29 August 2012

I want

Every single time i pass by big houses, i ask myself (or Josh, if he's with me), "How do they do it?"

How do they afford it?

I figured they must be doctors, lawyers, or business-owners.

I don't think anyone of them afford the house by being a blogger so i do see why even i would think it's a bit (a lot lolol) far-fetch for me to want to own a big house lol. A big landed house.

But i don't know how to describe this feeling. This feeling that tells me that i just will.

Becox i want it, a lot.

It's strange.

And today Josh told Tiffany (our dog =_=) that she is very cute and that he will work hard so she can stay in a big house.

Defug, this guy never told me such romantic stuff ever before?!


Okay but i think if Tiffany gets to stay in the big house, i can't be left out right? I don't mind being the free-loader hahaha. 托你的福, Tiffany. Lol.

Anyway. Recent weeks, this idea keep shouting out to me.

This idea about dreams.

Even before watching Katy Perry(Part of Me) movie, i keep seeing movies/ quotes that somehow pops up to me, asking people to follow their dreams. And then after the movie i just feel like, oh man, i should have been a singer. Lolol. Had anyone told me when i young, how important dreams are.

And like after the movie Sophie, Wendy, Yutaki all also were like "LET'S FORM A BAND!" Lolol. "Let's all be singers!!!" So i guess maybe everyone's dream is to be a superstarrrrr. Haha.

Now i have to rush out of the house and i can't keep writing but i just wanna share about what i've been thinking. Dreams. All the dreams you ever built, you can make them come true, i think?

Last time my dream is to be a singer. I don't know what happened.

I aged i think. Lololol.

And then since young, i wanna be a shopowner. That's actually pretty easy to happen if i want to but i want to do it with people i trust. So that should happen sometime next time.

And then i also wanna be staying in big landed house.

If you don't believe in dreams, then just believe in what you want.

I want this, and i want that. And all of them eventually come to me, after one incident or another, they all do. So good luck to you and me. You never know, 5 years down the road i might be one of the many millionaires in Singapore. Lolol. Second blogger to become a millionaire. First should be Wendy cox she should be picking up a bag of diamond pretty soon, if her visualisation skill is good.

I see me, living a super swanky life.

But i mean, look at me. Do YOU think that can happen? I am just curious of how people think about me being super duper rich hahaha. I find that alone is funny, me being rich. Like, how do i spend all the money? $3 tops? $5 dresses? I'm not sure man. I think I have to spend more to earn more!!!

Getting very incoherent now. So much thoughts @.@ Bye!


Jan said...

i think anything is possible lor.. even if a big landed house seems like too far-fetched now. 10 years ago, did u imagine yourself to have this life today? 10 years ago if you imagined yourself having what you have now, would you think it was impossible too? nyeheheh.. so, never give up on your dreams. dream big! and work towards your dream! :D

カサンドラ said...

Hi qiuting!
I think Josh said it in front of you for you to hear la! Seeing how you are practising the secret so religiously, i think it's possible for you!! Idk about millionaire, but it should be possible for you to become rich!
Haha I love it when you blog about such stuff related to #thesecret, makes me feel soooo motivated. *___* Now that my exams are over, I'm going to finish reading the book (almost forgot, this post reminded me lol).
Good luck!!

Rawsunday said...

You're so positive! And the way you convey your messages are so cordial it makes me feel like I can relate to you! The more I read your blog the more I like you xD

Winter said...

Hey QiuQiu,

You can definitely have whatever you want. You just have to stay positive, which you're already good at. I always love seeing what you have to say on twitter and your blog, you always remind me to stay positive.
Go and get your big house. I know you can do it! <3

Unknown said...

You must be able to dream because only then you will be able to picture where you will stand. If you are a dreamless person, you will always be static. Dare to dream big as dreaming is free. And I do not find this post or thought of yours incoherent. I find it very motivating. <3

Unknown said...

I like your thought! I'm pretty sure you'll have a big house one day!! ^^ Thanks for inspiring me..

Unknown said...

This was such a beautiful post!! I think it is a wonderful thing to even have big dreams. I know so many people who don't have any dreams at all, that's so sad. The feeling of making a dream come true is one of the best ever, so I think you should definitely get your house. Since you've already achieved so many things, this shouldn't be much of a problem if you're determined :) Also it is so nice to finally reach your goal after having worked hard. I wish you all the best for your dreams!!
(as for being a singer maybe you can make this come true if you just, like, have a singing performance at some kind of festival lol. it is a one-time thing but it still counts as being a singer!:D)

Anonymous said...

hahaha nice cute thoughts!!! love them!!!!

i love dreams!! i love dreaming! i'm always day dreaming!!! counted or not hahahaha
i also wanna start business but can't seem to think of something i'm passionate about!!!!
i'm super duper sure all your dreams will all come true!!!!!!!!
i think right you will be billionaire and will spend them on people you love!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for another uplifting post qiuqiu!! :)

Alice said...

Of course you will be a millionaire soon! The trick is to make your money work for you, spend on assets (i.e. things that appreciate and liquidate easily in cash value), instead of liabilities, things that make you pay more later to maintain them. Ppl said running a business lets you save your first bucket of gold, and using that money to grow more money will give you fortune. You're already halfway there bcos you're running your biz (i.e. blog) and the money made & saved from there will let you make bigger and better investments.

All the best and hope to see your big house pictures soon! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey QiuQiu, sure you can be a millionaire! Nothing is impossible, if you can dream/ visualize it, you will get it someday! Keep on believing, thanks for inspiring me to follow my dreams. Due to my current course I'm studying in poly, I sort of gave up on being a vet/doctor. Till now that dream is still in my heart, perhaps one day I will really become a vet/doctor:))

YZest said...

Hi QiuQiu,

I've been a reader of your blog for a couple of years and never commented before.

I just want to say thank you thank you thank you for always bringing so much positivity around you. It is a blessing to be reading your blog. :)

I think partly because of you, I've restarted my blog and had it focus on gratitudes and blessings in life.

Thank you thank you thank you for being such a inspiration. :)


Wengie said...

I'm glad you have big dreams because like the secret, what you get is what you believe, and then making it a reality setting smaller goals leading up to your huge goal :).

I had a friend who needed to raise 700 dollars for charity in 1 week and he had no idea how to market it and his a very shy guy, and thought it was impossible to do so in such a short amount of time. He previously relied on a friend to market the cause for him but she did nothing so he got stuck with it :(

So basically I got him to think about the average donation of each person so far and he said $25 and then I asked him how many people he asked before he got a donation. He said everyone he asked gave him $25 dollars and they were working older people. So it was simply working out how many more people he needed to ask, which was 28 people. now 700 dollars sounds like a lot and overwhelming but only 28 people to ask is so much easier to picture, just ask 4 people a day. Ask another 7 to be safe, and only target rich older people aunties and uncles :)

By breaking it down he exceeded his goal in a week and now he won 2 tickets to Chile which he is giving to his parents. <3...so proud of him :)

You can do it to QiuQiu!!! If you want to be a singer do it :) I want to too! I started taking singing lessons and my voice is improving - y I also believe and concentrated on wanting it bad and the other day a producer contacted me and now we're working on creating a song together...and I haven't even finished my singing lessons! You should totally take lessons and we can sing together one day :)!!


my blog:

elderflowertea said...

Cool dream!! =)

Anonymous said...

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