16 October 2008

Bad things do happen..

And only the great people walk out of it, better, stronger.. Than ever..

I am really bad at words, generally.

So simply put, I am sorry for your lost.. Must be so difficult.. I wish you all the strength, wisdom and Graceful thoughts that you'd need.

Just, be strong.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I went for my dentist visit and as you can see, i survived to blog about it. In short, my bigbig molar has been extracted cox it's really bad. My TRULY FELT, EXPERIENCED advice for everyone is to.. Brush your teeth twice a day from the day you learn how to. I must say i am suffering from being a bad child. Who only started to really make brushing teeth a daily routine during my Poly days. Haha.. Must be under the stress from my Polymates who really despise my hygiene standard. And having a boyfriend means you really need to prepare for a smooching kiss anytime. Err, whatever.

Random insertion

Don't know if anyone noticed yet but actually i am in a kinda down mood. Like, i bleed non-stop and blood doesn't taste good. I ate only 5 durian puffs when i can eat 10. I can only eat porridge for quite sometime when i am going to Golden Mile food market tomorrow. I want to sleep but all the Panadol extra has quite a bit of caffeine which is keeping me awake now to vent my frustration. I am writing a long and sort of meaningless entry cox i'd probably be fine tomorrow morning.

So having said that my day was really kinda bad, i want to tell the ones who don't have a life, to.. Hmm, for once, PHUCK OFF. You don't care, actually. So why try so hard to bother me to bother about you? Why don't you guys, go to the library or bookstore, get some self-help books like, "Getting a life, For Dummies" or something like "What am i doing, God?" or like "I need to get a life, Qiuting once told me" or like "What does it mean to get a life, serisouly?"

You know, something along those lines. Cox really, i am tired of how you guys are just out to get something out of me to make yourselves feel better about yourselves. Like.. I am really, quite a nobody. So try your luck somewhere else, okay? Maybe in the library or just with someone else who'd be willing to give you that bit of dignity.

We all try to be kind, i am being kind even now. Cox one fine day, you would have grown out of this, and you'd know you'd wasted so much youth when you were young.

And then maybe you can sell the self-help books to other people.

Anyways. Kusu Island trip is on Saturday and i really hope i'd be able to eat a lot by then. How often you get to eat a lot without feeling bad. AND. Dora's birthday party is on the next Saturday, and you know what is going to help end this post happily?



It's always simpler to be happy or sad.
Whatever, it's your choice.

QiuQiu with no regrets,
anything for chocolate and candies

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emy ◕.◕ said...

All the naggings were for your own good. Now you know. <3