15 August 2012

Penang for Tim and Audrey's wedding

Jet off with Josh, Wendy and Mike to Penang for Audrey and Tim's wedding ^.^ Quite happy cox me and Josh have always wanted to head to Penang and this is a perfect reason to go! =DDD

Waiting at the lobby for check-in at 3pm. We reached at 2pm i think.


Wendy doing makeup ^.^ She's one of Audrey's bridesmaids so she ran off first to join the rest!

Me, Josh and Mike drop off our stuff at the hotel first and then we plan to head out and eat, eat, eat.

View of the hotel room Audrey helped us book =DDD BEAUTIFUL HOR!!!

It's Flamingo hotel i think.

First stop, char kway teow! YUMS. It's kinda different from our CKT cox it's not black one! It's actually much more orangey than it looks in the picture. The prawns are so fresh too!!!!

By chance we ordered oyster omelette. BEST CHOICE. Cox it's the best street food i had in Penang. The starchy/ eggy part is JUICY MAX. Oyster leh, Josh say it's fresh so i guess it's all good!!! OMG. How can i forget. THE CHILLI SAUCE!!!!! Want it now again.

Floral high-low dress from EMODA.

Didn't shop a lot at all that! Mostly is looking out for food. We later try Penang laksa (a disappointing version so i never snap picture of it lol) and Chendol (also a disappointing version) suo yi. No pics.

I anyhow match with black heels and bun-up hair also it looks good. Lolol. Although i am not the biggest fan of dark coloured stuff (like the MODE fashion Cheesie and Audrey is super into) i do admit that it looks pretty good in pictures lolol. Looks more sleek, skinny and stylo hahah.

Ordered room service after we come back from a night market that sounds like Batu Fer Ding Ding O.o Nasi set was yums, esepcially the rice and the chicken. Char Kway Teow was pretty decent thou not as great as the one we had. CREME BRULEE WAS AWESOME!!!! Inside got a lot of fruits one!!!! =DDD Refreshing and not jelat.

Next day morning before the wedding we have half day to roam around.

Josh is kinda sad Mike is not joining us for this half day out to makan lol. I ask him "You don't like to go out with me meh" He say "That's not the case. It's just sometimes i appreciate having intelligent conversation with people" LOL. Say i not intelligent right. I get it. I'm not THAT unintelligent. Lol.

Not-bad wanton mee and lor bah. I don't know why it's call lor bah thou! Cox it's like our ngor heong hei biah kind. But more tender that's about it. But hen xiang lah! =D

Went to explore their morning market and found the yummiest snack!!!!! =DDD Ah Pek very friendly and eager to show his skill lol. He even posed for me! Haha. Ke ai.

And this is how popiah skin is made.

Then they wrap with malt peanut candy. I LOVE THIS THE MOST!!!!! Singapore also can get lah but this one is homemade peanut candy (gong tng) and freshly made popiah skin!

Bought this pair of shoes for RM15 at their morning market too =D

And then we head back hotel and then i catered like 2.5 hours for me to get ready. So Josh and Mike went down to the lobby, i assumed would be for a boring chat over coffee =X Lolol.

But people go play pool leh!!!!! Lololol. Very happening.

In the end i got ready in 1 hour.

Dress from HnM. Hairband that i bought from night market. I think it's a fake Ferragamo cox someone tweeted to ask me if i'm wearing Ferragamo. Yeah right. Lolol.

Huiwen ^.^ This time she never force me to use my camera to take picture with her but i ownself ask her for picture one. Lolol. Cox she da ban until quite mei that day and her eyelash got stick properly.
She very what one. When i got makeup and look better she'd say i look like her. When i got no makeup that time 不见得 she want to 认亲. Lolol.
At the recept. So sweet. The wedding is themed the movie UP. See if you remember the mailbox! =D

Wendy and Bobo with the "Can i help you" face. Lolol. Both also got 乐于助人 de face. Not bad.


One with me.


Our table ^.^

Josh and i. He really very zhong shi the wedding. Go and get his suit altered and then get new shirt, new tie, new socks all. He wanted to find a pair of shoes too but not enough time cox all the ones he showed me i also say "Ugly" lolol. Good job, Darling. Lol. You look not-badish that day haha.

The whole place is nicely done up!

Honey as wedding favour *whispers* of which Wendy took many many many. LOL. But i also cannot say her lah. I ate many many many of the fruit cakes O.O

The leads of the night, Audrey and Tim =)) Didn't get to say hi to them til at the end!!! Somewhere around here they played a video of the gate crash etc and i cried O.O I think Wendy too lol.

Audrey's bridesmaids ^.^
Me, Wendy, Tim the groom, Audrey the bride and Cheesie ^.^ Audrey looks beautiful in this cheongsum =)) Look at the slit. Lolol. Sexay. She kinda looks like Gigi Leung in this picture.

Josh very ke lian. He didn't even get his chance to say hi and congratulate the bride and groom, i already passed him the camera and ask him to help snap a picture of us =( I didn't realise until he told me days after we went back to Singapore. I am horrible and insensitive and pretty. Lol.

Okay that's all! I am sorry there's not much pictures of the bride and groom but you should totally check out Audrey's post about the ROM and all. The pictures all super pretty and happy one ^.^

And then next day Josh and i have until 8pm to shop. And in that time we bought so much stuff we had to buy a luggage to throw everything inside =O I bought A LOT of Junk Food tees ^.^ For like SGD8.70 each like that only!!! When i wear them then i show okay.

That's all! I quite enjoyed this Penang trip and most importantly i wanna wish Audrey and Tim a lifetime of happiness and blissful love =DDD


Ellie said...

love all these wedding posts you guys are blogging about :) everyone's so beautiful! can't wait for yours qiuqiu! :D

Anonymous said...

been waiting and waiting for this post!!!!!!
love love love!!!!!!!
you are super super super cute!!!!!
"I'm not that unintelligent!"
wakakakakakakakaka super funnyyyyy!!!!
Josh is super funny too!!! hahahaha

Michelle said...

awe, happy for Audrey and Tim too! =D so sweet and happy.

Michelle said...

This post is extremely Happy =D Audrey and Tim are so happy and sweet. Love

Mrs Chong said...

Hahahahah batu fer ding ding...it's batu ferringhi..not bad ah u went so many places...hehe... :) kam bek penang....orh jian waiting for u...i usually let my boyfriend eat the orh and i eat the eggs too...in Penang, orh jian somehow fresher one, not I say, my bf say. He is not Originally from Penang so cannot say bias..else people say sell flower say flower fragrant...

Anonymous said...

You look so sleek in the black get up! & lol @ 'I am horrible and insensitive and pretty', the pretty part, hahaha.

Charlotte said...

please share where you get the clutch from. :)

Carlyn said...

I love seeing all the different perspectives about Audrey's wedding. You have such lovely friends.

Anonymous said...

why the bridesmaid picture at "almost" the end of the post, wendy, cheesie and bobo still wearing their bridesmaid dress, while the others change to party dresses?

Anonymous said...

You look really pretty in the black lace dress...:D

Alice said...

All the pics are very nice leh! Great job! Hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just wanna clarify, is this http://serveusrightleh.blogspot.sg/ by you? Because it uses your pic and it says is by you.

Mindy.H ♥ said...

There must be alot of difference when you are attending other's wedding and your own. Aud and Tim's wedding was really heartwarming and cool! Hmm...all exciting waiting for you to post yours! :)

WANLIN said...

Hi qiuqiu,

Can I ask what camera are you using now?? :)

Kelsey (Kittentummy) said...

The place you stayed at was so beautiful! And all of that food looked delicious~!!! You are so pretty and thin! <3 And I can't get enough of those high heeled black shoes -- so elegant!!

Thongyen said...

Finally, saw Josh photo, hahaha :D

Thongyen said...

Finally, saw Josh photo, hahaha :D

Unknown said...

Batu feringghi!! Lol.

Rachel said...

Hey qiuqiu! Awww I wish all the best for the newlyweds too ^^
Anw, do you mind if I ask how much did your black h&m dress cost? You look really good in it!! (Y)
Thanks! :))

Anonymous said...


-lily x.

no one said...

hi qiu, happy to hear you enjoyed Penang and it's food :) I just wanted to point out that I think you went to Batu Ferringhi :)