13 March 2011

QWeekly - Food, Soph, Geck and Me ^.^

Hello~ One picture of me at a random restaurant ^.^

And i'm saying here again, i don't know how to wear contact lens lah okay, don't need to comment and praise my contact lens or ask where i bought it. Lol. It makes me damn gek xim. Lol. But right underneath is for you girls who lovessss pretty contact lens!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Two kind of oysters. Golden Mantle and something Mary or Mary something. I really forgot. One is damn crazily sweet and one is a little bit of sea-salt-ish taste.

Thing is.. I don't dare to take oyster at all. It's the look of it. Plus the texture. Plus the smell. Plus the taste. Everything looks bad. Lolol. BUT BUT BUT, bf say it's the sweetest oyster he ever tasted for the longest time.

The previous batch was so good, he got another kind to try. This one is palm-sized (gross) and he say it's full of sea-freshness. Wtf is sea freshness please? Lolol.

My salmon with herb. I totally re-flavoured the salmon on my own with A LOT of salt and pepper and lemon cox it's so damn fishy. But i'm not complaining becox the fries is damn hell good.

Bf's seafood Aglio Olio. Very simple, NOT BAD, NOT NICE, just edible. Lol.

I'm being very critical about this becox we headed for Marina Sqaure for Pariss cox i strike 4D, so it's a treat for bf plus it's a celebration for my luckiness and then we realise Pariss is closed for renovation. PUI PUI PUI. So i'm super grumpy that day but.. Oh well.. Bf had great oysters, i had great french fries.. = /

Tried on sponging method for nails after seeing Marina's guide to it =DDD
She's DAMN good with DIY nails!!!! This is some crazy dedication to nails please!
Go see HERE to read how to do it, don't ask me, i anyhow try one!

TA DAH~~~ My first attempt at sponging!!! ^.^ Actually i super love it and quite proud of it!!!

I go Lavendar MRT wait for Sophie and i saw the floor of the MRT also is this pattern and this colour and i become this very very sian-ed girl -_-" Why Lavendar MRT copy me? Lolol.

Haha.. Sophie look so cute in the first pic! =DDD I THINK, it's her first time trying Ah Balling. Lolol. Fancy half angmoh trying local traditional dessert, NISE! Lolol.

Clockwise, Famous no pork/ no lard Char Kway Teow, Deep fried Prawn roll, Chili Noodle with pork ribs and Ah Balling (glutinous rice balls with various filling and peanut soup). ALL YUMMY MUCH!!!

First picture we snapped together and it turned out blurry and with weird colour. So i guess i'd just leave it as that since we all look quite nice and happy ^.^

I decided not to show Geck Geck's jigohpek face in this picture but i look quite chio cannot miss. Lol.


I think i'd see you again soon, hopefully, for the Hong Kong trip. If not, for a camwhore post. Wait lah, want fast fly aeroplane lah! Lol. Don't know? This is what i used to say when i was younger to people who hurry me. Lol. Or or, "Rushing to reincarnate huh?" in chinese. Or or, "SAI GOON AH YOU?!" in Hokkien, which means, Your shit boiling huh? Lololololololol!!! Okay, the longer i stay, the more crap i'd come up with without proper paragraphing it becox i shouldn't insult paragraphing like that.


Coco Tai said...

hahahaha I love "Wait lah, want fast fly aeroplane lah!" Shall use sometime haha


Anonymous said...

The oysters look good! Which restaurant did u guys have them?

Anonymous said...

are you wearing contacts in your first photo? or it's ps-ed? nice eyes tho :)

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu! May I know where you got your leopard print cardi on the first pic? (:

Anonymous said...

ur forehead is huge

sophiewillocq said...

LOL @ "your forehead is huge" hahaha ask them to look at mine.

QiuQiu said...

Coco Tai, yeah! Use it in the restaurant, "Hello miss, is my food ready?" "HELLO SIR! WANT FAST FLY AEROPLANE!" Lolol.

Anon, Fin at marina sqaure =)

Not wearing contacts!

Leopard cardi from TheBlogShop! =DD

Forehead huger smarter.


♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

Your nails look amazing! You did such a good job :)

Thank you for mentioning my little blog xo

Anonymous said...

How you do the makeup for your lower lash line? Mascara or fake eyelash?

QiuQiu said...

Marina, thank you for sharing!!! =D

Anon, i use brown eyeliner and then mascara but i'd add on lashes on Photoshop =D

Anonymous said...

Hi may I know which food centre did u gals went to for the famous char kuey teow? The pics look good!

Anonymous said...

Hi may I know which food centre did u gals went to for the famous char kuey teow? The pics look good!

Anonymous said...

how u put on lashes via photoshop? by brushes? or draw?