26 October 2008

Err.. So if you think 10 cents isn't a big deal..

I'd tell you what it can do okay.

It can earn you a front page advertisement on the newspaper.

And peeps, it's not the reporter's fault. She didn't sit there all day just imagining news. I did write what she mentioned. BUT IN ENGLISH.

Just for a quick example, "You lil bitch!" can mean something very sweet within friends, right?! But if i had wrote that the cashier was a lil bitch, i bet it's gonna come out something on the Chinese newspaper like "洪秋婷还怒骂女收银员是只小母狗!"

You know, so i have nothing much to explaine cept that, i really don't mean that all China people are like that. I mean.. My beautician is a wonderful girl, she's from China. I have a few china friends, they're from China (err, repetitive), they're nice.

My most sincere thanks to the people who asked with concern.

It's actually even a lil funny cox i was just whining some time back to my love that i wanna be on a coverpage of a magazine. And that if that happens, i can die with no regrets. Now it's a front page of a newspaper. That makes a whole lot of difference, you know why?!

COX THERE IS ALMOST NO GOOD NEWS (at all) on the front page of the local chinese news paper. Err.. Except the 星期五周报 and some other chinese newspaper we get when we were still in school. Other than that, since when you see good news on local chinese newspaper? I said in my blog all the places that sells cheap clothings and introduce my very good facial centre to people. You think it'd come out in the newspaper that i was once a good person? No right. LOL.

So it's really okay!

But but but. Pertaining to the part about me encouraging people to slim down and that i promote artificial beauty. What?

I mean, if you are not happy with being slightly on the plump side, slim down lah. Not like my blog got gongtao to hypnotise you right.

And i don't know what artificial beauty the newspaper is referring to. But you tell me if i should photoshop my picture full-force.

So, you still prefer all natural?

I made my point. Not all China people (Hey, we are all chinese, you know!) are bad. You're an individual and you speak for yourself.

P.S, My dad is from China, that makes me half-cheena. So, i am not against any nationality, okay. Think about it, if someone was so rude to your mother, your younger sister who wouldn't dare to speak up, your aging granny who might be too blur to count the money right, would you be angry also? It's about her attitude, not her nationality.

P.P.S, Yes i should bear some respnsibilities for my words. Now i'd tell little young girls/ boys, STILL SPEAK UP. But don't try to inject funny genes in it. And, best if you blog in chinese if you stays in Singapore. HAHAHA. I'd still be me, a little funny.


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