17 August 2014

Getting out of the slump

This is me on my best day.

Still, i picked the wrong brow concealer shade that day. Hahaha.

But hey, this is the best you can get if you haven't put on makeup for like 2 weeks plus, almost 3.

I blame me not feeling well and i blame it on Josh falling really sick (hospitalization and all) lol.

But i had work to do so i had to slap on makeup haha. And becox i had to cancel my appointment with Sio, i had no choice but to clip on a hair extension ponytail becox i don't wanna look homeless in pictures, with nice makeup, yes. But still homeless. Lolol.

You know how it feels to be in a slump? Nothing. You don't feel anything. Lolol. Cox if you do feel something, you will know you need to get out of the slump. But people in a slump feel right at home.

I guess i really have to pick up speed again. Okay let me text Cleo Hair for appointment tomorrow, now. Lolol. BRB. This Sam haven't reply me yet i don't know if i can book Sio successfully lol.

But anyway. Oh god i am feeling so sluggish i cannot carry on. You just have a nice Sunday okay. I said i'm GETTING out of the slump lolol. So it's still in the happening. So just gimmie some time!

Meanwhile let me spam some pictures in commemoration of me putting on makeup after not having makeup on my face for almost 3 weeks! Hahah.

Using Heroine Make mascara and liner! They are pretty awesome! Check out my IG for details on how to get your own for 50%!
The hair extension not bad hor! $3+ only what the heck.

Quite enough. LOL. Okay thank you for scrolling lol.

Next up.. Final post for my surgeries in Korea! But first, let me take a napie lol.



Anonymous said...

Makeup tutorial for 4th photo please, it's really nice

Hanna Lei said...

You're so pretty! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Y so chio. U look pretty in long hair

Unsophisticated Teendult said...

!!!! Waiting patiently. Well wishes to both u and josh! :)

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu! What brow concealer are you using? And you're so pretty *.*

Anonymous said...

Your look reminded me of goo hara, so pretty!