11 July 2013

Just my face

Sup. I haven't been shampooing my hair for a long time. Shio have been doing it haha. Cox if i do it at home, i'd do it at 5am, and sleep at 5.30am and wake up with wet pillow and wet hair.

So~! I don't get to be in charge of taking care of my hair now~ Haha. And i randomly took these pictures the other day after shampooing at Cleo Hairmake.

They gonna have 6 hairstylist soon @.@ Now there's only 3 hairstylists. And yeah, all 6 of them are Japanese =DDD Awesome. Then i don't have to wait 10 years to slot an appointment with Shio =X Haha. Not that i am complaining lah. It's good that people request for him also but it's just harder for me to catch a slot with him at a time i want now.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Me before my hair went colourful. At Cleo Hairmake for shampoo ^.^ I LOVE IT. Cox other than clean head, it also means head massage + nap time. And Shio is damn good at what he does lol.

Okay actually below are all my camho pictures after shampooing haha. You are free to go now.

Sup. I love fat grafting O.O By the way, if you're still thinking if you should take part in the docdoc contest to win $5000 cash for any procedure / medical / healthcare service of your choice by just telling your story, the contest will close 31st July so you still have a little time left! Join here!

Seriously love the side of my nose now without the hump and with a nicer tip =D

Alright~ That's about it. I have been resting for a week now, refraining from using the computer as much as i can. Spending most of my one week rest time watching Grey's Anatomy with Josh =))

I can't keep taking rest time each time i get a migraine attack, I know. But i believe it's all good for me and everyone! When i force myself back on the computer before i actually feel right, it's not gonna last long. I just know cox it's happened too many times before. Everytime i rush back to my normal life, it'd hit me again.

I am thinking of seeing a chiropractor about it. Maybe it's just bad posture straining the nerves. Cox i've been eating much less salt / MSG, much less eggs (omg what joy is left for me lolol), much less chocolates and much more vegetables, healthy cereal and fruits. It doesn't help THAT much.

But i try to remind myself BABY STEPS. Sigh~ I'd keep going~!!! =D

They say you win some, you lose some. I think there's a way around it. And it is call Patience.

Mich say instead of thinking to get a "Believe" tattoo, i should think of getting one that says "Patience" lolol. Patience sounds much less cool i am definitely not gonna tattoo it but that's exactly what i need. For myself, my friends, for Josh, for my family. Maybe on good days, for strangers. Haha.

Okay~ Tomorrow i am getting back to actually do something. Haha. Everyday next week there's something to do, and it is an awesome feeling =DDD I mean any day i'd still say yes to lazing on bed to watch serial drama with Josh and feel happy, sad, angry for fictional characters to a point i'd dream of them.

Like the other day i dreamt of Dr Shepard telling me i can't go into the O.R for my op becox i have leftover light blue nail polish. It's weird right. Cox in real life i do have light blue nail polish on my TOES. For like 4 months already. I haven't been bothered enough to remove them but my friends all think it's pretty gross. So i painted a white shimmery layer over it =D So they don't see it anymore ^.^

Yup. I don't have anything to say anymore for now. I just wanna tell you how lucky you are, if you are healthy =) I really really think you are lucky and i am happy for you. Doesn't matter if you're mean or nice, if you're healthy, then right now, i am happy for you. You wanna treasure that and stay healthy.

It's okay i'd just have to catch up with you =D I am lucky to have my limbs and all my senses functional (most of the time) haha. Hai~ JIAYOU!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

For the migraine, you might try

1. drinking more water. make sure you are not dehydrated. better if water with some mineral powder mixed in it.
2. Also control your breathing.
Breathe in deeply (abdominal),
breathe out slowly & silently.
Slow down your breathing.
That will help to dilate the tissues in the brain allowing greater blood flow. Try it. It may work.
The key is to slow down your breathing, and breathe out GENTLY and SILENTLY. (normalbreathing.com)
Hope it works for u!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate, coffee, and cheese are some of the major food that would trigger migraine. Please see a doctor for your chronic migraine. Take care.

Eruiel said...

You're so cute! ^_^

Anonymous said...

sleeping with wet hair leads to migraines too! so its good you've curbed this habit.

Debbie said...

Hey qiuqiu, I don't know if this is medically correct neither can I confirm how much truth there is to this, but this is a piece of advice that my mother used to relay to me, and my mother's mother to her, and that is not to shampoo your head at night and to more importantly not to go to bed with wet hair. Something about 头风,she used to chide whenever i pounced on my bed after a long day and immediately after a late shower. I would guess it means that your body or rather head is too chilled after bathing as such wind can get in easily and I think this would be a factor to your migraines. As such, best to avoid shampooing late night. Perhaps you could research on this online and perhaps it would shed more light on your predicament. Hope I helped in some way or another. I understand how terrifyingly painful migraines could be. Hang in there.

QiuQiu said...

Anon, thank you so much!!! I will try this the next time i get an attack which i hope iss not soon =/

Debbie, yeah i heard of this old tale too and i do think there's a lot of truth to it lah. SO it's a good thing i stop shampooing myself haha. Thank you ah!

Unknown said...

notice your eyebrows are so korean-ish. like it a lot, did you get it done at Browhaus recently?

Arissa said...

Hey! I've been to (and still going) Light Chiropractic @ Central. The only doctor there, Dr Theo, is so patient and nice and he is not the typical doctor that only treats your problem. He treats the root of the problem to make sure that your problem does not come back and pester you! Price wise, it might be a little pricey tho. hehe. I'm not helping the doctor to advertise, but I really feel that he's good thats why I'm recommending you to Light Chiro just in case you need it! :) Stay healthy! :)