16 November 2009


That's Missy M doing my red hot lips.

I stole these two pictures from Prissy's blog. From yesterday's (Sunday) shoot. I had on a total of nine outfit i think. Show you the pics when i get them okay ^.^ The fashion comm students! Gosh they were all such nice people. And cool! I mean, i know, i am nice too. But isn't it like nice to meet nice people like yourself?! LOL!!! N I C E~

My primary school English teacher already told my class to not just use nice and that we can try to use words like Beautiful, Wonderful, Amazing, Impressive, Kind, Delightful.

Then my secondary school teacher says the same thing.


Why i cannot use nice? Huh? Tell me nicely, why i cannot use nice?!?!
And also, why don't they allow durians in trains?


I am coming back with a contest raving on The 199 Shop contest. Sounds super cool! I want to join! =D

Very random of late. And i injured my spinal since yesternight and it JUST got better now. God loves me. I am blessed. Okay, can we get serious for a moment? I don't know, i just wanna get serious now.

I am thankful for everything i have in life..
For all the people who stand by me..
Mainly my family, my Love and my two lovely woofies.
And the friends who'd stay close no matter what.

I am thankful for everything, okay?

Remember people for the good things they done for you and then when they do something bad, you remember the good things, still. This way you have nothing to fight for..

Well, unless you REALLY feel like picking on somebody, that's a different story =D Then you don't have to be NICE.

I'm stucked.



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