24 July 2019

Me as a Mummy diary 1 year 11 months

Hehe. I am back! This time quite fast right. Proud of myself cox despite the whole family (except me and helper but including didi) falling sick. I DID NOT STOP WORKING nor did i slack in blogging LOL. I mean as compared to 2 years no update, 2 months one baby update is pretty amazing hahaha!

Here's Feb 2017 update.. Thank you if you've been reading.. =)) This month we celebrate Meredith's birthday one week beforehand.. And also celebrated Valentines. Hehe.


Most of the time we stay home cox go out need to spend money hahaha. So other than reading and playing in the playroom, we also let her watch some TV and play toys downstairs. Sometimes she bored until like this, just nua on the floor and sing wtf.
Other time.. We head out.....
TO BIG FURNITURE SHOPS HAHAHAHA. She can just go up the sofa, bounce around a bit and then after 20 sofas, we go home =))) HAHAHA. Free entertainment okay. On this day we legit left house to head to IKEA and Courts and just go home. No need spend a single cent.
Yuxuan and Meredith hehe. Through good and bad fringe haircut.
My daughter confidence can sia. I show her how dirty she looks with the nutella on mouth, and ask her if she think it's pretty, she very matter of factly tell me yes.
6 months in hehe.
Went to Boufe to celebrate VDay hahaha. Weird. Cox we'd usually never do that.
Even more rare!!! Sijie and Jinzeng couple date with us!!! Sijie eat the angmoh food she ask me to ask the staff for cut chili padi and light soya sauce wtfff.

Erm. The real couple hahaha.
On Vday itself i used free credits i accumulated to book a 1 night stay HAHAH. It pays to plug referral links okay hahahahah.
The first time she manage to show a peace sign!!!
Where is my squishy face baby. Now 4 yro her tell me she like papa more, what a eat in crawl out.
Forgot to bring extra bra so Josh help me blowdry my bra hahahah. Not sure to give him Best Husband award or Most Unlucky Guy award hahahaha.
Aunty Kehlin came to join us for a short while and influence my daughter =) HAHA. Joke only ah, just hold for picture only she never drink.
One of those silly nights with Sierra hahaha. See the two siao boh.

WHO HAD 1 WHOLE YEAR OF DISTURBED POOPING EXPERIENCE BECOX YOU?!?! Love papa more...... Love ni de tou!! Last time stick with me like glue. Now say love papa more just like that. Kids are so cruel. LOLOL.
Fries and ketchup lipstick haha.
Durian night with yeye hehe.
Sayang meimei..
Shampoo for yeye haha. Silly girl.
Weekends be like that with Sierra hahaha.
Two superstar.
Auntie Kehlin brought the biggest strawberries over omg. It's like half my palm size!!! And my palm is pretty huge hahaha.
Hahaha my daughter cannot get more vain than this.
Or can she.
Meimei looking pretty inside..
Went to Aunty Cheesie's house cox mama need to go get stuff done.. Cheesie made these for Meredith and Junya.

Just random shots of her coming back from school..

She looks like Boo from Monster Inc a bit hor hahah.
Set up tentage in the house lol - Save money from going out to play 101.
She love it soooo much she fell asleep inside many times okay haha.
Her real yeye passed on.. Ganma and closer friends of Josh came to the wake and help look after Meredith..
Rach brought bubble gun haha. Meredith love it so much.
While we go for final day i think. Ganma help bring Meredith out.
And as again, she fell asleep on ganma haha. Ganma's hand wanna break liao.
Her first dental visit at Thomson specialist dentistry.
Dimpled face haha.

Is there anything her papa wouldn't do for her? Haha. She requested for Animals and Dinosaur theme.
My heart.
Went to Artfriend and spent a total of $4.80 for vanguard sheets and cardboard.
DIY some games.
My favourite gotta be this "Cow Dunk" hahaha.
Lucky girl doesn't know.
Born to be.
Ming Kok cannot be there for the celebration to happen so his present come first haha. 好有心.
For her second birthday. Water play at the backyard.
TBH at least 3 kids were crying. HAHAHAHA. Lucas was mildly disturbed hahahaha.
As i was editing these picture, Meredith saw and told me "This was my birthday right? I remember. Awww.. I wish i could have this birthday again" Haha. For that i give myself a big fat GOOD JOB as her party planner. Hahaha.
My sisters going crazy on water bomb fight.
Papa and mama dinosaur.
Little explorer. Stay curious.

With eryi..
And everyone..
Thankful for what we have..

What an appreciative little girl =) HAHA.

Night time camp fire in a tent outdoor haha. Then every gets to 'adopt' an animal balloon home.
Next day she get to open her presents and she get to choose and keep 3. The rest donate to other children. She chose the motorbike Sierra mummy got for her..
Lion dance head yeye got for her..
And her ultimate favourite? THIS FREAKING BROOM HAHAHAHHAHA. Samantha got this for her omg hahahahha. Joke sia.
Went to Adeline's place for dinner and Eugene they all got this cake for her. Meredith is indeed very very lucky.
Menwhile lao niang buck up and eat eat eat better. Due to stress and i feel i was mildly depressed, i only put on 3kg when i was 5 months in. So finally i buck up and put on a bit more weight!
Celebrated her birthday in school! One kid can have how many birthday celebration sia. Haha.

Alright that's that for now! Here's a video! this time round only 15 minutes or so. Not crazy like before, 30 minutes, 45 minutes all. HAHAHA. Gon go get ready to leave house already cox the girls are coming back from school!

Bye bye!

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