29 January 2013

rarebits - New site + CNY Collection ^.^

Tadang~~~!!! New site for rarebits!!! Me, Mich and Zhen have been waiting for like two hundred years for this change to happen! The old site just have wayyyy too many problems!!!


I'd like to announce.. That..

rarebits now offers..



Lolol. Okay you got it. Haha. So i was talking about the problems we faced previously.

From checkout, to payment, to the tabs we wanna categorise our products with, to even the way we want our products to appear in grids / list, to even our logo, we had problems =___-"

Seriously. Not fun at all. Especially not for Michelle who has to do stock take and all.

And yes, the stock count. Big problem. The old site put up was just bad bad bad in many aspects.

So we've been working on a new site with a better backend system, it's now great for us backend user and you consumer =D But really, it's much better now for us. Even uploading pictures now is sooo much easier! =DDD And we couldn't have do this without the help from Chloe our web designer!

Chloe Design (http://websitedesigns.sg) specializes in developing e-commerce shopping cart websites and corporate websites. Chloe is very helpful all the time!!! Fix any issues we have along the way efficiently and each time we need to contact her, she's always contactable.

Please, no more dodgy designer for me =X No no no thank you please. Chloe works with many companies and blogstores and she knows exactly what you'd need to get a blogstore running!

Good news to all blogshop owners!

Chloe Design is offering a special Blogshop Startup Package at $2899 for a fully integrated E-Commerce Website, great for new start ups or livejournal blogshops converting to e-commerce.

Quote QIUQIU and you can get $250 discount off this package! =D Please do consider! It's a good investment becox if you're doing this business for the long run, a good backend system that can take care of your orders, stock count and client's database is very important!!!

With so many blogshops out there, and right here lolol, you just gotta have the basic lah! =D



It's still the same, nothing above $20!!! =D Yup even the bags! =D

CNY 2013
For those who don't wanna wear something too "ching" haha, these would be great for you! =DD I especially love the navy studded dress!!! =D Makes me look fairer don't know why.
Get this golden lace collar necklace to doll up your simple outfits ba =D $7.90 only!
If you like something more oriental! The peekaboo back is nice with the lace oriental cutting in front!
Some bags we launched this collection! The black one has a big bling as the catch it's quite nice! =D Haha. I also love the bucket bag ah! Very easy to match.
If you love floral!!! The poufy skirt and skater skirt super nice to match to cordinate your CNY outfit! BUT!!! My favourite is the deep wine shorts!!!!!! It is for real comfy + soft + can anyhow sit lolol. So please! Feel free to browse the new site and looksee the new collection! =D Thank you!

January promotion still on for last few days! Spend $80 on rarebits and stand to win one of the THREE SETS of beauty items! They are all raved / my personal favourite beauty items! ^.^ You can join orders to chalk up the sum with your friend and checkout together! Can share the items haha.
THREE SETS of these beauty items FOR FREE, FOR YOU! Left - Right:
Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream - Good moisturizer that gives you slimmer face in ten minutes
Biore Cleansing Oil cotton Facial Sheets X 10 sheets - Removes makeup conveniently + quickly
SENKA Perfect Whip - This mochi cleansing foam is so good it's one of the top selling in Japan
SENKA Hoshitsu Lotion - One step toner lotion to moisturize your skin daily and make it glow
SEXYLOOK Hello Kitty Brightening Mask - Brightens and rejuvenate your skin!

For those who are worried about not being able to get your CNY outfit on time, don't worry~! =D

We have two meetup-session for collection, one on weekday and one on weekend! It will be at a convenient location! Simply check your choice of day during checkout =D

You can also opt for registered postage if you wanna make sure you get it on time lah! Also got normal postage but this one a bit risky now cox peak season mah. But it's up to you =D

Okay lah! Thank you for shopping on rarebits. Mich, Zhen and i wish you Gong Hei Fatt Choy first ah! Haha! ^.^ Wish you and your family 身体健康 合家乐融融 =D



Anonymous said...

Qiuiqiu do you ship to uk also? i relly love the products there :)

Hanna Lei said...

The new site looks amazing! My blog

Happy walker said...

congrats on your new site! happy new year in advance yah !

6uni said...

Actually registered post doesn't mean will reach faster Thn norm post in fact some times slower cos there are alot of steps involved in tracking the parcel.. Just sharing :)

6uni said...

Actually registered post doesn't mean will reach faster Thn norm post in fact some times slower cos there are alot of steps involved in tracking the parcel.. Just sharing :)

momo said...

QQ, did u all forget to add in the measurements for the wine shorts??

mishberries said...

I really love the white dress that you matched with your floral pants!

♥MICHHYYY said...


♥MICHHYYY said...


♥MICHHYYY said...

OMG INTERNATIONAL SHIPPINGGGG THANK YOU QIUQIU!!!<3<3<3 but uh, how much will it cost to ship just one dress? i cant seem to access the shipping information page :/