02 March 2010

My latest steals

"WHAT?! You looking at my pernini?!"
This is what Tiffany likes to do after shower besides curling up on the sofa or at any corner.
She likes to sun tan while sleeping =DD And i like to watch her when i am nua-ing at the sofa.

The last time i bought a pair of shoes for $2.90 or $2.80. You can see it here. The blue pair of shoes. I think i just broke my own record.



From Bugis village. The shoes that sells plenty chio slippers and shoes.
You'd know if you frequent there, if not don't bother.

Gonna bake macaroon next!

Oh oh oh! Show you my GLOW IN THE DARK nail polish next time okay! =D
90 cents only! From Hougang Mall, Blackout, level 3 =DDD



Kumiko Hayler said...
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Kumiko Hayler said...

Hi babe, you sure know where to find really great bargains! ;)

Anonymous said...

I cant find ur glow in the dark nail polish on ur blog ....can tell me the pic???

Anonymous said...

I cant find ur glow in The dark nail polish pic Can tell me where u post