26 August 2011

Genting - My first time!!!!

Headed up Genting a short while ago and it was SO ENJOYABLE!!! Genting is like this majorly big paradise where you can do almost everything. Hmm.. Maybe not true. There's not enough time to do everything actually, cox there's SO MANY things to do there!!!

Went on a coach ride with WTS. When we talk about comfortable leg-space.. We use our legs to measure. Lol.

Me with no makeup but can't i stop myself from saying "not bad leh" Lolol. Really! Not bad right? Maybe in the morning everyone looks refreshed #notshy

The ride was really smooth =DDD I super appreciate this becox i always tend to fall asleep!!! And then we stop for a little bit at Yong Peng for toilet break and for us to grab a bite.

The lady from WTS super funny one. We reach every stop, she will do "Kukoo~ Kukoo~" My bf and i keep laughing about this. Hahaha. For the next few days we kept on going "Kukoo~ Kukoo~" at each other. Lol.

Got some tidbits and local snacks from Yong Peng. And this crayon bubble gum that i thought will end up like the one in Crayon Shin Chan, rainbow bubble.

But when i opened it up, it's like this one =(( Gorhgorh zhapzhap nng-nng one.

Rainbow crayon bubblegum Y U try to ruin my Genting trip!!! You can't! *throw away*

Hahahahaha. First time showing you half body of my boyfriend. Got improvement right??? =DDD Next time i show you his legs okay. Lol.

Or it could be a random Ah-Cek sitting beside me and i am foreveralone and i just anyhow snap pictures with him when he's asleep. Lol.

Reached GENTING!!! So awed by the clouds along the way O.O Lol.

Got to the hotel room! We're staying in First World hotel =D


My bf was like "Yeah, becox it's constantly cold outside. So during the day time when the sun is............. blablabla......blablabla" =.= He super long-winded. He went on to explain how in normal climate the walls of the blablablablabla. Never listen. Hahaha.

We're here to have fun!! I don't care about science!!! I just want to hear "Becox we're in cloud nine. Everything here is cool." Lol.

Okay i should just talk to myself all the time becox i make me really excited and happy. Lol.

Comfy bed-o-bed~

One camwhoring shot =D You like my top not? $5 from Pasir Ris MRT interchange =DDD

View from our room =D I was awed by it for 5 seconds and my bf super love it. He say he can sit and watch the car (which only appears once in a blue moon) and pass time for the longest time =.= We are so different *pulls hair*


Changed my hair a little bit and then OFF WE GO~~~

First thing to do is to makan!!!!! We had lunch at Imperial Rama. It's a thai-chinese restaurant. MUST TRY THE DURIAN TEMPURA!!!!! No picture but it's FREAK-YUMMY *faints*

All the food we had. I especially LOVE the deep-fried pork salad!!! Bf like the pineapple rice most cox the ingredient all super a lot and chunky and fresh!!!


Takeshi i love you too *lick*

We went walking around first world plaza (connected to our hotel) and saw this random fondue. I'd love to have it if i never fill myself with durian tempura and baskin robbins. Lol. Too much dessert!

Carousel, perfect for camwhore. Lol.

The indoor theme park is madness!!! So many things to do and see!!! So many rides to get on but just looking at them is awesome enough! Okay lah, say real one, i also don't dare to sit on rides that are too high or scary #hideface

Look at me!!! =DDD Love the fact that our hotel is super near (connected) to First World Plaza and the indoor theme park =D

We explore towards Genting hotel side and saw this area where there's ten thousand game machines for adults - teenage - kids. SUPER a lot!!! There's also carnival games!!!

Saw our hotel from that place..

And more carnival games!!! They have this area where there's five thousands neoprint / card machine!

Bought this ear warmer cox it's cute and fluffy and i thought i could wear it tomorrow. RM15!

Headed back hotel to rest a bit becox we had to wake up 5am for the coach up. And we only slept at 2.30am O.O Random snacks bf got for me for the bus ride up from Singapore =))

Then we head for a movie!!! RM12 (SGD5) only!!! Popcorn + a bottle of orange juice for RM5 or RM7 only. Either way it's super affordable!!!

Nah, show you my two boyfriends. THE MOVIE WAS IN CANTONESE I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

At Shanghai10. Looking tired but i was actually just hungry. Lol.

All the food we had ^.^ ULTRA LOVE THE XIAO LONG BAO!!!

Then it was already 11pm odd. We walk around first world plaza a little bit more cox there's late night shopping until 12am =DDD

Even thou it was kinda late there was still hip music coming from a chill out place call Patio =D It's along the man-made river. Whole atmosphere is just so cool.

There's spa that goes all the way to 3am O.O So if you like spa and massage session you can go for it after a long day of fun ^.^

Some of the things you can do! There's also KTV!!!! I'd have go if i had friends with me!!!

Buffet breakfast at first world hotel =D

YUMMIEST EVER PORRIDGE COX I MADE IT! Okay i didn't cook it but it's plain porridge and i added the condiments myself! Vegetables and braised peanuts and anchovies!!! LOVE!!! I'm gonna do it again myself at home!!!

More! There's also fresh fruits but i didn't go for that cox i need to fill myself with EGGS.

There's sunny side up, there's another station for omelet also!

One more bowl of porridge for me =DDD

PINK BAOS!!!!!! Omg pink buns!!! Inside is red bean =D

Put on my ear warmer but didn't head out with it cox i don't know how my hair should be!

Looks weird right, the hair. Like flat and suddenly boom.

Then we headed out for the STRAWBERRY FARM!!!!! =DDDDDDD But must take cable car and i've never taken one before!!! Only RM10 for round trip!!!

Some parts of the ride are SO SUPER high up from the woods!!!

It's REALLY HIGH. And i cannot look down. If not i'd think lame thoughts. Lol #kiasi

I was telling my bf "不要怕 (don't be scared), you just don't look down. And don't think about anything. Just don't think."

He's like "I'm not scared"

I'm like "Yah, don't be scared. Just look to the front, and don't think about anything"

He "Think about what? I'm not scared! Are you?"

Me "Okay lor. Just cannot think about anything now"

Hahaha. So truth is, i'm a bit scared. Lol. But we still manage to snap a few pictures!

Me on my first cable car ride!!! =D

Above picture cropped from this. Holding on to something makes me feel more secured. Lol.

One more!

While waiting for our transport from the strawberry farm..



Me with one of the ten thousands isles. They have super super lotsa isles!!!

Act demure look far far. Lol.

We got down to picking strawberries!!! =DDD Cut as many as you'd like! 100g for RM6 onlyyyy!!! GRAB!

"Omg i want this one so big!!!" Lol.

❤ ❤ ❤

"Quick help me find big and red ones leh!!!" Lolol. I really super kiasu one. I keep running isle to isle to cut all the chioest shape ones.

Arranging them..

To snap a picture. Lol. I can bring them home!!! =DDD

Bought strawberry chocolate at the cafe within the farm!!! There's a long row of shops that sells anything from clothes to accessories to toys to swimwear to chocolates O.O Lol. Suggest you go on a weekend where all the shops are open! ^.^


Another area within the strawberry farm!

鮮花美人 lolol.

Guess what's this place?!?! Also at the same place as the strawberry farm!


Had lotsa fun time and =O moments at the Strawberry Farm and heading back for more fun!
Bought this for RM1 at one of the shops at the farm (LOL at Song Hye Gyo).


Head back for lunch and we choose Coffee Terrace cox it's buffet style!!! And we're HUNGRY!

I start with dessert as usual.

OMG LOVE THIS!!! Inside got chewy sponge cake and all these chocolate liquid thingy! And the whip cream is SO LIGHT and heavenly *faint*

Took a picture of this (which is my second serving of it lolol) and continue eating like a pig without snapping pictures. They serve international cuisine from Japanese to Chinese to Western to Indian to Malay to nyonya dishes. And of course Malaysia's local delight! LOVE THEIR PENANG LAKSA!!!!!!!

After lunch..
At "Ripley's Believe it or not" ^.^

The super beautiful ride!!! It brings us around first world plaza and we could see the indoor theme park at a best view. Cox it's high up on third or fourth story high.

While Q-ing for bumper car ride. Later I got 'bumped' so many time i quite pissed #pettyghost so i told my bf to bump the few people who kept bumping me. Lolol.

Went to the outdoor theme park!!! =DDDD Where they have lotsa stores that sells accessories / bags/ souvenirs/ provide temporary air brush tattoos. COOL much!!!

At one of the most friendly ride. Lol. I super hum one leh =(

Erm.. Yes, i got another baskin robbins from the outdoor theme park.

After the dinosaur ride (which i took pictures but it turned out very dark so no pictures for you all to see lol) we went for archery. The above picture is actually me letting go of the bow and hitting my face with my hand =.=" Should have listened to the dude who asked me to place my hand AT my face before letting go of the bow.

Left side is mine.. Right is is my bf's. If you're wondering why my scoreboard looks so much more sparse. It's simply becox..

I got bored of shooting my own score board and i tried to shoot the board beside me, and the floor and everywhere else except my own board. THIS IS NOT A LIE *defensive* #soreloser Girls are never meant to shoot anything anyway *flicks hair* Lolol.

Trying out the carnival games at the outdoor park. I THOUGHT i'd nail this cox the pail to throw the ball in is FREAKING DAMN BIG and it's so NEAR!!!!!!!! But the catch is.. The ball bounces =.= And if it bounces out, no count. So i manage to nail ZERO out of six =(((( The dude say the trick is to toss it gently and not throw. But i didn't get it obviously. Lol. Bf got 3 out of 6 thou. But no prize for that. Lol.

Back to the indoor theme park and i got on the boat ride =DDD

Love how elaborate Genting is. And how much effort is put into making this place a place where you look around, and you can never get sick of it. There's just SO many things to look at!!!

If you guys like to gather and chit chat, there's a MEGA big Starbucks at first world plaza =D Perfect for chilling out!

Head back hotel to change and eat strawberries lol. Cox it's 5pm and dinner time is 5.30pm! We are torn between Genting palace (chinese food) or The Olive (fine dining). And we went with fine dining becox i've NEVER EVER TRIED fine dining before O.O Lolol.

Amuse bouche. When the server came with it i was going "Whaaaat?" in my head lol. So my bf explain to me in  the long-winded way what is it and why they serve that. TOO LONG NEVER LISTEN. Lolol. Kidding lah, i really super happy he went Genting with me ^.^

Hi, i'm going to eat the first amuse bouche ever ever ever in my life. Lol.


Even drinking water also special. I'm super taken aback by the extra things in fine dining!!!

Our basket of bread. I'm sorry i'm gonna show you everything in individual pictures becox everything is just too overwhelming for me a collage won't do. Lol.

Mushroom soup with truffle foam *faints* It's SO YUMMY. WHYYYYYy... How am i gonna survive with campbell in the future..

Bf's escargot dish. I took all his garlic and herbs bread thou. Lol.

My pan-seared foie gras with some duck i forgot. BOTH YUMMY DAO YAO SI. Especially the foie gras going with the three dots of sauce you see in the plate. It's madness. Even the paper thin pastry is super delicious!!!

Most. Succulent. Fish ever. Super yums!!! With the skin crispy *faints again and again and again* The mixed mushroom at the back also very yums!!!

Bf's wagyu steak.

My tortellini!!! HOW DO I DESCRIBE IT?! It's so freaking creamy and yet light at the same time!!! Not jelat one!!! And i love the filling!!!! @.@ I'm totally bedazzled by all the food. It's like if they give me at least one dish that's not so yummy, i'd feel like it's more 'humanly'? They send dish after dish of yummy-to-the-max food, i don't know how to do this anymore!!!

My scallop and crab meat capellini. PLEASE JUST SEND ME ONE NOW. Please. My ride up is 6 hours. I DESERVE TWO YUMMY CAPELLINI LIKE THIS in my life!!!

While my bf is away for a short while, i camwhore O.O I at least need one picture of myself dining in a fine dining restaurant, right or not? Lol.

There's a lemon sorbet which i forgot to snap picture of becox the below dessert came right after the lemon sorbet and then the sorbet got neglected. Lol.
Even the dessert is madness. Inside the tube-cylinder is actually chocolate mousse. Pair it with the ice-cream.. Perfect!!!

*PULLS HAIR* This truffle is the yummiest ever!!!! I thought Royce was the best. This one is chewy and melty and not too bitter not too sweet!!! I MAJOR LOVE IT X 10000 times. i even asked the staff if they sell this in boxes =.="

Hi, i'm a 24 yro who's been to fine-dining before. Kthxbai. Lolol.

Went home to pack and these are some of the things i got! The baby clothes are for Yurou! I got it from baby Poney ^.^ And also i got my FIRST issue of Vivi! Lolol. I never buy Vivi becox i super chepaskate one, always borrow from people. Lolol.

Buffet breakfast at Coffee Terrace! I took these round after round becox i'm a angmoh breakfast person. Lol. Bf went for wanton noodle, dim sum, mee goreng, porridge etc.

Love both the lunch and breakfast buffet at Coffee Terrace!!! And it's super affordable!!! I forgot the exact price but we definitely paid less than SGD50 (for both pax together) for lunch and even lesser for breakfast.

Right after that we headed for The Bakery to chill out before heading back to pack our stuff.

My hot chocolate!!! So special one!!!

Tiramisu and mango something something cake!!! Both also nice!!! But i prefer the mango one cox it has this tangy sweetness.

Ahhh~ love it. Nice weather, cool breeze and hot chocolate =)))

While walking back to our hotel. Snap a picture of part of the outdoor theme park.

On a random note.. Take a look at this sign please.

For the first two days i was at Genting i keep seeing this sign along the corridor to our room. I think to myself "Wah.. So high-tech one" and i remember telling myself i must try it before i leave.

So now, it's the third day and while walking back to the room to pack.. This is what happened.

*me looking at the sign again*
*sudden realisation that i interpreted the sign wrongly for two whole days*
*disappointed and exclaim to bf..*

"CHEY!!! I still thought it's some machine where they dispense air!!!!"
"Like they suck the air and the cloud in, condense it and then make into water!!!"
"So actually "air" is AiEh which means water in Malay lah!!!"
"Omg so sad.. I still thought i can drink the cloud water for heng heng"

And yes, the whole time, my bf didn't respond to me. But it's fine. You gotta admit i have a good idea there. Suck the cloud and air in, condense them, dispense them as drinking water #mindofagenius #nobodyunderstandsme

All packed. Time to leave Genting.. =(

While waiting for our coach.

So we left genting and i gave so many of my first time to Genting!!! Haha! My first cable car ride, first movie in dialect (cantonese) in the theater, first fine-dining experience, first time buying Vivi. Lolol.

Genting would be a great place for family to hang out cox the kids will love it like mad, and the adults can enjoy (not just the casino lol) the more exciting rides and recreation as well!!!

If you prefer a more chillax trip you can go for spa, foot-reflexology, watch a performance at the pavilion, go for slow strolls in the cooling weather.

Young adults (like us lol) will super enjoy Genting becox there's stuff we all love!!! KTV, starbucks, ten thousands rides at the indoor and outdoor theme park.

Also there's super affordable movie, affordable food, 24hours Mary Brown and McDonald's haha. There's KFC and Pizza Hut too but i'm not sure if they are open 24hours.

Best part? Can camwhore a lot. Cox everything in Genting is SUPER drama and elaborated. Lol. And the strawberry farm!!! =DDD And can wear chio clothes in layers cox it's cold there in Genting!!! Haha ^.^

On the coach ride back.. We have the best coach. The seat back has massage function =O And there's games to play, movies to watch. There's movie channel for kids, a good selection of chinese movies, english movies etc.

The title of the movie i chose to watch is.......

"Oh wow you're so pretty" lololol.

Enjoying the massage seat back. This one has LOTSA leg space. And when you recline your seat it doesn't affect the person behind you. SHIOK. Lol. I got the tickets from WTS.

Didn't watch the TV until hours later becox i was reading the first Vivi magazine i bought. Lol.

I'm definitely going back to Genting!!! Maybe with friends / family the next time! ^.^ Missing the food at Coffee Terrace and more more more than that, food at The Olive =(( Miss the cooling weather also..


Anonymous said...

You should teach us how to braid hair like you lehhh. So nice. :)

smokë said...

1st world hotel got no air con? Like Serious? Got one lah! XD Anyway the strawberry choco really looks delicious! Luckily it was not peak season when you came here, i used 1 hour lining up for A roller coaster ride. And ended my whole day (+ my RM50) on ONE roller coaster ride. ==

Anonymous said...

hi! which kinda room category u stayed in first world? im always staying in the tiny rooms they have :( your room look spacious!

Unknown said...

OMG how can you have so much fun in Genting? the moment I step on Genting, I felt like cursing. LOL! everything is so damn expensive and nothing taste good.

But it's good you enjoyed it. :) you made me miss Genting.. thou I don't like being there. #ironic

Anonymous said...

Hey Qiuqiu!
Can you please do a hair tutorial on the different types of braiding? ☺ They look really good on you! ☺

TH said...

u made Genting sounds so much fun! Lolol

TH said...

You made Genting sounds so much fun! Lolol

Jean said...

Why ur hotel room so big? is it the suite? :)

♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

I adore your top its SOOOOO CUTE!

And your polka dot nails are super cute too.....why must you be so pretty and have so much fun! :P xo

♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

I love your top and your nails :)

Why must you always look so damn pretty! xo

Anonymous said...

What colour is your hair dye? (:

Anonymous said...

Genting seems so fun! I want to go with my friends soon? Di you get it as a tour package?

Anonymous said...

where did you buy your floral jacket?it's so nice!!!tell me please :D

JanLyn said...

how much did you spent dining at The Olive?? i wanted to go have my first fine dining experience there too but im afraid that it would be too expensive? yes?

wandering soul said...

you had so much fun at genting... had the same experience but we're not able to go to strawberry farm as we run out of time...

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why you everytime don't want to put on makeup!! My mum keeps saying you look like those pretty korean star lol!
Pls be more hardworking can? Next time remember to put on makeup! =)

Sarah Lee said...

my friends and i purposely drive up at night to chill and have a drink there :) Love the weather there especially night :D

Anonymous said...

Which agency you went to to go genting?

Alicia :D said...

I saw that type of ear warmer that you bought at daiso shop in plaza Sing.They don't have that design though :) You made me have the urge to go to genting now! ♥

QQ is AWESOME ! said...

QQ, i was laughing so hard ! I read this midnight on my bed on my iPhone . I laughed so hard !!! The first part i laughed was the Archery one , the one that your bf and u shoot one . laughed so hard on the photo u show the 3 targets .second one i laighed is the 'Dispenser Air' .. I laughed even harder man !!! QQ ! You're a natural !!! XD

Anonymous said...

Genting so enjoyable for you cos you're a Singaporean but for Malaysians it's kinda exp :(. Anyway your nose looks so good in the first picture that you were eating BR, so small and pointy!

QiuQiu said...

I'd do a hair braiding tutorial!

And yes Genting was REALLY fun for me!!!

Bought tickets from WTS. So you guys can call to check the prices. Or call others to compare. SHouldn't be much diffferent!

FeatherDiamond said...

Hi QiuQiu,
Just want to say I love your blog and especially this entry! I have been to Genting so many times but have not realized or have forgotten about some of the things that you mentioned in your post. It jolted my memory and gave me a new appreciation for the opportunities I have had over the years. Keep on rocking, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, how do u get to the strawberry farm from genting? I been to Genting twice but never get to see any ride to the strawberry farm :(..

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you guys are ironic.....kept saying QiuQiu is copying XX now she didn't put on make up and wants to look naturally unlike XX who likes to put so much make up and you guys hiam her for not being hardworking.....haiz......what do you guys want?

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ,

How much have you spend for both on this trip? Kindly advise.:D

Anonymous said...

where is the strawberry farm located? isizt far from genting? how to get there? thanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so true. you made sounds so much fun. i have been there for several times and i got bored everytime. lol

Anonymous said...

Hello! May I know what brand and model of camera you used to take all these pictures?

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu! Where did u buy the pink and white strip and kinda plasticky bag? ._. hope to get ur reply!

Anonymous said...

qiu qiu where do you get the cat top, its so cute

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where to wait for the bus that bring you to the strawberry farm? thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Why i see your genting trip so fun one !!! I go everytime till bored already ! im going next month again , yes again , how go the strawberry farm ! i've never been there ):

Apple_1a3rawks said...

Can I know what is WTS? Thanks

saltvinegar said...

Glad you like Genting. It's funny tht i live in KL but travel to Singapore for MBS while you travelled the opposite direction!Did you try your luck at the casino?

pinkkfish said...

this looked so much fun! iwant to go now haha


i LOVE your shoes!!!!

what brand are they from?

Anonymous said...

OMGOMGOMG I'm totally speechless with your blogpost. Why are you like a bimbo. Your blogpost is too exaggerating. Grow up and stop acting like one bimbo.

kani said...

i always go to genting, but you made it look so much funner :P

Anonymous said...

Hi, where is the KTV located ?

Pam said...

Hi qiuqiu! May I know where is the strawberries farm?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should go Cameron highland on the next trip! A windy place also. But there's no theme park for you la.. There's strawberries farm .. etc. You can go google search if you are interested! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should go Cameron highland on the next trip! A windy place also. But there's no theme park for you la.. There's strawberries farm .. etc. You can go google search if you are interested! :)

Lia schmolphin said...

Thanks fer sharing!!! Truly love reading your blog coz its sooo entertaining! Make me laugh alot! Anyways bringing my bf to genting for the 1st tym n was thinking if 2 days is enough to explore all rides n strawberry farm. Gez opting for 3 days! Thanks!! :))

Anonymous said...

thanks to your blog. i had a wonderful time with my family last week. the kids & my helper totally enjoyed the trip. though the weather is not as cold anymore, it was still much beta than SG

Anonymous said...

thanks to your blog. i had a wonderful time with my family last week. the kids & my helper totally enjoyed the trip. though the weather is not as cold anymore, it was still much beta than SG

Amie said...

I think I'm a little psychotic to scroll through a lot of your posts but this must be my favourite, by far!!! You are practically glowing and so beautiful. :)