07 January 2016

Number76 Singapore

Was invited to the opening of Number76 opening in Singapore! They are finally here in Singapore!!! Actually i go way back with Number76 omg haha. I experienced their service before when i was in KL and i remember coming back to Singapore to rave to my hair sponsor back then in 2012 about how they could achieve the "ash" effect i wanted. And about their "magic treatment" and how smooth it made my hair and that they should find out why it's so awesome and bring it to Singapore.

Later the sponsorship stopped LOLOL.

But it's okay cox fast forward 4 years later..

Number76 is finally here in Singapore!!!!!!
ENJOY 20% OFF from now till 7th Feb (CNY is 8th Feb!)
How awesome is that, no price hike during peak season PLUS discount =OOO
But appointments are filling up real quick so good luck!!!
* * * Number76 @ Orchard Gateway * * *
#02-23 Tel: 6385 6776
Book appointment online HERE
Love the simple decor and design of the entire place!
Business class chairbeds what the heck!!! It can go into full recline for maximum comfort!
Refreshing and uplifting style!
With lots and lots of space..

For those who don't already know, Number76 is one of the best (if not the best) salon chain that started from Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur and now to Singapore!!! They are SOOOO huge in KL that so many Singaporeans travel all the way up there just to fix their hair!!!

Now you all no need so gangkor lah hahaha. Number76 bring their dedicated service and skills to us Singaporeans =D So excited to go try out their services cox Cheesie and so many lucky Malaysian bloggers whom i follow have been posting pictures of their chio hair done by Number76!

Greeted and served with warm and friendly hospitality =D Each stylist greet everyone who walks-in in Japanese =O And then nevermind, each time they move us even if it's just from the wash basin back to our table, they say something in Japanese that means "Sorry to trouble you" or something O.O I am a bit at a loss of words for their service!!! This should be how salon service standards be!
Their director discussing with Amy about the things i wanna do with my hair! =D
Months of black roots, byebye.. New year new start!
Starting off my experience session with a scalp scan before i do the tansan sparkling scalp wash!!! My scalp so oily and got some dandruff becox i *whisper* never wash for 4 days =X HAHA. What's new right i know. But nevermind!!! I'm sure the tansan sparkling scalp wash can help me!
是舒服的 omgggg. The tansan-infused water comes out with a good pressure and it instantly removes all the surface dirt and oil from your scalp. Not only that, as tansan is essentially CO2, it works as a reaction to extract silicon from our hair follicles (found in our hair styling products, shampoo etc) and unclog hair follicles, keep it cleansed and healthy so it does not cause prolong damages that may lead to hairloss in the long run!
Pressurized tansan water effectively washes away the oil and chemical residues on the scalp and what you get is oily chalky residue =O And this is a collection of my longgao zui (drain water) LOLOL.
WTF i thought mine was bad. My friend *ahem identity not revealed but you all can maybe guess lah LOL* one is like someone vomited foam =OOO Hahaha. But she washes her hair everyday one!!! So it's not just about how often you wash your hair! Scalp cleansing and care is also very important! And good news is you can add-on to do tansan cleansing for just $15!!!
Shampoo time = shiok time..
Amy did a trim for me =D She's so nice and friendly everyone's gonna love her haha. My friends and sisters already made appointment with her and Steve!!! I think they're gonna be very happy!
After blowdry this is my hair as it is.. No need to use tupperware to store one, it's deep-fried and crispy all the time =__= Since i've taken care of my scalp.. NOW MY HAIR!
Colouring my hair with Tsuya treatment system. ONLY AVAILABLE AT NUMBER76!!!

Number76 mixed and created this "TSUYA" colour treatment system by themselves and it's widely loved and raved by everyone who has tried it!!! Cheesie shared about it here!

Now you all know why she dye dye dye sooooo many times hair still no die! O.O Lolol.

Tsuya is a treatment-infused chemical system that not only protects your hair during colouring / perming / rebonding etc, it also provides treatment for your hair at the same time =OOO

So you're not harming your hair as much as you think you might be even if you need to bleach! I wanna bleach my hair the next round O.O I see Miyake's hair i damn jelly!!!

Number76 very reasonably priced menu!!! Although they put "COLOR" but their hair colouring all uses Tsuya colour treatment system so you know you're getting the best for a very good price!!!
Letting the colour set before washing it off..
Now becox i have extra shitty quality hair, of course i have to try their magic treatment!!!
The Ultrasonic Premium Treatment!!! Can you see how the water jumps around when the clip closes in haha. The more it vibrates when it goes through your hair, the shittier your hair is and the harder it is trying to fix and repair your hair hahaha.
Thought Amy was using a electronic massager (ahem, vibrator) on my hair hahahaha. The vibration was so obviously felt until Amy also say "Wah, your hair. Don't worry we will fix it" hahahaha!
With little Junya =DDD He's soooo so so so soooooo gentle and mild-tempered and well-behaved untillll! Whole time Cheesie do hair, he just wait there patiently one wor!!! =OOO
A final little treatment massage for my scalp to remain fresh and feel cool!
And now to check on my scalp!!! ALL CLEAN AND GOOD!!! =DDD Remember to add on the tansan treatment okay! It really helps! And it's just $15 more wth.
My hair is done~ =DDD Thank you Amy!!! Becox of good mum image ahem, i still keep the overall look very brown but interesting cox the inside is lavender ash!!! And my crown is beige (you will see in other pictures below)!!! And my hair ends is lavender brown! Effort much, Amy!!! Thank you!
Under sunlight. No edit on colour!!!
Under warm light.
Got demure not!
Tulle skirt from tutu le petite. Cute dog face shoes from Elisa Litz!

Feelin or what hahaha.
Josh came for the party in a while so he also get to experience the tansan scalp wash!
With my sister what the heck hahaha.
Meredith here for a haircut!!! Member's kids under 5 gets free haircut =DDD
"What's going on?"
"No let me goooo~" Hahaha! Thank you Hamasan for Meredith's haircut!!!
That toot face when your haircut is still fresh. LOL.
Reception party started and people are slowly pouring in!
With some of my favourite people! Miyake's hair is LOVEEEE. Sophie, Yutaki and Cheesie!
One with Josh =D
Yes i wanna be on top. Lol.
CHEERS~ Congrats Number76 Singapore!!! Finally come liao!!!
Told you all not to put chocolate seaweed oreo near me! Lol.
One to save back image. Lol. With Amy!!! Thank you again!! I look extra pretty that day!!! Until i made a video to push my friends away and catwalk away wtf hahahaha.
Yutaki impromptu photoshoot for me again hahaha. Alright i leave you here my baby crying liao! I'd love to say quick make your appointment but i think i better say good luck in getting your appointment O.O

* * * Number76 @ Orchard Gateway * * *
#02-23 Tel: 6385 6776
Book appointment online HERE


Hanna Lei said...

Their decor looks awesome! -Hanna Lei

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cuteness overload

Windy said...

OMG super love your double eyelids.. So natural and pretty!

ahlost said...

I did the tansan cleansing back in November at Number 76Midvalley.. really like their friendly service except an incident.. anyways.. i still love Number76.. need to travel from Kuching to KL ler.. huhuhu..

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Omg ~ you hair * - * i really love this post (‐^▽^‐)<3

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Hi, next time would you go back here or to Cleo hair make? Cos they are both Japanese themed. Personally I think you are more familiar with Cleo but you've come here to support Cheesie and her family :)

Ivy phoon said...

Qiu Qiu..love your eyelids.. and your hair color! i did the ultrasonic treatment before! it's really magic treatment! after fews minutes my hair super smooth already! Love @number76

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love your blog