18 December 2013

Our 8th year anniversary dinner and movie date ^.^

Hey you you you~ And you~

Sorry my blog have been flooded with ads =X But hey if you love me you know i only introduce good things for you good people and ads = money for me and i need money to shift to a bigger house.

Lolol. So my happiness is in your hands. Lol. Kidding lah. I actually have been really busy. My blog schedule is packed to a point i don't even really have slots to put up things i wanna put up..

You know..

Important things like..

The dinner i had with Josh O.O

The things i ate in Taiwan O.O

Erm.. The pictures i took out of vanity? Lolol. It all doesn't sound important but YOLO~!!! Lolol every meal counts!!! You know i calculated right.

One month i come one time menses. One year 12 times. Suzuki swiftly, 12 menses after 12 menses later.. I will soon be 30, 40, 50 years old. And every month i PMS i confirm will tio daiji with someone one. Cox when i PMS i cannot accept no shit from no one.

So when you have happenings happening in your life every other day / every week at least.. Then time passes really quickly. Today i am happy with a nice reader who wrote me a nice sincere email.

Tomorrow i angry with business owners who wanna offer me 10% off their items if i blog for them for free. Another day i..

Actually i don't have much other feelings. Happy or angry. Lolol. Hardly sad.

I've been getting really busy with GIRLYMake and Little Thoughts and planning for rarebits relaunch @.@ So i am sorry, QWeely is on the hold until i can hire someone i trust to do the liaising and all.

Soon i'd also need to hire part timers to do packing for GIRLYMake O.O I mean i cannot always exploit my girlfriends and husband to do the packing for me right hahahah. OR CAN I?

Hahahaha. Anyway here are some pictures i took randomly on a day i went to Cleo to wash blow my hair. Sio cannot wash blow for me already he's sooooo popular he is packed everyday, all day T_T

He is really awesome with what he does and takes good care of everyone's hair that is under his care. So there's plenty of returning customers and new customers who becomes his returning customers so there goes my onni chan!!! Lolol. But it's okay lah! If i really need to shampoo and blowdry i'd ask other stylists in the shop ^.^ They are also good!

But if you wanna book Sio for Christmas / Chinese New Year i suggest you book fast =X Cox he's always fully booked two weeks in advance at any point of time. I wanna touch up my colour next week and he has to come back on his off day to do my hair cox every other day he's packed from shop open to shop closing O.O My god.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Here's me with my hair blown nice and neat at Cleo ^.^ Wearing GIRLY Lash No.2 from GIRLYMake ^.^ A lot of people think it looks too bold and strong but if you wear it with smokey eyes makeup it's actually really nice and frames your eyes plenty well!
The legendary mirror at Cleo hair that gives you long legs haha. Wearing denim skirt from LOVEBOAT @ rosebullet! ^.^
Stupid top cost me $7 DAMN ANGRY. Cox i walk a bit more down it was selling for $5!!!
 The above picture and this picture might look similar but i guarantee you they are not hahaha. My huge canvas carryall from Lowry's Farm. I LOVE JAPANESE LABELSSSS!!!
Okay one more of my act lost face lol.

I blog halfway then decide that i should just put up my anniversary dinner and move date with Josh. Haha. No biggie, just a nice dinner at NEX and then an AWESOME MOVIE EXPERIENCE AT SHAW PREMIERE LOUNGE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH I CANNOT STOP CAPSING!! Lol.

Yay let's go~ That day i went on strike and decided not to do any work. But still end up doing some work T_T Went out with light makeup that day!

Using Laneige BB Cushion, Shu Uemura gloss, Benefit "They are real!" mascara, and GIRLY Make eyelid tape in "Plain Jane" ^.^ It's the best selling number for eyelid tapes cox it's invisible and it's the most natural. One thing thou, not all eyelids are suitable for this type on tapes so in the pipeline i have double-sided ones and fibre kind to be launched. But so far the feedback for this tape is great!
There are many tiny little holes on the tape that makes it "breathable" and will work well with oily lids and normal lids of course. Also it's colour is very very pale yellow (most suitable for fair skin / Asian skin). I know in the market there are the ones that are too white, some too yellow. But this is really in between and great to camo on the skin haha.
You can still see the tape if you see hard enough but other wise, it's not obvious. Maybe it'd do a video on it soon! On GIRLYMake products!
Went to A Little Fish Shop at NEX for dinner with Josh ^.^

Whole shop is decorated nicely with themed fish village like this. Quite nice i'd say!!! And the service staff are all really attentive and they have about 4 service staff on the ground for such a small tiny shop!!! Really pays off cox nobody had to wait for anything.

They have different promotion for everyday of the week and we were soooo lucky it was Monday!!! More like Josh is lucky cox he love oysters and promotion for Monday is $1 oysters!!!!! Can order unlimited number but must order two mains per table.
He say it was all really sweet and fresh!!! So he ordered 6 right. And then finish them. And then 4 more!!! What the heck. Lolol.
Josh pan seared snapper fish was a disappointment cox the oysters and soft shell crab set the standard really high haha. I tried a bit of the fish too and it was dry and tough and quite tasteless unless you eat it with the sauce which was too little.
Cauliflower soup. Was alright only. Quite tasteless but i guess a little more pepper and salt would make it good.
My crabmeat vongole was alright too. There were many broken bits of the shell from the clam so if you ever order this please be very very very careful if not might choke die lol. Also it was REALLY dry. Like i have never had vongole so dry before. But the good thing about this was that they are quite generous with the crabmeat!!! Maybe the crabmeat soak up all the white wine sauce lah.
Creme brulee that was quite meh. Doesn't have vanilla fragrant nor creamy texture. More like eating a very thick jelly. The burnt sugar was also really thick lol. I thought it's usually more like thin glass but this one was more like tempered glass haha. Damn thick and hard to break through.

Movie at SHAW Premiere!!! ^.^ I suggest everyone to go lor. Don't need to squish yourself and your legs with others. Let others cross you and your bags. Best is.. You can lie down like first class seats and have blanket and food and drink while watching the movie!!! OMG THIS IS LIFE. Also worth mentioning is that the service staff at NEX SHAW Premiere lounge is damnnn friendly and helpful!
Chilling at the lounge before our movie starts! And then ordering our food for it to be served to us in the theater later. We ordered truffle fries, premiere platter, popcorn (served in a huge bowl!), cafe latte and apple juice!!! ^.^ All the food cost us about $40 i think! And then after discount of $10 it was even cheaper!!!

You know why i say i'd never pay to go watch movie in normal theaters again. Cox

1) The service offered at premiere lounge is priceless

2) Normal ticket is what? $12.50 or $12? Or maybe $13 sometimes is it? For let's say two person it'd be $24 already right? Then you buy one combo to share that's $6.50. So total about $30. You buy premiere tickets at $20 each. Out of which you get $5 voucher for food. So two person you get $10 voucher which can buy you popcorn and drink or one truffle fries (which by the way taste awesome).

So you are paying $40 inclusive of food.

3) On top of that you get to enjoy the comfy seats and blanket and service and the luxury of eating with a table and lying down if you want. Lolol. And for all that you pay $10 more only.

So after i hear it from Wendy, i went to experience it for myself. And then i intro-ed it to all my family and friends. And now my internet friends. Haha. You all go try ba!

Still chilling at the lounge. We were there 45 minutes earlier than the movie O.O Haha. Kiasu much.

You think i like this teh very unglam right. You should have seen Josh. Freaking whole person nua untilllll. Lolol. It was the best movie experience i've had!!!

Okay before i end off i just wanna let you guys know quickly about an awesome giveaway me and my sister is holding for Little Thoughts ^.^

We are giving away THREE HAMPERS for your choice!!! One for each lucky winner!

All you gotta do is to sisit http://littlethoughts.sg and check out our Christmas collection.

Choose (any) one that you'd like to send to someone, post the picture on Instagram / Facebook with the following details

(1) Little Thoughts URL: http://littlethoughts.sg

(2) Remember to hashtag #LittleThoughts if you're doing it on instagram. And to like Little Thoughts Facebook page to mention us when you post on your Facebook, so we can track.

(3) In your caption, share with us the sweet Little Thoughts you'd like the recipient of the gift hamper to see! We wanna know what are your Little Thoughts this Christmas!

So far i read some of the captions it's very touching lah ='))) Thank you guys for sharing!!! Me and my sisters would love to see what are the nice things you would say to someone that matters to you this Christmas. Doesn't matter if it's to show your appreciation of love, or to forgive, or even to thank them.. We would love to know all these sweet little thoughts =)

3 winners will be picked by end of this week! Go ahead, share your festive greetings with us!

Much much love to you guys for the support for the things i do!!! ^.^ Thank you!!!


Hanna Lei said...

Is it international? -Hanna Lei

missxxx said...

You post the food and make me feel so hungry..

Tysh said...

omg your blue tied hair - SO.Freaking.CUTE! you should use it more! =D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog post.. Just a small comment: please refrain putting your feet up on sofas.. Sure, you can do it on your own sofa, but please think about others that might want to sit on that sofa after you.. Even in buses we complain about some passengers sitting with feet up, and this is exactly the same thing.. Please respect public property...