30 December 2011

2012, i'd take you on.

2011 has been.. Awesome.

I've been places.. I ate good food.. I had many many first-times happened this year. I still have the good and nice friends hanging with me, and we only maintain to be closer. My family has no big issues. My bf has been sweet and..

My blog readers have been supportive =)

Every fund-raising event, most of you guys will show support.. Be it by coming down, or by spreading the word to your friends.. Every small gesture counts =)) Thank you.

And for the people who are very generous about leaving comments for my blog, although i don't reply all the comments as often as i should *guilty face* i do read every single one of them! It's just i reply to twitter more actively! =D

Just wanna thank you guys for reading in here.. And special ❤ to these readers/ followers on Twitter who are always nice and supportive and encouraging with your tweets and comments! I do know and remember the handful of readers who make special effort to leave a nice and sweet comment often =)) Thank you. I mean.. You could have easily choose not to. But you did! And you keep doing it! And i LOVE it~ =DDD

I've been really blessed this year.

And i really need to thank Clicknetwork for making Budget Barbie happen. I guess without Budget Barbie, i must be just another blogger. But i'd like to think i'm more than just another blogger. I werk cheap, werk value, werk worth.

And i'd like to think that i work hard when i need to (and only when i need to lol cox i'm lazyttm).

And you know who works harder?

The people at Nuffnang. The operation execs still can email/ wassap/ sms me to answer my queries about advertorial write up details or to help me double-check some information at like 2am, 3am one. I know i'm so rude, lol, disturb people so late.

But it's a part of a whole package. I blog late becox i'm a creative (LOL. Like an artistic artist lol) individual and creative people work best at night. Lol. No need to quote any source, it's i say one.

And i cannot ask them tomorrow becox my tomorrow will be 3pm and when i wake up at 3pm, i have to check wassap, check Twitter, check email. And by the time i'm done, i'd have forgotten to ask for info from the Nuffies.

Not forgetting i also have to do household chores, and play with doggies and continue chatting with people and 9gag and play sims social. And the only time i'd remember to ask what i need to ask, is when it's 3am and i'm working again. Lol.

So thank you to all the Nuffies who worked hard!!! I actually just wanna say thanks for the income =X Lolol. But yeah~ It's been a GREAT year working with them!

I also wanna thank my girlfriends Mich and Zhen for scolding whoever i'm scolding. I wanna thank them for being grossed out by whoever grosses me out. I wanna thank them for filling my phone with wassap messages every day when i wake up! But still, NO SPAMMING PLEASE. 175 is just too much!!! Unless it's juicy gossip =DDD To more years ahead, to Year 2020. When that happens and if 9Gag is still around, i'd make a 9gag post for you two okay. Hahaha. Omg. I just calculated, 8 years is too long i'd be fucking 33 by then. Thank you for finally believing in what i do..? Although most of time you two still take the name "bongqiuqiu" as a joke. And childishly shout it in public. Go die. Lolol.

Big big hug to Wendy also =D She's been really helpful and sharing and most importantly, nice!!! I wanna thank her for sharing about anything from the most randomest thing like cooking mushroom soup, to which makeup foundation to use, to which photo filter to use to get Vivi magazine effect lol. Without her knowledge, the ways i look up to her have evolved in many ways. The respect i have for her from initially still remains cept now it has a personal touch to it. Awesome 2011.

And i wanna thank my boyfriend =)) For too many things that i cannot finish listing down unless i wanna stay up and write this post for dayssssss. He's the most supportive guy ever. Sometimes i think i'm too lucky to be with him. But sometimes i feel like i'm such a good catch why is he not marrying me yet. LOL. Yeah, usually i feel like he's too good for me when i have no makeup on. And then when i put on makeup and dress up and shave, i'm like "DUDE YOU BETTER PUT A RING ON ME COX WHEN I STEP OUT OF THE HOUSE AND ONTO THE STREETS NOW, ALL THE BOYS ARE GONNA COME AFTER ME. EVERYONE LOVES IT HOT YO" Lolol. Yeah.. And i'm thankful we have two cute doggies with us every day =D

The thing that i am most thankful for.. Is my family. My dad.. My sisters.. My nephews, my nieces.. I am thankful this year most of them are healthy. And i thank them for feeling proud of me =) That's one of the biggest reason i feel good about myself. Ahem, apparently, among the 5 sisters now, i'm ranked top on my dad's list megusta.jpeg I shall shake off the competition totally, come CNY. Lol.

I'd try to remember all my blessing everyday!!! Try only! Lol.

Anyway.. This about sums up 2011 for me. The good things that happened you can just keep scrolling and clicking "Older posts" or click on the archives to read about them

I'm only worried i don't get to thank the people i ought to thank, enough. But if you've been nice, silent reader or not, anonymous or not, i wish you a Happy 2012. Maybe not all days but i sure hope most days =D

And i wish for the people close to me, for 2012 to be their most awesome year yet. So long as i'm around..... I guess your wish is constantly coming true. LOL.

Thank you for reading in here.

I wish for what you gave me, to be multiplied in ways i give to whom i may care for.
Thank you.

2012, with all the things people around me gave me, and with all the positivity i have in me, i'm ready to take you on! Unless you are really as what people say, endoftheworld, then i'm not ready please don't take me. Thank you!


Michelle Jeanette Thian said...

That's a really sweet post, and glad that I'm part of it. But will you do the 9gag post now cos the world is ending in 2012 and that's 2 days away. Hahahahaha *cynical bitch*

Oh wells, I love you too! (=

Anonymous said...

You are the most humble blogger ever! I respect you ALOT for that. =) And whatever blessings you received, you deserved it! =D Happy CNY!

Ihateqiuqiu said...

What's your problem? It's obvious you're trying to hard to be close with xx. Your blog sucks.

QiuQiu said...

Just michelle, haha, stop forcing me to do 9gag post i dont want.

Anon, thank you~~ Happy New Year to you!!!

ihateqiuqiu, then why are you here?

Anonymous said...

You're definitely the most down-to-earth blogger, and I think people can really relate to you a lot. I really like that about you. :)I hope in the year 2012, you will continue to be yourself, be budget barbie, and be the humble and sweet person that we all love. Only a month or so ago that I discovered and started reading your blog and I'm definitely sticking around. You and XX are two of the few people who inspired and influenced me to start my own blog, and start making my dreams a reality too.
So Thanks you, QiuQiu! I wish you more success (baby.jpg) in the coming year!!! <3

QiuQiu said...

dukadukes i wish you all the best in 2012 too!!! =DDD You're such a nice person yurself, i'm sure life has plenty of good plans ahead for you!!! =DDD JIAYOU!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Just dropping by to let you know that I love your optimism and positivity about life, and from reading your blog, I can tell you're sincere and genuine. :)

Thanks for Budget Barbie episodes too! I love it!

Have a great 2012 and rock on! :)

QiuQiu said...

Anonymous thank you!!! =D I wish you a really awesome 2012!!! Stay healthy and happy!

Anonymous, fuck yourself you must be fucking retarded. My post wasn't all xiaxue. It's my family and my grateful ness about things and my friends and Wendy is one of them.

Anonymous said...

what about your mum? :/

Anonymous said...

You are probably the best best friend a girl can ever have. Stay gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! :)

:) said...

Actualy when i start reading your first paragraph of this blog post i alredi know got Wendy. SIEN

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu! when is bb ep33 coming out? :/

Anonymous said...

Hi Quiting, I just saw the vid on your boob job and I think you are really brave. I am happy for you. Lastly, I also wish for you that your BF marrys you soon. Tell him don't think so much, most of the time, life gets better after marriage. Ha ha. K, good luck.