12 April 2011

Doing the right thing..

Randomly thought (while in toilet changing pads, how inspiring) how come i never really succeed in whatever i started out to do. This blog no count becox i can't tell if it's successful (okay maybe a teeny-weeny tiny tiny little bit lol) and plus i didn't start this blog to make it successful so no count.

Like i went to Singapore poly, BizAd, majoring in retail becox i want to learn how to start and manage a shop of my own when i graduate. But i didn't complete the studies, that's one thing.

THING IS, i've got out of school for.. FIVE freaking years already. FIVE, FREAKING, YEARS!!! And i've never really done anything right to achieve what i started out thinking i wanna do.

Tried doing up blogshop to sell things when i was flying.. It flopped cox i sold the items at provision shop profit margin. Like if buy $4, i'd sell at $4.50. Cox i thought to myself that there's no other cost involved since i fly for free. Haha.

I KNOW!!! I don't know why i so stupid!!! Don't ask, i don't want to talk about that already. Lol. It is solid proof of me being mentally-disabled. Lol.

Then i got distracted by other things, and went back to selling stuff on blogshop again. That wasn't so bad but i drifted off when i was shifting house. And then other things happen and i just didn't go back to keep up the blogshop.

Anyway i must say that i have the most supportive boyfriend ever. He tries to help in whichever way he can when i wanna do something. I can never be more thankful for that =)) He's always meticulous, by that i also mean more long-winded. Haha! And he's more weary and always looking into details, which is the total opposite of me becox i like to head-plunge into things. First i do and then i think of how to resolve problem if problem arise. And they always do.

But most of the time i don't resolve anything, i give up when things turn bad.

But i guess i'm no longer young and i need to own things. Things that make me feel proud of myself. Things that can sustain my growth in life to be bigger things.

Okay i think i got it sorted out half way through this post. Three things.

I'm going to have to stay focus on that three things and STILL, just do it! Beat metal while hot. Fail while i still can afford to. Lol.

Bye. Lol. No lah, i'm not gonna leave you right after making use of you while i think-type and finally have it figured out. Haha. So i'm gonna insert some pictures to reward you all for thinking with me *shamelessly force people to look at me as if they very desperately want to*

My $2 top from Boon Keng area =DDD Long wig how?

Happy green skirt with a thousand pleats from TheBlogShop =D
Short wig better? Okay i think i'd stop wearing wigs to camwhore it's getting old. Lol.

Sidetracking a bit, i think seriously, seriously, there are more poses than just half bending your leg and touch your shoulder and act all high-street chic -.- Same face i see everywhere, i sian.

Denim layered dress from TheBlogShop too =D

How's the red lips looking for you? Not bad right? Lol.

So i'd need to do some things. Three things. We'd talk about it again *act cool* And i can fail again, but i cannot stop trying. Cox that's what i wanna do. And i want it to be done. And i have to do it myself. Cox that's the right thing to do. And now should be the right time.

Besides.. After wasting time doing all the wrong thing, this is where the love is =) Where i get all the attention *happy* and where i can age with people who reads me. Hahaha. Quite romantic hor?

Gotta get out of the cycle of doing the right thing at the wrong time/ with the wrong person. Now it's just me, and everyone who cares. Me, working for people i care about. Me working for me =) There'd be a time where i'd find myself grossly old, like when i'm passed the 2_. So i need to for once sit down and think serious shit becox i'm about half way between 2_ and 30. Lol.

Thank you for reading, sincerely =) If i have no where to write about these thoughts, or i write it somewhere where no one gives me the attention and credit that i'm actually capable of thinking (apparently not so proven in this post cox it's all about how i fail cox i don't think that much) i'd feel depressed and unloved and unmotivated cox no one to witness my determination. Lol.

Oh man, feeling all fuzzy and fluffy in the heart although it looks like a whole lot of nonsense. Having people keen in my nonsense, is the best feeling. Hahaha =D Thank you, you you you and you =))

Bye bye!


Anonymous said...

OiuOiu, i think you are quite successful in what you do already. but it depends what you consider as successful lorh. is it money, passion etc etc? your Budget Barbie is going quite well leh, so to me thats not bad. the 5 years may seem like you've not done anything but i'm sure along the way you did learn about yourself. (: so heads up, you'll be fine! ^^ i think you're awesome! xoxo

Coco Tai said...

haha go QiuQiu! JIAYOU in whatever you do! hehe..I must say I kinda feel the same, I aspire to do so much, then plans just flop ]:


Anonymous said...

How come you never mention ANYTHING about the THREE things you mention?

Anonymous said...

It is never too late to start something . Good luck

Sharon said...

I think you're great the way you are. Maybe you'll become like really really famous by the time you're 30! Just keep going...
By the way, you look fab! Love your poses for your shoots. =)

Naliza said...

Hey qiuqiu :)
just wanted to say that u're not alone with how u feel >.<
like others said.. ure already successful with what ur currenly doing :)

lots of love from europe xx

outofpoint said...

Think you can start doing right by using spell check.

Anonymous said...

aw qiu qiu dont feel bad! because at least you've TRIED to do succeed in the things you've aspired.

I'm aspiring to do a lot of things but I haven't done much/anything to achieve them! Like start a mini online business/get a part time job/volunteer for charity etc.

you're still young and have lots of time to do what you wanna achieve! x

doooduuu said...

Jiayou QiuQiu!! 你可以的!

Anonymous said...

where u buy ur wig from

Anonymous said...

u said u were flying, for SIA? I am so envious of your life wei!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, xiaxue intro u the eyelash glue wat name and can be brought from where? thanks alot! do share!

YH said...

Hey qiuqiu, u looked amazing in the last photo. With the brown hair and brown eyes. Like a angmo! Do your best in everything! Dont get distracted and I am sure you can succeed! Believe in yourself :)

QiuQiu said...

Hello you alllllll! Hello Coco! Thanks for all the nice and encouraging words.. Sometimes i'm so thankful and grateful for everything, sometimes i'm so greedy. But i guess i'm happier being thankful =))

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

What camera are you using eh? :)