11 July 2016

Throwveryveryback Babymoon pictures

Was clearing up my desktop and saw this long-forgotten folder! I forgot to blog about our stay at Hakone that Cheesie and her husband very kindly arranged!!!

It was quite.. Out of the world. I've never stayed in a traditional Japanese setting hotel before! And that was our first haha. Can you believe, at this point.. Meredith was still in my tummy?

She was a 5.5 months old foetus hehe. Now she's so huge, and running, and cheeky. Lol.

Anyway for those who are keen, these are my blogpost for the babymoon back in Dec 2014. Where we had experiences with beautiful autumn leaves, white strawberries and where we went back to thank the Hakone baby-luck tree =)))

And here is babymoon final part haha. Just some random pictures but full of good memories!
Fatty on board lol.
This was us earlier in the day with the magic baby tree at Hakone shrine.
Our tea time. Luxe by luxe haha. White strawberries all!!! And my favourite butter sand sugar biscuit!!!
When Junya didn't know how to reject me =)) HAHAHA.
The legendary black egg that can extend your life by 7 years with each egg. Lol.
"A little help here? My arms are too short.. =(" HAHAHA. WHO IS THIS LITTLE ROUND THING!!! Junya was only about 6 months old!!!
Very scrumptious dinner at the onsen hotel.
With Cheesie and little Junjun!!! Who had so little hair back then hahaha.

Omg can't believe i was so fat that even my face was stretched and bloated hahahah.

Onsen with Cheesie! That was my first onsen experience and i told Cheesie to promise not to look at me LOL. She see also she ownself sweh becox it was like looking at a hippo LOL.
Woke up to this the next day.. T_____T It's so beautiful.. With the sound of the hot spring water..
Onsen right within our bathroom..
On our way back we stopped by Gotemba Premium Factory Outlet for the sushi!!! I blogged about it before you can see the post HERE! And the view from the factory outlet, is quite amazing.
Although very blinding but still need to take a picture cox Mt Fujii was just behind us!
Yay~ Such happy memories hehe.
And again..

Queueing for the overflowing sushi..
My love, kani, overflowing *hearteyes*
It really does look like the sushi vomited ikura lol. But it's yummyyyy!
Some of the food we ordered!
When Junya still likes me and Meredith. LOL. Now he see me forever "Dowan Aunty Choo Choo. Dowan Aunty Choo Choo. Dowan Mehdith. Dowan Mehdith" Hahaha we are too 热情 for him haha.
At the airport, i remember feeling very happy and loved. And that i'm ready to go back and prepare for motherhood haha. So i suggest all moms-to-be, to go for babymoons! Go for as many as you'd like!!! Becox after that, don't even think about travelling without guilt / your kids. LOL. So it's either you travel with guilt (without your kids) or you travel with your kids and forget about a relaxing trip.
I was led to go take a seat while Josh queues in line for check-in at the airport hehe. One of the many reasons i love Japan, and one of the few reasons i love being pregnant haha.

I am happy. Really happy that fast forward to today, as compared to Dec 2014, I've grown as a person.. I can't imagine if i am not a mother right now, how my life would be.

Maybe more carefree, maybe i'd have more time than i need, maybe still figuring out what the heck i want to do with my life. But now that i am a mother.. I know exactly what i want for my life, and i know exactly who i want in it.. I am happier now =)) Thankful for all the time we get to travel and see the world together, as a family. More trips to come!!! =DDD


anna said...

The baby is so cute and wonderful pictures thanks for sharing

asher said...

What a wonderful family! I do love this type of sharing the moments and the l.o.v.e. for the chidlren!

All the best for you and this little dove!