08 June 2017

Merego2rounds - Meredith's 2nd Birthday

Finally getting down to do some back log! I got lotsa catching up to do haha but i do what i can lah! It hasn't been easy okay, coping with a newborn and a super sticky 2 year old haha.

Anyway here to put down Meredith's second party! It was the first kids' party i ever planned so i was really excited haha. More excited than Meredith i think! I asked Meredith what theme she would like for her birthday and she told me "Gai Ner Saw! And acnemers!"

Dinosaurs and animals it is hahaha.

OKAY EASY! I went on to design some games, you can see #Qiugang on instagram haha. Very impressive if i might say so myself =) LOL.

Kiddy goodie bags for the kids. Inside everything also got animals / dinosaur related snacks and notebooks haha. We got the brown paper bags and hedgehog notes from Daiso!
Neo Garden catering did our buffet spread in animal theme and i'm quite impressed!!! =D You may contact them if you like any other themes or colour schemes for your buffet line! =D
 Ke ai ba!!! =D
Spot the little animals randomly lying around haha.
And many little details that makes me smile a little when i saw them.
OH GOD THEIR CURRY CHICKEN. As yummy as usual!!! So tender can die. I need to quickly move on if not i crave for it again lolol. You must have this in the menu for your buffet line!!!
Fat and juicy har gows (prawn dumplings).
Thank you Neo Garden catering! You never fail to fill and satisfy stomachs at a celebration!
Special thanks to their staff for working so hard that day during setups! They really very pro, bring sooooo much props for the theme and even put in so much effort for the lighting effect T.T Thank you!
And the dessert table, of course done up by Enjoue!!! I discussed with Bess just very briefly about what Meredith wants and she went ahead and planned everything else!
Gotta say she nailed it. But my handwritten Meredith's 2nd Birthday totally potong stim for the dessert table HAHAHA. Sorry, i thought i would do a good job LOL. Meredith look very stone becox she just woke up from nap hahaha.
Thanks for being so appreciative of the things people do for you, Meredith =) LOL.
IS THIS NOT THE CUTEST animal X dinosaur cake ever haha.
Somebody super happy that day cox received soooooo many presents!!!
Sorry cake too nice have to share another angle haha.
Cute dao yao si these little cake pops!!!
Thank you so much Bess!!! Always appreciate the effort you put into your work!!! XIE XIE NI! BTW THE DONUTS ARE A MUST-HAVE. It's so good that i kept it and eat it over the next few days LOL.
Water play time with all the kids. Someone very happy oh haha. Finally awake from all the stoning lol. Also it's so amazing, kids. See here they are, all so innocent and perfect. Soon they will grow up and you'd never know what life has in store for them that's why it's always exciting to watch them grow. 小孩子的世界真的很奇妙.. Grow well, all you little ones =')))
Everyone look here~!!! Anyway look at what Sierra is holding and blowing on. It's just a bottle that we cut up, then tie a sock over, then soak it with some Johnson2 bath gel mixed with water, voila~! SNAKE FOAM~!!! Pinterest is awesome. Just search, kids water play and you'd find lotsa cheap DIY ideas!
Erm. Me and Josh couple wear. LOL. Yeah! Inside the dinosaur suit is Josh LOL. This is how far he will go for his daughter LOL. Just to make her happy.
Backyard fun.
A picture with the mascot for the day.
After water play, my little explorer appears haha.
Peace~ ^.^V
Our little happy family.. OF 4! =D One was still a hipseat for Meredith at that point of time LOL.
It is sooooooo hard to have all the kids sit down and take a picture. This was not the perfect shot, we didn't get a perfect shot but i added this picture just so we could take a moment to look at how 陶醉 Jiselle is with her lollipop. LOLOL. My friend's Kah Wei's niece 有这样完美圆润的身材 不是一天两天练出来的. Can tell how much she adore food LOLOL.
We arrange and manhandle the kids until they also sian liao LOL.
Cut cake~!!!
Asking her to make a wish haha.
With my family =D
And then a little birthday song for Sierra whose birthday is also in March! =D Enjoue prepared Hello Kitty cake and cupcakes for her haha. Thank you! Meredith is soooo much more excited about other people's birthday than her own. She sing birthday song for Sierra machiam tio 4D like this. Jump and cheer and raise hands all wth haha. Guan ni pi shi hahahaha.
As they eat their cake, we clear the outdoor games (see #QiuGang on instagram!) and set up the camping tent haha. With fake campfire nonetheless! Then we put all the walking helium animal balloons inside after getting the kids to each adopt one to go camping with haha. Fun. You know why is it fun? Becox all the kids left the adults alone and just sat inside. Ahhhh~ RELAXING. Lol.

And on Meredith's actual birthday.. Michelle brought us to artzoo haha.
It was quite dirty and wet but fun anyway~ =D
The lady at the back almost twinsie outfit with Mich hahaha.
Thank you to the best ganma in the world!
Meredith had the most fun in this giant ball pit! 
在拍 IPL advert ma Mich? LOL.
Grow bigger, Meredith =))
My bestfriend and also your bestfriend =)))
Boiing. Boiing~
And then we picnic at some bench hahaa. Supposed to go fly kite but it was getting too dark.
Cake-stabbing, should i be afraid? LOL.
Meredith happy that day cox she can snack sooo much!
爱心 sandwich and riceballs by gan ma =D
That's you, Meredith.. You're loved by so many.. =') Always be thankful..

Happy birthday, my sweetest, kindest girl, Meredith.

This was what went down for your second birthday party. It wasn't as fanciful as your first birthday party, but hey, they say "first" of anything is always the best haha. I don't know about that but for sure mama love my first daughter a lot, a lot =))

It's been three weeks since your baby sister came into our life, you've been coping as well as mummy, i.e not very well haha but we're coping. You have your little meltdowns, started to throw tantrums for no reasons, started to not want to do certain things unless mummy do it with you.

I think i know why you're doing all these. Maybe you miss mummy as much as i missed you, i haven't been able to do a lot of things with you since i was carrying meimei. But things are just gonna get better, i promise! Mummy is just gonna get fitter and fitter, then i can shower you again, i can carry you for a loooong time, i can run up and down the playground with you again =D

Sorry for all the times mama had to discipline you or when mama lost patience with you especially with a extra little wailing baby in our family.. But always always stay bright and cheerful like you are, never let anyone take that away from you. Not even me.

Even if i tell you all the time you can't do this, you can't do that, you should do this, you should do that.. Even though i do all these, thinking i know better, i want you to know better for yourself and decide on what you wanna do in life, who you wanna be in life..

I will always be behind you to support you, be by your side to walk with you and be in front of you if you're ever lost and afraid to move ahead.

Mama love you so much.. More than i can ever understand.

So much that mama is willing to live a lifetime, feeling i'm never doing enough.

Thank you Meredith, for all the joy and laughter you've brought into papa and mama's lives.

Don't let growing up kill that spark..

All my love,


KayKay said...

Was tearing up so much as I was reading your post.
You're really tough and considerate about Meredith!
She'll understand that mama loves her as always.
With love.

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu, good job and stay strong! just want to say that from what u say in your posts be it here or on insta, it seems like u are being biased towards meredith. i hope you dont neglect amelia and things like "i love my first daughter alot alot", if amelia reads this next time, she will definitely feel sad. rmb to give equal love to your daughters ok! :)

Hanna Lei said...

Her birthday looks so fun. I love when people really go for the themed parties. Meredith's was a huge hit from the photos. -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your adorable child...

May Ann said...

Happy Birthday to your adorable child.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu, such a lovely family. Happpy birthday to Meredith.
I just discovered ur blog and i love it . I would really like to come to Singapore one day .
Love from Morocco.