14 March 2010

Nobody wanna marry me but it's fine.

Not really.

Everyone around me is getting married. Okay i know you gonna say i am psychotic becox Xiaxue getting married doesn't mean everyone around me is getting married but that's not the only case!!! I look around in Facebook (which i hardly do), and then before was my secondary school mate getting married, then i heard another secondary school junior gotten married and then my ex-colleagues one by one all getting married or taking wedding pictures or took wedding pictures and the only one left behind, on the smelly shelf is me. I rarely browse through Fb and this is what i get. Can you imagine if i browse through Fb everyday? I would have most probably attempted suicide for god-knows-how-many times. Everything shouting at me says, "OLD MAID".

Which reminds me, i used to love playing cheat at Old Maid. In fact the last game i had with Niao and Bong durig CNY period, Niao was sitting back-facing the full-length mirror, and of course i don't pick up the Old Maid from her deck. So beside her being dumb, i was being very dishonest too. LOL. Think the retribution coming: I AM A OLD MAID MYSELF.

And i am stuck with my two doggies, who will never marry me =(((


They are really cute so i don't mind!

We anyhow larp one T-shirt over Drago before going out in a car for ChipChip's birthday party of which, i don't know who to get pictures from. Omg i love Drago's baby blue eyes. He's Australian okay!!! Gong Ang Moh one! Sometimes i feel weird like he don't understand it when i speak to him in Mandarin. Except "吃飯嘍"!

Drago don't really like the shirt on and he actually show sad faces =((

But on the other hand..






"Moma i don't mind!"
Tiffany looking stupid and ugly. Hahaha!!!

"Don't force me, Mom.. I'm a grown up"
Sigh.. My son got attitude problem already..

The other time i was eating Ring Pop..

"Can share..?"

NO. So Drago gave up and then comes..

"Can share pleaseeeee?" =DDD

"Mommy.. Can you stop snapping? I said!! Imma grown up yoz!"

Random shots of them being nice around each other.

I cannot take wedding picture but my doggies can =DDD

Took this shot at the museum. Quite fun there!

I so art =D

Okay! Life goes on and it's really beautiful sometimes!
Other times you just don't see it! How do i look here with no liquifying?

This is with quite a fair bit of liquifying. Haha.
Either way still pretty =D

(Wait long long then have!)

Signing off with Tiffany:
Uncle, Auntie, wanna play Squeakie-Wheeeere?
I am a good girl.


GenevieveWijaya said...

Babe, I noticed one of the fur babies have ears slightly further apart from each other as compared to normal huskies'. Happen to be a mal too? or likely a mix? Heard of your name tons of times but only realised just moments ago tt you love dogs too!!!!

GenevieveWijaya said...

WAHAHAHAHA!!! Don Don Vid was a classic! I can remember how hard it was to hold back the laughters while recording!!! Gosh internet makes the world very small. Hope to meet up with ur girl someday! (Cos Caesar's v anti-social to males :X)

GenevieveWijaya said...

Sent permission to follow ya on tweet. Accept if don't mind pls! turning in now. Tata!