06 November 2012

EMODA Spring/Summer

I went to Japan one or two weeks back for EMODA Spring/ Summer fashion runway show. IT WAS IMPRESSIVE. And omg I REALLY LOVE ALL THE STUFF!!! ^.^

Before i share more, here's a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU, to EMODA, to Apparel Web, to Nuffnang and the Nuffies =')) Thank you guys for arranging everything and for putting me up at one of the nicest hotels and for arranging for us super VIP seats at the fashion show =O Thank you!!!

どもありがとうごうざいますた -- I typed that out myself one!!! ^.^ *proud* Japanese language classes has only did me so much good. Hahaha. Okay lah i am a slow learner lah. But each time i learn more Jap words when i go to Japan so I NEED to go back to Japan more often! Haha ^.^

Me and Cheesie head down for EMODA flagship store at Shibuya 109 ^.^ I got a few sets of outfit and a piece of necklace!!! Wanted to shop more but we were already 30 minutes late for dinner =(

Cheesie obviously bought more stuff than me but mainly is cox she bought shoes lah that's why the bag so huge. Lolol. But nobody can surpass her love for EMODA for real!


Cheesie and i de hair and makeup for the event ^.^

At the touchMe fashion show.. For..

EMODA!!! ^.^ I heard they are the first show to kick off the touchMe fashion show for Spring/Summer! Awesome brand is awesome. Haha.

This is the VIP line i think O.O No need to Q one just walk ahead and say your name.

Waiting for the show to start ^.^ Quite excited to really see their collection properly this time becox the last time i watch their A/W show, i was more blinded by the glitz and glamour and disbelief of being sent to Tokyo for work that i couldn't fully appreciate the collection lol. Now i chill already.

We got to our seats with our names printed on we're seated at first row center seats!!!

Me and Cheesie were like "What kind of seats are the most VIP huh" and we figured it'd be first row, center seats. Cox i say i've seen Britney Spears and Paris Hilton at fashion shows, they never sit like right at the head or tail of the first row one. Always center hahaha. Then we were like..

"We are famous"


Then we're like "Let's spot where the rest of the famous people are" lolol. Obviously we are kidding lah and we don't really think we are famous but what the heck..

Famous popteen Japanese model sitting right beside us! Cheesie fangirled and ask for a picture lol.

Alright show time!!!!!!! I leave you and your eyes to feast!!!

Love the stage getup!!! Lotsa PINK for EMODA Spring/ Summer collection!!!

But not losing the edge on the styling!

NEED. I LOVE ROMPERS and omg look at those shoes.

Clothes fit for dolls!!! Haha. I want! ^.^ Yeah why, cannot? Lolol.

Not just pink.. EMODA Spring/ Summer collection is also full of..

BLUE.  Simple but strong and sharp pieces that stands out.

and GREEN!!! Both also the colours i love! In fact PINK, BLUE AND GREEN are my most favourite colours!!! ^.^ Also they are my lucky colour so i was like WANT WANT WANT.

This romper is super cute! After the show Cheesie and i were talking about it and i say "Yeah but i think only very long bodies can wear it" She so defensive she say "YEAH LAH YEAH LAH" Haha!

Colourful Peplum attachments will be all the rave for Spring/Summer! Becox EMODA will trend it and i will confirm copy this style one hahaha. Cox i have heavy hips this one will help my hips look higher, legs longer and bottom less heavy. Sweeeet.

Another romper!!! =DDD I love rompers. No need to worry about how to mix and match.

Of course with the pink, blue and green.. There's also..

Standard MODE styling.. Monochromic tones. The blacks and the whites.

Impressive stage getup.


Spot something interesting?!

The invisible skirt! It'd be hot this Spring/ Summer so look out for it from EMODA!

I actually prefer this translucent one!!! With black decorative charms on it.


Which one is your favourite!!!

I can't decide between the hot pants and the translucent skirt!
Show's over =O Now it's waiting time!!! Really hope it'd launch in their Global Webstore ASAP!!! =OOO I wanna get my hands on quite a number of items!!!

And then we look around to see a lot more famous Japanese celebrities and models etc but they were all walking really fast so didn't get a chance to grab them for pictures BUT!!!

Seated right beside us (right beside Josh actually lol) is a Japanese pop singer and Cheesie again, grab a picture. Later Cheesie say her songs are really nice and famous one.

And then when we got out of the event place, to the holding area..


ELLI ROSE!!!!! Manage to rudely snap a picture of her =X Hahaha. She's the lady in white! And i always see her in Vivi magazine and on other Japanese magazine covers one!!!

Omg really quite happy becox of this event!!! Like first, they gave us really good seats with good view. And then they put us with the popular people lolol. And then i get to see Vivi models!!!

I guess EMODA really work their charm well!!! There were soooo many people there to watch the EMODA show and many of them came dressed in EMODA pieces!

There were a few guests on wheelchairs too, queueing to see the EMODA show. Guess when you really love a brand, you love the brand. And i remember i was feeling quite touched ='D

And most of the credit has to go to the brand producer..

Ena Matsumoto!!! One of Ena and Cheesie! ^.^

Ena was so nice to come out to just snap pictures with us before she rush back in to attend to the aftershow stuff =)) And she was sooo cute!!! I mean Cute isn't really a word to describe a MODE style brand producer but she's really cute haha. She greeted us with hi-fives and all ^.^

Ena and me ^.^

One more! =D

I think this is for a magazine or newsletter photoshoot. Cheesie werking it ^.^
And then me lah ^.^ I don't think we can get to see the publication so i got Josh to help us snap!

Josh take one of Cheesie. I chose this one cox her face look extra pretty here!!!

And me. Where got like this one say really. I don't think i look chio in all the 5 shots he took of me. This is the best out of all already lolol. Is it me?!?!

Don't think i work the "no smile" look well when i'm outside lolol. But when i'm in my own beauty room snapping pictures or with Josh i can werk it one leh. So i did a little photoshoot.

Josh is the photographer and he really took it very seriously lol. He went to collect the trays, paint them all and then mount them up just to get a unique backdrop. So all the credit goes to him! ^.^

Here it is! Featuring outfits from EMODA ^.^

Long sleeve top, necklace and skirt all from EMODA ^.^

Awesome for a casual day out!

This set comes with the shawl, top and a belt!

You can wear it like this..

Or like this..

Or like this! ^.^ The top says "Private View" =D

Bought this pastel green furry top from EMODA at Shibuya 109 ^.^ Love it max cox it's SO SOFT!

Elastic denim skirt from EMODA too!

Bejeweled top and bandage skirt both from EMODA.

Oh hi~ ^.^

Fringe top and camo-high-low skirt from EMODA.

Action-packed. Lolol.

Love how the fringe moves super easily with every small action. DRAMATIC. Haha ^.^

By now you must already know that EMODA is a popular Japanese fashion label and that they have a Global Webstore. BUT. I HAVE ONE MORE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!!!

You can now find EMODA IN SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!

EMODA items will be available at JRunway @ Plaza Singapura!!! ^.^ I've been there and IT IS AMAZING!!! They have shelves after shelves of Japanese apparels and the shop is HUGE! ^.^

Most of the EMODA items you see in the modelling feature on top are from JRunway ^.^ So make your way down when you're free!

If not, online shopping is ALWAYS the best hahah ^.^

Plus! The EMODA Global Webstore has a on-going SALE!!! So please check it out and see if there's anything you like ^.^ I urge you guys to try the MODE style too cox it's really really simple and easy to look good in it and it hardly can go wrong! ^.^

Have fun exploring this style! I hope you're excited becox the JAPANESE fashion wave is hitting in really strong and hard into Singapore now now now!!! ^.^ EMODA is a great start if you're thinking!

Links for your convenience =D

EMODA Fanpage (updated often with nice coordinates from producer Ena!)


Anonymous said...

u look like jolin tsai here!!!

Anna Plotnikova said...

Qiuqiu this Josh's idea about backdrop just amazing! He is a genius! I REALLY LOVE IT!
It's supposed to be a new blog-trend!))

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Your bf really amazing!!!!!!! Such dedication!!! Truly amazing!!!! And of course you to werk it!!!! You look super duper gorgeous in every pic!!!!!!!! its like scroll down and scroll down and you look prettier and prettier!!!!!!!! real one!

Anonymous said...

Super love the necklace but can't find it on the emoda webstore :( gonna head down to PS this weekend to try find it!

ASH said...

I know the whole post is supposed to be about EMODA but honestly I'm still WTF-ing at the egg carton backdrop. LOL. Kudos to your guy haha

Amber M. said...

Hi Qiu! Commenting from Florida, USA! This blog entry was awesome; you and Cheesie look super pretty.

Please tell me what kind of lip gloss or lipstick you wore to the EMODA show. It looks amazing! :-)

LyAnn TF said...

where did u get the jean skirt from??? its tots fabu!

Hanna Lei said...

Your hair at the event looks so nice! My blog

Alice said...

Wah Josh is so talented! Qiuting, 你嫁对人了!^.^

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Egg trays. Brilliant!

You look awesome as always. I've always been curious about your beauty room? Maybe a post about it? :P Haha!

Anonymous said...

HELLO! Just wanna ask something about the emoda "cut off just wasit short pants" shorts.. i'm not sure about the measurements! for the smallest size the waist is 71cm??? How is it possible? :(

Xx said...

Wanna know where you got your leopard print wedges!!

Nana said...

The 2nd coordinate is my favorite! The shawl is a very bright idea. And Qiu! Your style is getting prettier each post!

Clara Tan said...

You are really amazing! Use egg trays as a back drop! LOL! it looks really good btw!

Clara Tan said...

You are really amazing! Use egg trays as a back drop! LOL! it looks really good btw!

Genny said...

I love the background, Josh is an awesome photographer.Admire the dedication.

Sylvia Easter said...

Amazing post~! :D Love your style!!!


Julie said...

Hi Qiuqiu!

Love your outfits in this post! Especially the pink skinny pants in the first pic ^^

Isabel said...

Josh is amazing! Just from egg trays..

Anonymous said...

did you do some plastic to your eyes? they look totally different and weird now compared to last time :(