02 July 2013

My Past - Teenie time

You guys saw my blogpost on pictures from when i was a kid, right?

These are from when i was a teenager haha. I love looking at them and feeling thankful for all the events that happened after that, good and bad, all of it.

Did i ever tell you that i only found myself "not bad-looking" when i was 13 years old? Haha. It's just one day i look into the mirrors, and i'm like "Woah not bad!" I say mirrors cox i like to hold up one handheld mirror, and sit by the huge wardrobe mirror, plaster my face to it and then look at my reflection from all different angles. I remember doing it for.. Definitely more than an hour. Haha.

On different days, i'd do that.

Beat that kind of self-loving and self-obsessed spirit. Lolol.

This is my little sister and me. I was 13 years old. This hair is grown from after i shaved it. Lolol. My sister Niaoniao looked so good last time. Like sweet and innocent haha. What happened? Lolol.
Holy shit my alars. Lolol. Sibeh wide. And don't know why i look single eyelid back then. In the picture i just had rebonding done not long ago and everyday after school i'd go to my second sister's place to look after Naoki. She was so tiny back then. I was in secondary three.
The year book in secondary three =D Drawn by my classmate Rachel. Quite talented hor. Can you spot me?! =DDD Omg can you spot Mich and Gem?!?! LOLOL. The two bimbos in the class.

I think most of my classmates in this class are off to do great things. Some are married, i heard. I wonder how's my teacher Miss Chee now. She used to give me really good grades and always take my work out to show the class during art class. I like her!

And then secondary four happened. I've been playing a lot of netball since.. Secondary 2 i think? The GK blocking me in the picture is Gem. LOLOL. Maybe that's why i enjoyed playing netball so much. It's so easy to get past her. Lolol. And you see the girl in red? It's our team's MVP, Mich. Lololol. She has a nickname, it's call Butterfinger. Lolol. Everything slips right through her fingers.

Like i play netball everyday. Or was it twice a week in school, and then two more days over the weekend. Sometimes Friday too. Haha. I'd go to Potong Pasir CC and play.

I play GS cox i can't run lots (if not i'd love to be GA!!!) and i can't run fast lolol if not my feet would cramp LOL. I love it when my feet cramp up, it feels like a sports injury.

And sports injury are BADASS.

I was sooooo crazy about netball i practiced shooting a lot!!! So much so that i can shoot and goal with 100% accuracy even at the edge of the semi circle.. WITH MY EYES CLOSED.

That's right.

ME! ^.^

Sigh. I was so motivated.

Haven't been so dedicated to anything ever since. Okay lah i am quite dedicated to my blog =)

And and, i love netball soooo much, i buy Straits Times everyday just to look out for the sports section. Premila Hirubalan and Koh Hui Min (Both in National Team) were our coaches!!!

I will look out for any news about netball and then i would cut them out and then i keep them in a folder. And then i even took a damn long time to write a fake article about Woodsville netball team winning the interschool netball competition and i laminated it to motivate myself. Lololol.

In the fake article i scored a lot of points and i gave advice on how to stay cool and shoot sharply in a competition. Okay now i sounded like i had mental illness. Lololol.

In any case, when i went on to Singapore Poly i went for the netball selection it was a lot tougher but i was asked to go back to the second round of selection for the school team but i didn't go cox i just had a tiny operation on my sole and i was limping. That's when i gave up on netball =(

But i think about it almost every other day. The other day at Mustafa with my friends i picked up a netball and started to throw it from hand to hand, it felt really nice =DDD And i was like

"OMG i buy lah! We play together want not!!!"

And then i was like "Oh man. I can't. Later the ball accidentally hit my nose"

And then they were like hahaha =( Haha.

But actually, last time i play netball i got jump and accidentally kick until a girl's mouth bleed before. I felt so bad lol. If i get hit until nose crooked, i deserve it. Lolol.

OMG. WHY DON'T I PLAY WITH GENTLE GIRLS?!?!?! Are there any gentle girls out there who wanna play netball?!?!?! Sigh. Can i just go practise shooting and have a friendly game or two.

Indoor, not too early over the weekend. Stupid Huiwen got invite me before but it's always soooo early and it's outdoor. You know what,  maybe i should just buy a goal pole. Lolol.

No, really, how much is it?

I talked too much about netball. You are not keen. I get it.

Okay moving on to..

Secondary four, this shot was in the Year Book i found at Michelle's place.
Secondary four!! Me and my bestfriend then, Shalyn. I call her Phua Phua. She's the sweetest, nicest, most helpful girl ever =)) And the story behind this picture is.. We went for some open house and then we sat on this truck to snap a picture and then it was raining before and the whole freaking seat was soaked =______= And we had to walk around with big fat patch of wetness the entire day.
Awww. My teachers from Woodsville Secondary. The people i marked with pink are my favourite teachers! The 2 teachers i marked blue are really super duper awesome at teaching but the Malay teacher i marked blue just to show you which Home Econ teacher was my buddy the whole time.

Remember i told you i couldn't even start the stove, and i jammed and spark off fire on the sewing machine? Lolol. She then become my buddy for Home Econs and basically all i have to do is to stand and watch. AWESOME. And then end of the class i get to bring home half the food she cook hahaha!

And then i also found lotsa neopints from Michelle's place. I lost my collection already i think =(

Every time we have someone to celebrate birthday for, we'd go for Seoul Garden and then we'd go take a neoprint / neoprint card hahah ^.^ That's Michelle, me, PhuaPhua and Shafa ^.^

Actually Michelle wasn't even close to the three of us back then i don't even know why she join for birthday celebration. Lolol. I guess that's what she have to do as a school belle. Lolol.

Vice school belle i'd say. Lolol.

And then more neoprints with Shalyn, Mich and Niao ^.^ Actually i quite lucky lah, met a lot of nice people in my life.
Me and Shalyn during the school's Chinese New Year celebration. Can wear home clothes i damn happy one. Cox Secondary 4 i feel pretty nice lol. Cox i joined Teens Model Search in that year and felt like a superstar on my own when i appeared on magazine lolol.
Look at Niaoniao muahahahahaha!!!! Her denim skirt got any longer or not?!?! Don't laugh at her lah. I wear cute skirt but match with sports shoes. No better. Lolol.
Me and Phuaphua =)) We look so cute last time. Ugly but adorable. Lolol. Okay maybe not me but Shalyn look so cute. I look too dark and burnt to be cute. Lolol. This period of time i think we were all stressing over our O Level. My temper become better during this time. Before that i am a maniac. I think Shalyn changed me a lot cox she gets gan jeong quite easily so i gotta be like "It's okay lah"
And this is my class in Secondary four ^.^ I remember i volunteer to make those tubs of jelly and it was horrible, i added too little water and too much longan and pineapple lol. And it was SOOOOO heavy i had to take a cab to school that day. With my own pocket money! *rage face* lol.
And then while waiting for our O Level results, me, Mich and Zhen went to work together at Palm Beach seafood resaturant. And become really good friends ever since.
Me and Mich de off day also must meet up and go take more neoprints. Lolol. Me and my sister also one kind one, once we got some savings we'd go take neoprints. Lol. 没有很美 but 一直拍. Lol.

Alright~ That's all i have.. Next time then show you pictures from my poly time okay.

Remember now, if you are so blessed to have albums of your old pictures, quickly digital snap them down! If not they'd fade and be gone forever..

I am so glad i found these pictures at Mich's place =D So i shall end this post with another classic gold of hers, continueing from her last classic gold pose..

Mich all grown up, at my hen's night.

And Mich werking it when she was skinny back then. HAHAHAHHA. Kidding lah~ Love the belly button babeh~ ❤ ❤ ❤

When i saw this picture i laughed so loud. She so defensive she say her mother made her pose that way one. Yeah right, i'm sure! 别担心.. 谁没有过去? Lolol.

Bye bye!!! ^.^ Now go look at your old pictures if you have!


Anonymous said...

OMG I love blogpost like this from you... just so heartfelt and personal.. 童年的时光

C said...

You deserve an amazing life, qiuqiu! You've had such a happy one in the past, too. All the best for the future! :)

Carlyn said...

Awww that was just the cutest thing ever. It reminded me of all the fun times I had in high school too.

Anonymous said...

what happen to you and phua phua? so looking forward to you explaining that...

QiuQiu said...

C thank you ^.^

Anon, what do you mean i need to explain what happened?

viene.taylor said...

Being in High School is always the best and memorable! Thanks for this great post.

Anonymous said...

like why you and phua phua didn't contact each other anymore?

QiuQiu said...

Viene, not exactly for me lolol i had really bad hair back then and i had no boys to like me =O Lolol!

Anonymous said...

Why are some faces hidden? Any particular reason? btw looks like your class has some shuai ges!

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu this girl looks like you(now) after her surgery too! hahaha so interesting!


Anonymous said...

Hello Qiuqiu!
I really enjoyed personal and sentimental blog posts like this, please do more <3

Anjo said...

Wonderful life you had.Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

you look so 清纯。LOL

Anonymous said...

Love this post! So nostalgic and make us readers feel more connected to you.
Michelle looks like one of those girls where every guy had a crush on when they were young, haha.

Agnes Sim said...

mine one also very funny...比現在還老土..土土的樣子