01 January 2014

2014 will be unbelivable

Hi! Happy New Year!!! I hope as you read this, you set yourself in a positive mindset.. Becox that's about all that matters.. It is. Cox it's not what it is, it is how you look at it.

My 2013 was quite.. Eventful. Let's do a quick recap okay? You can click on the bold lines to go recap on my recap hahaha. I'd link up the related blogpost.

For a start, my Invisalign journey shown GREAT AWESOME results and gave me really straight teeth in just months. From crooked crowded overlapping teeth to straight teeth now.

And then i went to Korea for surgery.. Here's my posts on it. Part 1 on the introduction and why i need surgery and lotsa unglam before surgery pictures lol, Part 2 on the procedure and recovery and Part 3 on the final results with day to day recovery difference. This was one of the most unbelievable trips i made. With the people i love who took great care of me.. ='))))

And then after a lot of trips and work and more later..

Maybe i needed a fresher perspective and look hahaha. I went to cut my hair shorter. Much shorter than it's been for a long time. And a lot of people say it looks great! But then later i have to go crazy totally and dye my hair blue hahahahaha. That i won't link it up for you lah, you must have seen it now.

Went to Disneyland Hong Kong to experience Disney magic =))) Every year i MUST visit Disneyland!!! Becox it's what makes everything bad alright and everything good.. Not stupid =)

MET VIVIAN HSU! My long-lost sister hahahahah.

Launched GIRLYMake in stores successfully and before launching it online with an awesome event done up by Rainbow Effect Singapore =DDD

Visited the superrrr cute Baby Jude in KL!!! ^.^

Turned gold for a short while thank god just a short week. I hated my gold hair.

Started Little Thoughts with my sister ='))) And i have seen her worked hard and sweat lots for her "baby" and i hope it'd grow into somthing big! Our Chinese New Year catalogue is out, PLEASE SUPPORT~! ^.^ Visit Little Thoughts!

Also in between all these.. I spent as much time as i can with Baby Yurou and Baby Dash =)))) And these are the things i enjoy the MOST out of the crazy work schedule and all the travelling for work this year =) I am not complaining about having too much work (though i do think i have too much work haha) becox i know for every bit i work, i work towards a better future =)

I went to see my fortune teller just two days ago (to find out that 2014 will be a even busier and better year for me, and Josh too!!!) and yesterday she came to our house for the first time. We sure paid a good sum for her to come but man.. It was quite phenomenal.. O.O she only shifted a few simple things and immediately the energy in the house feels.. Lifted.

And then a cooling shower came and the birds chirp. Not kidding.

And she say this is something unexpected and it's something that cannot be asked for. So our 2014 will be really, really good. And that's what i already know and feel coming! =D

So today me and Josh are gonna get some furniture to make the fengshui of the house EVEN better hahaha. You just see lor, 2014 and onwards i confirm fa-da one hahaha.

Here's a quick check on my 2013 resolution! I'd make one for 2014 soon!

1) Have clear complexion
Thanks to all the skincare i religiously do everyday!!! Tell you all, no shortcut to okayish skin okay.

2) Adjust stuff on my face
Did nose job and fat-grafting!

3) Open a shop / Start something new
Josh opened a new studio with my part-involvement and i started GirlyMake and Little Thoughts =)

4) Have rarebits open to overseas customers
RAREBITS WILL BE BACK REAL SOON PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE PATIENT!!! Now i hope to open GIRLYMake to overseas customers!!!

5) Countries and places to visit in 2013
Bangkok ✔
Taiwan ✔
Hong Kong ✔
Korea ✔
And one more new place that i've never visit preferably! ✔

6) Send my parents overseas for holiday
Next year again okay!!!

7) Save a good sum to get something neat in 2014 =D
I did manage to save some money this year i guess! Better than last few years. Lol. So 2014 is all about listening to my fortune teller and saving the first 0.1 bucket of gold hahaha.

So.. I guess i did pretty well 2013! Could have done more.. But couldn't have asked for more!

Okay i gotta rush out now!!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you for the great year and better year ahead! YOU MAKE ME BIG!

Thank you Nuffies for helping me through my crazy work-schedule. Thank you Josh for helping me with EVERYTHING i do. Thank you Mich for letting me leech on you cox i don't have much friends hahaha. Thank you Si Jie for starting Little Thoughts with me, LETS MAKE IT GOOD!

Thank you to everyone who'd shown me patience, kindness, care and shared with me things that good. Thank you for the friendship, Wendy, Yutaki and Sophie..

Thank you for good hair, Sio and Samantha! And for the friendship we built! =D


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Can you share where is your fortune teller from?

Cat said...

I think you'll be a mother in 2014 ;)

Hanna Lei said...

Your year sounds amazing. -Hanna Lei

joey said...

can share contact of fengshui master?

joey said...

can share contact of fengshui master? tia!

Cat said...

You always claim you're a slacker but your list of 2013 achievements is not that of a slacker :p

Over-achiever! :p