04 February 2015

2015 Resolutions

Yo sup?

I was gonna do a 2015 Resolution post at the start of January like i always do the last few years.

But pregnancy has made me lost track of time. Haha.

So here's a quick list of my resolutions in 2015.

- Give birth to a healthy and cute (very subjective LOL) baby and be a good mom to my best ability

- Be a good mom BUT not forgetting to continue being a good wife, sister, daughter and aunt and good friend to the friends i care for! I scared i only care about babybabybaby, i will forget everyone else LOL.

- Stay sane after pregnancy O.O This would mean i don't kill myself or anyone else around me haha. Actually it really mean i hope i will not suddenly become someone totally different in a bad way. Like if i become more compassionate or motherly or gentle becox of the baby, then good! But i don't wanna become one of those overly kiasu, demanding, anal and high-expectation parents O.O

- Rent out our current flat in Punggol and then move into a bigger rental house smoothly T.T A bit dreading this yet quite excited thinking about being able to do up the baby room at the new place!

- Do something meaningful for baby and me and Josh =D

- Continue saving. To be specific i guess i'd resolute to save 5% of a bucket of gold lol. I never knew savings is actually important until i have baby O.O Like the within the first week i got the baby, i'm like "OH POOP. I have about enough savings to see her through until she turn.. 2 years old. LOL.

Given that i don't scrimp on baby stuff.. And that i am a shopaholic (now i shop for two O.O) I either have to make more money, or i have to save more money so that i can keep having money to shop HAHA. Then again what am i saying?! Savings are not meant to be touched for shopping! Shit. So i guess i just have to make more money! So that i can still save while i shop =D

- Earn more money. I guess this one have been happening year by year so that's okay. Plus 2015 the baby got her own endorsement deals. So i consider those her own money and will put them aside for her! So far.. Her makings alone is almost half of what i can make in a year last year T.T Before my baby is out i already have to face the harsh reality that she is more pops than me lolol.

I guess i have to slog double hard this year hahaha! But it's okay!!! To a better future~ *clink~*

- LOSE WEIGHT!!! I wanna be human again by my birthday!!! (End of June) Lol. Cox End of June is when i conceived hahahaha. Just nice lah be hippo for 1 year already. So i'd have like 3 - 4 months to lose the pregnancy weight and go back to less than 50kg!!! =DDD I think that's gonna happen miraculously!!!

Alright i guess that's that! Last few years is always i wanna buy this, i wanna buy that, i wanna get this done, get that done, wanna travel here and there.. But this year i just wanna be a better person. Grow and learn with my baby and Josh and the people around me..

And of course.. Instead of straying off from blogging and updating stuff on social media.. I think in 2015 i might just update more haha. So you all don't worry okay. I just need to get the baby out, become human again and get my energy back ^.^V

Okay we'd do a checkpoint check in June again!!! Don't say. Very fast one. Now already February!



Hanna Lei said...

Love that you're saving the money for your baby! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that if you weigh a little more, you don't qualify as being human? That makes me feel bad about myself.

Anonymous said...

Update more! Dont update when u r abt to pop haha! Anyway even u gained weight still look pretty leh

Anonymous said...

Saw qiuqiu at the prata place today. was trying to not look at her so much but I guess she saw me staring 😅 she smiled at me 😆😆 I am not a weirdo okay I just like your personality. Hope you will have a healthy and pretty meredith (:

Anonymous said...

just because you're talking about weight: I think you look absolutely gorgeous with the extra weight. You also look gorgeous when you weigh less. It doesn't really matter. You're really just a beautiful human being. okay bye~~~~