12 November 2009

She does not have it.

Yesterday on the train ride back home from Chinatown, something really awkward happened.
Red is by me, and blue was all that my love did.

Two stations later, there was a s0-very-strong, pungent smell. Bad smell. Almost immediately i knew what it was, one of my favourite snack, Chippy British Takeaway - Salt and Vinegar Fish.

If any of you guys know what it can smell like, you'd fully understand what i mean.

So i turned to my love and went like..

"Eh you smell that?"


"I know what's that you know"
*smart aleckness*

*nods upward in turn of asking why*

"It's Chippy British Takeaway. The vinegar fish!"


"Omg.. So poor thing.. Later people think that girl got CCB how.."

At this point of time, i didn't even know if it was a girl or a guy with the smell. I didn't know who it was, or where the person's standing.

So i looked around and less than a minute later, i turned, and found a lady with Chippy British standing right behind me.

I felt so bad!!!

So i nudge my love to see.

*shakes head*

Hey lady, i didn't meant what i say. You do NOT have a CCB.



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