21 September 2015

Consciousness and Conscience

We celebrated Josh's birthday yesterday.

Same old same old. He just wants a simple birthday. So his birthday this year was just food, good friends and me. Oh and a baby haha. Our baby =) The cakes were really just like dessert after meal.

I'm up at 5am cox i just put Meredith back to sleep. For the past 4 days she's been crying out loud suddenly in her sleep. And then she'd be in a state where she can't hear us in until we pick her up and sort of wake her up. It's strange cox she's been sleeping through the night since she was 1 month old! But google (yup, still my bestfriend) says that it's normal for some babies 6-9 months to cry out loud in their sleep cox they are learning lotsa new motor skills.

Baby, please 不要再学驾 motor 了. Lolol. Sorry that was a lousy joke.

Long story short, we miss being able to sleep through the night haha.

So here i am, wide awake at 5am cox my baby allow me to sleep from 1am to 5am. Thank you, Meredith =_= Haha.

For years now.. I've tuned myself to see the good in everything. Every good thing that happened, everyone that's in my life, one way or another. Even if shit happens, i try to look at the good things that comes with it.

When something good happens, i feel extra grateful and i feel like it's something so precious, i need to put extra care to make sure it lasts. It can be as precious as my baby. It can be as hard-to-come-by as my bestfriend, it can be as simple as a good friend sticking up for me, like how a good friend should be. It can be as heartwarming as Josh assuring me that things will be okay..

Today's thought process is why horrible people do bad things to others, knowing it's bad.

I think and i think.. The only answer i can accept is that their consciousness have nothing to do with their conscience.

Our consciousness keeps us living, awake and aware. We are aware when we are conscious. We know. We acknowledge our surroundings, our life, the people, the happening.. Consciousness is what keeps us running as a functional human-being. Otherwise we will just be in sleep-mode or shut down like the computer.

Like you and i, we are conscious. I know. You know. We all know.

Conscience though.. Is a level higher level of being and i think that is what people lack of these days.

The definition of conscience is a person's moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a guide to one's behaviour.

Without conscience we can actually do anything we want / don't want, cox there will be no right nor wrong.

Without conscience we can choose not to save that little kitten from drowning in the drain. I don't know, not everyone wants to get wet and dirty, right?

Without conscience we can decide to do only what's profitable to us, to do only what's good for ourselves even at the expense of hurting others.

Without conscience we can simply lie through our teeth in order to protect our own interests.

Without conscience we can sleep with anyone we want even if it hurts our husband / wife / gf / bf.

Without conscience we can help the bad guys do wrong things. I don't know, think smuggling drugs, or simply think of how it was the last time you ganged up with the wrong people to take things out on a person who's never done anything bad to you. Who has never tried to harm you.

Don't we all want to live a life without conscience? It seems much easier. It's like a freaking monkey running wild. So carefree. Doing anything he wants, so long as it's the way he wants it.

To the rest who choose to live with conscience.. I respect you. Let's stick together.. The world is too crazy and karma is taking its own sweet time even though i'm pretty sure it's on its way =)))

"Always let your conscience be your guide.."

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