11 December 2013

Go get GIRLY!

*** UPDATE ***

Little Thoughts will be sponsoring 40 goodie bags filled with yummy chocolates, nougat, candies, gummies, cookies and marshmallow!!!

HO HO HO~ Merry Christmas from Little Thoughts to all!

For every $20 spent at the GIRLYMake roadshow, you receive a goodie bag ^.^ While stock last okay! So come and come early ^.^ Buying the lashes at the roadshow means you save on postage =X

AND, you get to receive the yummy goodie bags from Little Thoughts! ^.^ So.. Read on, SEE YOU!

- - - - - - - -

OH YAY~! GIRLYMake has been launched for about a week now and *blush* sales been great O.O Some of the numbers are sold out in stores and online =XXX But i'd try to stock them up soonest!

Thank you thank you thank you!!! ^.^

These are the official pictures from the photographer at the event. I snapped lotsa pictures on my camera that day too but it'd crash my blog haha. So i'd show you guys those pictures soon! For now, these are the ones you'd see~


I wanna chope you all for this Saturday!!! ^.^

I'd be running a roadshow booth for GIRLYMake and i'd put on eyelid tapes and eye makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner) for you and let you try out (and of course wear it home lah) GIRLY Lashes ^.^

So come down, with a little foundation, blusher, lip colour and fill in your brows if you like, if not it's fine, just come and i'd do the eyes up for you ^.^ If you already have some makeup on, don't worry we'd just try the lashes on you as finishing touch with GIRLYMake okay ^.^

If you're one of those who keep asking me for tutorials / HOW-TOs to stick double eyelid stickers and eyelash.. Then come! I'd show you all the tips and tricks i know hahaha.

This Saturday (14th Dec)
Level 16, Christmas Market
1pm - 6pm

There will be lotsa other booths there selling unique gifts. So come take a look if you might!

But more importantly come and try out the eyelid tapes for yourself, they are breathable (good for oily lids especially) and REALLY quite invisible haha. And of course try out the lashes and see which number style is most suitable for you ^.^ We'd have a lot of fun! All you gotta do is come! ^.^

Okay ah! See you girls ^.^ Bring your friends if you want! I'd be there til 6pm to do your eye makeup with GIRLYMake =DDD So excited to meet all of you girls~!!! ^.^

Okay back to the event!

My models for GIRLYMake launch event!!! ^.^ ALL SO PRETTY AND CUTE HOR! ^.^ Thanks to Cleo Hair for doing their hair!!! They all look so nice with these hair!!!

Special BIG SHOUTOUT to:

Event Concept and Management company
They are the heroes who made the GIRLYMake event a success and for putting everything up so nicely!!! I didn't have to headache for a single bit during the whole process of planning for the event.

They took care of everything and all i have to do.. Is to show up. Hahah.

If you need event planner and event conceptualizing for

Personal event: Birthday bash, Baby shower, Engagement party, Wedding or ROM reception

Corporate events like Product launch, Shop opening, Carnival dinner and Dance GALA dinner etc

Please contact The Rainbow Effect!!! Follow them on their Facebook for updates!

The ladybosses really did a very professional and awesome job for GIRLYMake launch lah!!! Adeline on the left and Jayelle on the right. THANK YOU BOTH!!!

Everything turn out as i instructed BUT BETTER with Jayelle and Adeline giving me advice and suggestion along the way and them working on the details to execute the ideas we have.

They even took the effort to make all these unique props for GIRLYMake ^.^ Like the GIRLY glasses and the masquerade with fake eyelashes hahaha that's the cutest!!! ^.^ And little speech bubble etc!

Jayelle is really eloquent (she's my long time friend since i was flying like 6 years ago! Haha) and she's always the talkative and funny one (you guys sometimes say i am funny, you just really have met my friends hahahaha) so i exploit her and have her be emcee for the event.

You know i am really very thankful for The Rainbow Effect (Singapore) ='))) Cox it's been planning for about 2 months plus and all these time, all i had to do was to send her my GIRLYMake logo and tell her my preferred theme and then the rest Jayelle and Adeline took the initiative to get things done.

Past few months i am really busy. So busy i can just drop dead and die and still won't really die. Cox i got so much work to do i just have to revive myself to finish them up lol.

So yeah, without The Rainbow Effect, this launch wouldn't have happened!!!

Muack muack muack to my friend Jayelle especially ah! Hahaha. I cannot muack Adeline though she put in equal effort erm becox.. I don't know Adeline very well haha. So MUACKSSS Jayelle!!! She's like my wonderwoman, super capable ^.^ You meet her you'd know okay! She's like "Got your back, bro" kind of person. Anything you throw to her, she'd get it fixed and done. Hahaha.

And beautiful dessert table set up by Cremeberry!!! They are the best at what they do!!! I am truly blessed to have these awesome nice people making it happen for the launch T . T Thank you!
One of their signature, the classic creme brulee!
Pastel marshmallow pops to match the pastel theme i asked for. The Rainbow Effect has been helping me liaise all these. And it turn out perfect ^.^

I snapped a lot more pictures of the dessert table!!! So please be patient okay. I'd blog all the pictures in my camera soon!!! ^.^ But for now, if you wanna have a dessert table for your events, do check out Cremeberry! The dessert table is like one of the highlight of the night lor. Everyone loved it cox damn chio and yummy. And erm.. Instagram-worthy. Haha!

Okay! Guest arrival~ ^.^

I first. Hahaha. Wearing matching knit top and skirt from rosebullet ^.^

Yutaki was first to arrive ^.^ THANK YOU!!! He even bought this outfit specially for the launch ='))

One with Leslie and Racquel, bosses of Cremeberry ^.^

Lucky me!!! Kisses from Amantha and Jayne from Nuffnang who arrived first!!! And they ordered this beautiful bouquet for me!!! FROM WHERE???

Where else better than Little Thoughts!!! Hahaha! Where i have the honor of having the ladyboss, my sister to deliver the bouquet. Thank you Bossming and Nuffies for the bouquet!!! ^.^

In my favourite colour blue =))) It was really a happy evening for me. Filled with lotsa gratitude ='D

Here comes Peishi in her "power suit" haha! No lah she rushed down from school =O Xie leee!!! She blogged about GIRLYMake launch, click HERE to read!!! Thank you!!! ^.^

And more Nuffies came~ ^.^ Xiao Wen, Amanda, Gillian and Sarah!!! All the nicest people who helped me a lot in my work!!! ='))) Thank you guys for coming!!!

And then Miyake came~~~ =D She purposely go buy this outfit to match the theme on T.T Thank you! And she's helped GIRLYMake a lot with promoting on her Instagram and Dayre, her favourite number (No.5) is SOLD OUT online already!

You may still find them in stores:

48 Haji Lane (The Nail Artelier)
Millenia Walk Parco Level 2 (Cleo Hairmake)
THE CATHAY (Space Invasion)

But don't worry okay. I set aside quite a lot for the roadshow this Saturday. So if you wanna come try them on and buy them, there's still some stock available haha. So come on Saturday!!! ^.^

One with Genevieve (who also blogged about GIRLYMake!!! Read HERE) and Miyake ^.^

One of me with Mike san and Yutaki!!! ^.^ Miki san is a certified beautician and is a professional makeup colourist. You can never tell her age!!! Japanese ladies must have a way and secrets to stay and look young that they are not telling everyone else!!! Anyway i am in the talking with Miki san on other product line for GIRLYMake X^.^X Fingers crossed!!!

Here comes Rach ^.^ More known as pxdkitty lah. Haha. She very nice sent me lotsa pictures she took so a few pictures here are stolen from her! Look at her blogpost for GIRLYMake ^.^

Okay one group shot with the Nuffies and bloggers before the event start!!! ^.^

Here's me introducing GIRLY Lash with my model Yan Yan wearing No.1 lash and looking really beautiful like a Korean natural beauty omg. Haha. I just don't think i wanna model for GIRLYLash new lash numbers when they come out. Just engage them pretty young sweethearts can dee.
With GIRLY model of the day Lindsay, wearing No.2! No.2 is actually my favourite when i have thicker eye make on! Especially when i wanna draw smokey eyes! It really brightens up the eyes!
Sorry ah i ripped these pictures from Rach's email so i only have those! But model wearing No.3 is Eileen and she's really really sweet!!! I think i picked No.3 for her is correct one! Sweet as she is. Model Jamie Jelly (haha) wearing No.4 Puppy Eyes also is super apt!!! Becox her eyes were already so big!!! No.4 adds a soft cute touch to her big eyes!
Model Jasmine wearing No.5 (Dolly Demi Brown). And look really cute with longer eyes which i think looks perfect on her ^.^ But No.5 is sold out on the site =X Please wait for it to be in stock!

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! For taking time off your day to attend!!! ^.^
And then it's noms time~ The Rainbow Effect prepared lotsa food for my guests hahaha. Everyone was very well-fed that evening ah. Myself included. Hahaha.
One more with heroines of the night =))) Please give a big round of loud loud thunder claps for Jayelle and Adeline from The Rainbow Effect!!! ❤ ❤
One with the bloggers =))) XIE XIE NI MEN!!! Miyake is not here becox..
She's busy having her headspa done. Haha! Thanks to Cleo Hairmake for sponsoring all my guest a headspa each!!! They all super enjoy it and say it's very very pampering!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Thank you Sio, Ryo, Ai, Takuya and Hitomi san for working so late and so hard that night!!! And for the wonderful shiokanathen headspa for all my guests =)))) ARIGATOU!!!

After headspa the stylists also blowdry and styled the guests hair =)))
I love this collage.. Of people smiling, looking happy =') Thank you everyone who came down!!!

Can't believe how smooth the event went. At least for me! Haha. Maybe Adeline and Jayelle down there break out in cold sweat trying to sort out the last minute problems if any. but hey! No one should go through that on a special day! So leave it to the pros!!!

If you have an event coming up.. Let The Rainbow Effect go through the headache! Let them bring the rainbow to your special day and most importantly.. Let them do all the sai gang =XXX



Here's the website!!!!!!!

It's soooooooooo pretty and cute hor?!?!?!?!?!?!



Chloe Web Design has helped me do up rarebits and Little Thoughts! Thank you!!! Chloe and her team are pros when it comes to e-commerce site!!! She has been very very patient and helpful to me (thanks Mom and Dad for giving me a useless brain when it comes to serious computer shit haha) and even very kind and responsive when i am asking her stupid questions O.O Haha!

If you wanna do up your blogshop proper, at a very affordable rate, please check out

If today you still think you can do business without a proper website for people to make payment instantly, where they can browse and navigate the site with ease.. Then i think you don't start better. Haha. It's all down to convenience when it comes to online shopping. So consider getting a pro website designer who have plenty experience and can even advice you on what you might need to do!

Some other styles. Go check out the site for more pictures ba! ^.^

This is what i always raved about! the breathable eyelip tapes that is almost invisible!!! See harder and you'd be able to find but if not, it really can't be seen! Haha.

I see you this Saturday and show you lah okay! Let's try the lashes and eyelid tapes on your eyes!!!

This Saturday (14th Dec)
Level 16, Christmas Market
1pm - 6pm

See you!!! We'd have so much fun cox i'd be trying on GIRLYMake items on you haha! Let's all crowd around and have some GIRLY fun time~~~ ^.^ Do you guys want snacks? I'd get some cupcakes for you girls okay???

Or you prefer what? Maybe cake pops? Or little tartlets??? I'd get something okay! ^.^ See you!!!


Special thanks to:

Chloe Web Design for the web designing of GIRLYMake.com

Cleo Hair for sponsoring of Head Spa and model's hairdo! And of course mine! Haha.

Cremeberry for sponsoring the dessert table

EBEB Photography for the pictures on GIRLYMake.com

The Rainbow Effect (Singapore) for putting up this wonderful launch event!

And every single one.. Who was there to share the joy with me. And who helped share GIRLYMake with people =')))

Thank you.


Hanna Lei said...

Everything looks awesome! -Hanna Lei

Unknown said...

I'm so happy for you for your pursuits! Hope to see them taken to greater heights! :D

Kitty said...

Congratulations, looks like every a girl could want!

Wish you lots of success on your current venture.

I visited your girlymake site, where can i purchase the necklace you wear in the photoshoot as well?


SL said...

omg i just realize that Genevieve used to be a teacher in my primary school :O and the guy she was with in the picture when you were picking out the food also was a teacher wtf i very mindfucked rn hahaha

anyhoos, im really glad you launched this makeup brand for all the girls to look girlier! haha jiayousss~~

Anonymous said...


hi qiuqiu,
pls help to spread the msg to stop using angora fur.
All along I tot these cute furry rabbits were been shaved for fur just like sheeps or sedated before shaving. But e ugly truth is all of their fur on all parts were violently ripped off by hands. I hav nvr heard rabbit made any sound. Imagine them screaming very loudly during this process. Their painful sore bodies were then thrown into cages that has no soft bedding to cushion them but e metal bars make it more painful for them. N they will go thru this every 3 mths!! N if they survive.. they will b killed for meat after 5 yrs.

im not against using fur or eatin their meat. What im against is e methods used. They could hav sedated e rabbits or kill e rabbit n let them die fast for meat n fur. But in order to save cost n money these methods of violent hand ripping are used. Pls I hope u can help to spread e msg. Thk u.

missxxx said...

Haha. I've always wanted to ask you how tall are you. Lolol.

Kitty said...

Do you even read to answer the comments on your blog!?

Anonymous said...

Are the eyelashes free?? Because I want to try it out