12 January 2018

What is happening

I can't brain everything that is happening right now.

At age 30 i am learning new things like how to handle an avocado to make guacamole, how to sweep and mop the floor clean so that other people will step into the cafe with a standard i'd expect when i step inside a food place.

I'm also learning how to properly put trash bags and handle trash bag full of trash, so that it won't break when i'm trying to clear it.

And learning how not to freak out each time the cash drawer CHENGGG! open. It is really very loud okay 吓死我很多次 haha.

I'm very tired i haven't stand for so many hours in a day i think. But my brain is so so so excited cox there's so many good yummy pretty cute food we wanna bring out for people.

Thank you Rachell, thank you Carolyn becox without you guys i don't know how this is ever gonna happen.

When i was a teenager i was working at a restaurant as their hostess and each time i have free time i'd doodle my own restaurant layout. I got a few concepts in my head and i told Michelle and Yuzhen we should do it and call the main company Woohoo lol.

What was i thinking. I can't think properly back then, i probably still can't think properly now but i'm pretty sure i made the right choice, to keep fulfilling dreams.

Cox they are what keeps us going.

Will do a proper post for the shop.

But for now, i just wanna let you know how thankful i am for my friends (especially Mich, who help me look after Meredith a day before we soft launch T.T If not i don't know where to put her) and my helper who help with Amelia a lot a lot. All the little milestones i'm missing out for Amelia, for my other baby. But i know it'd all be worth it becox this will be where Amelia grow up having memories of as well =') And also, this maybe will pay for her school fees okay LOLOL.

I also wanna thank our full-timers (one of them is my nephew Ah Bong) for sticking with us even though we are also learning. For not running away when they see the shop as it was before launch - CHAOTIC.

And I wanna thank Josh.. Who is always the one pushing me from the back, giving me support and boost for everything i wanna do. Who takes care of my kids and in that few days when i'm away from home, in the shop, he manage to teach Meredith how to use the training chopsticks. Meredith was helping me squirt sanitizer on all the surfaces like tables and chairs, before i wipe them.

And she was using a cloth to help wipe the black stains off the floor. I didn't believe she could do it, but my 2year10month old kid really could T.T Don't be mistaken okay she's not child labour LOL although it really sounds like she is. Truth is i tried to ask her to sit downstairs and wait for me but she insist on helping and if i don't let her she will sob silently okay very very emotional lol.

But hey, the cafe you're visiting is taken care of by many people who love the cafe to bits. It's a place we love, for you to love =)

Meredith cleaned the floor until she so baobei the floor okay, she'd tell everyone to remove their shoes =___=" Lolol. You don't have to okay. It's okay, she'd just come and complain to me at the end of the day "Sho mehghee peeper kep ong ge floor. Sho gerkih, no?" And she frowns upon it like you guys are some uncivilised pumpkins LOL. but hey, please don't mind her, shoes are 100% allowed and recommended hahaha! She is our youngest crew who needs to be counselled LOL. I'd ask Carolyn to give her a warning letter soon.

Byebye. My life is truly blessed cox i have so many good friends and family.. Thank you, God..

Or whoever is there watching over me. Thank you.

I'm zoning off again i can't feel my legs. Good night.

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