24 August 2011

Ad: Warning: Check where your fresh milk is from!

Half of my fridge! The rest is all chocolates and snacks. Lol.

But just so you and i have a understanding that i also do take little steps to maintain a slightly more balanced diet (to convenience only), i have some fruits in my fridge all the time. It's meant for my doggies, my bf and i to share ^.^ So you see some kiwi fruits and apples in there.

Then there's mineral water. Which is a MUST-HAVE for me! I cannot be thirsty and be without plain water! Or i'd be really cranky and feel very insecure. Lol.

Then.. There's yogurt for the doggies.. And some fruity packet drinks we both love. So we'd always serve our guests this few flavours, and this few flavours only. LOL. Okay maybe sometimes got soya bean drink.


And you also see two bottles of wine-like drink. It's actually white grape sparkling fruit juice. Lol. Can act all adult-ish with it. Haha.

And milk!!! =DDD To go with cereal mainly but i love milk on its own too!

Now i have a question.. Where does the milk that we drink, come from?

Do you ever check that?

Ten thousand brands on the shelves.

And i took this picture in a small supermarket. Imagine the twenty thousands more brands that full-fledged supermarts are carrying!!

I asked around amongst my friends and family and some of my relatives, if they were to choose to drink milk from Indonesia, Thailand or Australia, where would they choose. Like ALL of them chosed Australia.

Why am i not surprised?! I know you would be with the majority too!

But now the thing is.. How many of you actually do check where the milk is from? For once I'm brand-conscious when it comes to things like that! Erm.. Anything too cheap, i won't take. Anything too expensive, i also won't take. Lol.

Displaying the typical Singaporean (auntie) spirit, i am all out for reputable, trusted brands and quality products at reasonable prices!

Eh, clothes, shoes and accessories, cheap, never mind. The worst that can happen is for those to break easily and you throw them away, problem solved. But food and beverages that we consume cannot be stingy one! Cox it goes right into our body!

I shall do my own mini poll with the people around me to check if they know which countries the brands of the fresh milk commonly found over-the-shelf are from! Most of them are guessing by the look of the packaging or guessing by the name. LOL. My friends super shallow one.

Some answer by remember some old TV ads. Which.. I think in some ways.. Could have been misleading to start with. Anyway! Here's all the convo!!!

My sister and i on Facebook chat, you know, the thing youngsters do, I DO. Lol. Very much like me, my sister uses "Don't know" very easily. Lol.

AHEM, young people uses wassap too. Lol. Carrie making her best guess.

Yuzhen is mad, still so confident say "I hope im correct" Er, no? Lolol.
But i still LOVE YOU NAH! ^.^

So anyway, i gave up screenshoting convos cox i have this feeling that all the answers will come up to be.. WRONG. And i cannot risk showing you all that ALL my friends are.. Stupid Not aware. Lolol.

Most of them thought Meiji fresh milk is from Japan, and Magnolia is from Singapore/ Australia and that Greenfields is from Australia.
For several days i didn't stop asking around (becox it feels good to ask, and people give you the wrong answer and then you can tell them the right answers and feeling smarter for a few seconds LOL) verbally and it's interesting how most people have the wrong idea of the countries of where their fresh milk is from, by judging from how their brand sound and by looking at where it's manufactured in.

I head to the supermarket to check it out for myself! Then come back home to do more search and research online. Here's a few of the more popular brands for fresh milk! Magnolia has been around, Meiji and Greenfields is known for being two of the most affordable brands for fresh milk.

Magnolia fresh milk states product of Singapore.

But Singapore does not have a milk farming industry apart from niche goat farms in Lim Chu Kang. 

Most milk found on our supermarket shelves are imported in bulk form, from countries like Malaysia and Australia and packed in Singapore, while some others are packed and imported from Thailand and Indonesia.

Sometimes, the same brand of milk in 1L cartons and 2L bottles may come from different countries so one more reason to check where the milk you're consuming comes from!!!

And this is why on Magnolia fresh milk it is stated Product of Singapore, it's becox it's packed here.
But as to where the milk comes from, there really is ZERO results on the WHOLE internet except a few bloggers/ forumners expressing their encounter on calling Magnolia to try to find out but was told that it's confidential, and that they can only reveal that it's from all over Asia.

And Meiji fresh milk that almost everyone mistook for it coming from Japan, is from Thailand. Lol. I would think Akira (Singapore brand) appliances is made in Japan too.

This.. I'm sorry but it's the MOST misleading carton info for fresh milk i came across during the trip to check out all the milk.

Not saying anything about the quality of the milk, it's just the carton information is misleading. After a little bit of researching, i realise that it is true that their milk is from Australian dairy cows. BUT, those cows are imported from Australia, then kept and farmed in Indonesia, then the milk from these cows in Indonesia, is exported out to the rest of the countries.

Australian cows produce good milk but if they breathe / drink Indonesian air / water, the quality of milk cannot be considered 100% Australian quality anymore. Make sense?

And i'm not surprised now why this brand is the most affordable (yes, cheapest) brand of fresh milk on the shelf.

Why do consumers prefer fresh milk from Australia? Here are some reasons:

Cows in Australia get lots of fresh air, sunshine, and green pastures and these are the key ingredients and ideal conditions to produce high-quality and good-tasting fresh milk.

SO!!! For 100% FRESH AUSTRALIAN MILK, Introducing!!! *drumroll*

Click on picture for more info

Marigold FRESH Milk!!! ^.^

Fresh milk direct from the cows in australia, into bottles!!!
Then sealed with love from Marigold!

In short, MARIGOLD Fresh Milk is direct from the green pastures of Australia!!! It contains 100% fresh milk from Australian dairy cows. CAN YOU SAY IT'S MOOOOOOOLY FRESH?!?! =DDD

See Marigold fresh milk in action! ^.^
Of course!!! Only the best milk to go with yummy cereal! =D


I'm sure everyone loves any sort of cookies with milk!!! I usually pour a bigger cup so i can drink it along the way! =DD

Dip n Eat~

Here's a few quick tips to make the world's best scrambled egg according to ME. Lol.

- Beat the eggs with bowl tilted by 45 degree so more air can get in. And your scrambled eggs will be more fluffy instead of being hard and densely packed.

- Add some sea salt and pepper if you may like!

- Of course, only add good milk like Marigold FRESH Milk! =DDD

- Cook it only to 3/4 cook or slightly below that. Cox the eggs will continue to 'cook' with the residual heat after you remove from pans. And overcooked scrambled eggs are dry and hard.

So there you have!

This picture doesn't do my World's Best scrambled egg justice -.-

So here's the close up! ^.^ Hungry not!

And easy pancake mix that only require us to add eggs and MILK!!! ^.^

I added Marigold FRESH Milk to the batter but it's a bowl of mess so i rather not show it. Plus everyone say the look of my pancakes fail =(( Say it looks like carrot cake more than pancake. BUT IT TASTE GOOD OKAY!!! I just don't know how to control the heat that's all!!! Don't be deceived by the look of it!!! *defensive*

"我很醜~ 可是我很文柔~" Lol! I EAT IT MYSELF TO PROVE! Lolol. Going along with it, a cup of Marigold fresh milk ^.^

Gonna end this post soon and realise that Vitagen and Marigold is from the same company. Maybe all the stickers i'm collecting can be exchanged for more Marigold FRESH Milk! =DDD

Camwhore shot with Marigold FRESH Milk ^.^ My new Aussie friend. Lol.

So would you please go check where the current brand of milk you’re drinking is from? So many reasons for us to check where our milk is from whenever we buy home cartons of milk to drink! I ONLY WANT FRESH AUSTRALIAN MILK! =DDD

Yes! 100% Fresh! 100% Australian! That's what i want!!!

The best is never the cheapest for consumable products! The best states BIG AND CLEAR, confident and proud of where their products is from. So pick up your carton of Marigold's FRESH Milk soon! ^.^ Like NOW will be great, haha!

For more infomation visit Marigold FRESH Milk!


Neena said...

We don't actually have that brand of milk here! Made specially for Singapore :p

Anonymous said...

You stay with your bf only? Just recently become a regular reader of yours. Do a blog post about yourself! Bet many ppl will love it! hehe

yan said...

My brother works in AVA. And he told me that most milk in cartons that we have in Singapore are made from milk powder. Not from the udders of the cow and processed.
Except a certain few brands. ;) So the question is not where the milk is from, but how fresh is your fresh milk and also how nutritious it is!

Anonymous said...

Aww..bet u're to busy to reply me! Nvm, I repost =p --- Care to share sophie's blog link? Is she a mix? thz qq~!

smokë said...

I thought meiji was from japan too. anyway is there any milk from malaysia? i never seen any in malaysia.

Fel said...

To the anonymous: I'm gonna answer you in the hopes that you're not some stalker/pervert, so please do me a favour lol. Her blog is www.sophiewillocq.blogspot.com and obviously she's mixed, what kind of question is that.

Cute ad, qiuqiu!!

Anonymous said...

Can see you put alot of effort into your advertorials until some bloggers, kudos to you for that! :)

wandering soul said...

quite informative blog! ^_^

Anonymous said...

There is no Marigold here in Melbourne :(

Anonymous said...

I think you used the wrong word "wen" when you said wen rou

Anonymous said...

wads the amount of milk to add with wad amount of egg for ur "world's best scrambled egg" or something? can u add it into ur post? by the way i love that brand of milk!! and it must be the one with black and white patterns too! haha

QiuQiu said...

Anon, Sophie's blog is www.sophiewillocq.blogspot.com ^.^

Amount of egg VS milk i usually put 3:2

But i heard some people might do half half but it'd get watery quite fast!

Anonymous said...

I remember u went to punggol for photoshoot? Near the river for the japanese thing. Can I know how you change to different outfits over there? is there a toilet nearby? Thanks! (cause i am going there hahaha)

Anonymous said...

To fel, I like to look at "mixed" girls. But I'm a straight girl -.- thz for the link anyway!

Anonymous said...

So are these milks 100% pure and not diluted with water and sugar?

Jaylin said...

Qiuqiu your blog achieves navi aren't working. :(

Anonymous said...

im a girl and i like ur personality so much! wish i have friends like you!

Anonymous said...

You live with your bf or family? :) just curious!

Anonymous said...

hi QQ,

I noticed it says Manufactured in Malaysia though..in one of the closeup pics, if u see carefully.
So is this still truly Australian??

Jir0x3 said...

Oh but singapore's starbucks uses greenfields milk. I saw it in compass point starbucks oo. But I still like greenfields milk and awh duped by meiji :'( I bought meiji milk cos its from japan hehehe.

J said...

There is a cow farm in Singapore that does milking. And they produces their own brand in the form of big bottle and mini bottle. But if I'm not wrong, its not seen on the shelf already. It used to be sold in supermarkets tho.

Twentysix said...

There is also another brand of milk: Farmhouse which is also 100% Australia. Both Farmhouse & Marigold is produced from the same company- F&N.

ant said...

qiuqiu, could u please tell mi is the MARIGOLD HL MILK from AUSTRALIA too? or only the MARIGOLD FRESH MILK?

deepa said...

hi.. milk is a highly perishable product..in certain countries i heard they add formalin to extend shelf life of milk, which is cancerous. so am still doubtful abt the quality of all these milk brand...however will check marigold.

WG Pictures said...

Unless it is packed and sent out the same day, and delivery only takes one day, I cannot understand the long shelf life for so called 100% fresh milk 100% from Australia. Try to take 100% fresh milk from any cows and laeve it in the fridge, there's no way it will last you one month without turning "not fresh".

Avelyn said...

I was searching for some info regarding the process that milk goes through for sale in Singapore. Turns out the comment left by Yan was most helpful. I was told by a friend too that most milk sold in Singapore is shipped here in powder form then remade into milk to save shipping costs. One brand I know that doesn't do this is Greenfields.

I was researching on Greenfields' milk. They explained why they rear their cows in Indonesia. The shorter shipping distance means they only pasteurize their milk once. Milk that is shipped from as far as Australia or NZ will have to be pasteurized twice due to bacteria build up, and this actually shouldn't even be allowed cause the second pasteurizing makes the milk dangerous.

Anyway, thanks for the effort in running your experiment and making the comparisons. It does strike me, though, that your post feels like it was sponsored by Marigold. If it was, I think the honest thing would be to mention it. If not, you can add a disclaimer so readers know your is an independent review. I came across a few other blogs recommending Greenfields', but they all made a point to mention their posts are sponsored by Greenfields, and I appreciate their honesty!