10 January 2009

Here & There

One day i draw my eyebrows so chio, i must show you =D

Yesterday i was at Watson and then the lady queueing in front of me offer this heated eyelash curler to me reason being she already has one similar one at home. What a nice lady right! I mean, one, she is so generous. Two, she has the virtue of not wasting stuff by chucking them in one corner of the house. Three, i think she totally choose to give it to the right person! Me! Err.. Just cox.. I love freebies? ^.^

Few days ago i was popping Xiao Man Tou and i onehunpercently laughed out loud.

How outstanding this Xiao Man Tou is, right?!

So. . . .

. . .

. .


So i try to be smart and photoshopped another Xiao Man Tou into the picture.

You like it? It reminds me of something..

Oh i trimmed my hair. Now i don't get stiff neck that often (or maybe it's just psychological).

Okay gotta go now.

I'd come back again, more composed! ^.^


This was what i was reminded about. It looks like a pair of eyes right?! ^.^
Oh i am so innocent *wide sparkling eyes*

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