19 October 2008

Kusu Island 2008

Off we went to the childhood beach. I didn't manage to figure out how come the things i toally love to do when i was a child, doesn't even seem the least appealing now. So it's true to a certain extend that people always change.

But weird is! The things i love to do as a child, is still done by the kids now! So, I AM NOT THAT OLD RIGHT?! *self-denial*

See AhBong (aka RobertYong) and his girlfriend Baby Naomi (Err.. Yes, in a two peice).
Kids, lovely..

I am still looking forward to every years Kusu trip. But the next time i swear i would bring a bucket of sunblock and three pails of ice, water. And if good, a personal portable toilet.

Some traditions are bad but should never die..

MY TEETH SAGA is almost dyig down! Not THAT painful anymore.




Anonymous said...

Saw your photos on top right of your blog. It seems that you might be interested of a career under limelight.

The current battlefield is now mostly China's market. The entertainment industry there is not as simple as Singapore's. Model Zhang Yu Hua tried.

I myself is planning to shoot over in China next year (http://scopettg.blog.sohu.com) since you only need about S$1000 to hire 5 villagers for month for a simple production. :)

However, if you are interested to help, you are welcomed to contact me. There is no 潜规则 here. ^.^ But er... my Project S wants only pple with gd characters. We'd eventually tie up with some 'kakis' over in China who are also (already) filming.

Pls refer to [Project S] page in my blog.


Chrispy Tine said...

i love that pic of u and that boy.u're smiling so sweetly.

EH, i suddenly thought..if you are SO PRO with photoshop. Why dun u create a photo of what UR BABY will look like? Come on, do it do it!