explore the vicinity. And as auntie as my sister and me are.. Our favourite spot turned out to be the pharmacy and Toys'R'us right under the hotel LOLOL.

It was a huge pharmacy and they carry all sorts of stuff!!! Like even baby necessities!!! So if you run into an emergency needing some baby stuff, you know where to run to!

I stocked up on Meredith's vitamins and supplement in boxes of 6 =XXX It's the exact same thing except 2 times cheaper there =XXX OKAY DON'T SAY LIAO MORE SAY I MORE SOUND LIKE AUNTIE. HAHAHA. My sister also stocked up on supplement =XXX Hehe!

And then it's dinner time at Sky Bar within Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour!!! My little main course on the table. Hehe.
Dining by the Sky Pool.. Really quite cool and relaxing..
Lychee Martini for the mummy who worked really hard on other days, in fact EVERYDAY. Haha.
Food with a view like that T.T Please take me back to the Hotel Jen experience.
Sweet, sweet ending to our day at the Sky Bar.

After dinner we spent a little bit of time just enjoying the view from the Sky Pool.. I appreciate little moments like that.. And i hope Meredith (Amelia a bit too young to remember anything haha) will remember these snippets for a long time ❤︎

We didn't head out cox erm.. Kids have their sleep schedule to follow =X HAHA #NotSoCoolParents but if you're staying at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, do check out this page for their nightlife and cool hideouts around the hotel! A lot a lot of hipster places as well as local gems to discover! Guarantee you're going to find out a side of Johor you never knew!
As for little kids like Meredith, she may not be able to see night lights of Johor but we climbed up the double-deck bed and it was a new experience for Meredith cox it's her first time hahaha. And then we got lotsa snacks from the mama shop at the hotel, and then we off-ed the lights in our room and did a impromptu camping hehe.
She asked me to open and i didn't have the heart to say no so i open and told her she can have three licks HAHA. She kept her promise okay. Three licks and she very very sadly return it to me LOL.

That marks the end of our very very awesome Hello Kitty experience at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour and Hello Kitty Town =))) Now it's YOUR TURN to come experience it for yourself!!!


1 x 2D1N stay experience at Jen’s Hello Kitty Themed Room


4 x Sanrio Town Hello Kitty
(and Thomas Town) Themed Park tickets
(along with these goodies you'd see below!)
For five lucky winners!!! =D If you're looking to book your stay at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour for their Hello Kitty themed rooms, these are some of the rooms they have! They have a lot more different ones (you can check out their website!) but these are to my personal preference haha!
This nautical one is very cute also! And perfect for Hello Kitty fans mummies who are bringing their boys hahahaha! Not too girly right?
This one also ver pretty!!!
And of course my all-time favourite, this one! =D

Now how to win right?!

Go to my instagram and look for my Hello Kitty experience giveaway post HERE and follow the instructions!

You just have to follow + comment and tag three friends and tell them to go have fun together in your own ways! =D

Simple hor!!! Go go go! Good luck! For those who can't wait to join the giveaway, feel free to book your own stay and fun~ Links for your convenience!

Alright! Imma go do mummy duties now and shower Meredith T.T See lah, everyday is like this. Haha. Busy busy busy. Work work work. Momming momming momming.

So once again, thank you so much Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour and Hello Kitty Town for this trip =D Will definitely be back again~!!!


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