08 August 2014

My favourite this and that

Thought i should update with some pictures! And share some of my current favourite everything!!!

Everyday is easy and tough to pass omg. Easy cox Josh is the sweetest but tough cox i haven't been feeling my best!!! But hey hey~ On days i have to work, i still have to work T.T

So here are some pictures of me looking human.

Having my favourite KFC!!! Actually later my cheese sauce came *HEARTEYES* Anyway i'm not paid to blog but i just wanna share cox (1) That day i look decent LOL (2) I LOVE KFC (3) I think this deal is super duper value for money so you guys should know!
And this is their buddy combo meal!!! Super crazy, $11.80 only and you get 2 piece chicken, 2 sjiora, 2 whipped potato, 2 coleslaw, and one Zinger!!! =OOO
Shared the meal with Ida!!! ^.^
Found out from her that there's no KFC in Norway =OOOO And she really loved the KFC in Singapore!!! The other time she tried was in China i think. Haha.
You know what this means. Also, my fvourite way to eat KFC, with extra cheese sauce dip!!! LOVE!
Went shopping a bit to digest and then brought Ida to try some local hawker fare. Haha. We really is bao daoooooo bao zha!!!

One of my favourite latest ep of Budget Barbie!!! ^.^ I put on so much weight T.T Laugh lah laugh lah. Lolol. I will lose all of it eventually one!!! ^.^V
My ultimate discovery lol. Was randomly shopping at Watsons (as all of us girls do lol) and saw this Uru Uru double cleansing facial bubble foam wash!!! It can remove makeup + cleanse our face like normal cleansing wash!!! WTH seriously on everyday that i have makeup on and feel lazy to clean it up, i just use this wash and then can laze around the whole time before i shower lol. And the cleansing power is damn good lah, can remove thick eyeliner and foundation!!! IN ONE WASH.
 My MUST-HAVE lip treatment balm from Laneige. Just one swipe across my lip, it gives a sheer colour and is super moisturising for a few hours at least! Awesome for people who have sensitive lips / people who don't like strong solid colours.
 CANMAKE cream cheeks!!! I ALWAYS ALWAYS LOVE CANMAKE!!! Bought all of these in Japan. Recently i like to apply them with my finger and draw my blusher in heart shapes. LOL. Nobody can notice though cox it blends real well.
Major loveeeee this 3D Eye Create contour and highlight sponge pen KATE Tokyo sent me!!!!! I've never came across a contour pen so natural!!! The sponge head collects JUST ENOUGH powder so you won't look like some amateur trying to master the art of nose contouring haha. Also can use on aegyo sal (Korean cute eyebag) and for light eye makeup definition! I use this every time now! Light or heavy makeup, this goes just as well!

Okay lah! That's all! For the next few posts coming up, one will be my full-recovery post!!!


Now.. Imma just blob back into bed to rest T.T


Unknown said...

May I know which Laneige lip treatment u r using, QQ? It look so nice ��

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, may I know where did you get your dress from? You look nice with it!

Alice Lee-Yang said...

I'm at Taka and feeling hungry now. Guess I know where to get my tea-break fix already; KFC!!! Haha. That Laniege lip gloss looks so good btw. Gonna try that after I finish my VDL one. ☺️

Hanna Lei said...

Your friend has gorgeous eyes! I love the budget -Hanna Lei

Dreamer Ashlyn said...

Hi QiuQiu! Do you know if the biore cleanser is suitable for non make up users?